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The shaman listened to these arguments. "You have to be reasonable and compromise," he said after some thought. "Here is what I suggest. The council of elders should place a toll booth at the entrance to the access road, and everyone who comes in and out should pay a fee." "But this will make it more costly for us to trade," the fishermen objected. "Yes indeed," the shaman replied. "But it will also reduce over fishing and make up for the loss in contributions at the feasts." "And it won't cut off trade altogether," he added, pointing with his head to the villagers who wanted to block the road.

As time passed, however, things turned sour. The road gave villagers from beyond the forest easy access to the lake and allowed them to take up fishing, which they did in droves. Since neither the council nor the fisherman's cooperative could enforce the fishing restrictions on outsiders, the fish stock began to deplete rapidly again.

Since when was weakening the WTO (if that is indeed what going on) a bad thing? The set up of the WTO, all of its accords and the GATS in particular were all brought to us by Jeffrey Sach economic model of the world the same one that brought us the onging global economic crisis and precipitated the Spring Ironic though it is that the anti democratic and oligopolistic corporatization of the world that is at the centre of all that the WTO Canada Goose Expedition Melbourne does should have precipitated discounted gucci such an uprising against repression,the fact remains that the way that the WTO was conceived and built is antithetical to everything discount gucci handbags democracy is supposed to stand for. 2945abc45 0421

(This is the Afterword that appears in my book The Globalization Paradox. It is an attempt to state the book's central argument in the form of a bedtime story.)

I think what needed instead is a fishermen syndicate, and catch share agreement.

"Oh, but what can we sell in return?" asked the villagers. "I hear the people inland love dried fish," said the shaman.

Not all villagers were happy. Those who did not own a boat and whose livelihood depended on the garments they sewed were caught in a squeeze. They had to compete with the cheaper and higher quality garments brought in from the other villages and had a harder time getting their hands on cheap fish. They asked the shaman what they should do.

I think your FT was quite good. I want to add one hiphone important thing, though. And that is, we should not forget that the ongoing bogus KCK trial is also almost entirely a product of wholesale Gulenists and that lousy newspaper that calls itself Zaman, just like this new wave of journalist arrests, and the Sledgehemmer case. Let us not forget that hundreds of elected Kurdish politicians and activists are in prison right now for doing nothing more than exercising their fundamental human rights. 2945abc45 0422

A parable for the world economy

"Well, this is another problem for the council of elders to solve," said the shaman. "You know how every family has to make a contribution during our monthly feast?" "Yes," they replied. "Well since the fishermen are now so much richer, they should make a bigger contribution and you should make less."

Life for the villagers took a turn for the worse when the stock of fish in the lake plummeted. Villagers responded by working harder, but they were caught in a vicious cycle. The scarcer the fish got the longer the hours that each fisherman spent on the lake, which in turn depleted the fish stock at an even faster rate.

The new competition also cut into the earnings of the local fishermen. They began to complain about the feast tax being too onerous. "How can we compete effectively with the outsiders who are not subject to similar requirements?" they asked in desperation. Some local fishermen even made a habit of absenting themselves from the village on feast days the road had made it easy to come and go and evaded their obligations altogether. This made the rest of the villagers furious.

But in most cases, the problem is that limited resources aren so clearly identified and they are dispute on what the adequate fishing level is. Red tuna in the Mediterranean sea is a good example, it sounds simple at first but it very hard to identify the precise fishing level. And next the fishermen don want to respect the limit because they claim they are cheaters, some countries that are not part of the catch share agreement and are fishing freely, etc.

Canada Goose Expedition Melbourne

Here, the need for regulation comes from a clearly identified limited resource.

I love village parables for economy, I seldom seen it used by economists, but I always thought it a great way of going from too complex to handle to something very simple, and then reintroduce the complexity step by step, to get to understand economic phenomenons much better.

The council of elders thought this was fair and they asked the fishermen to increase their monthly contribution. The fishermen weren't thrilled, but it seemed like a sensible thing to do to avoid discord in the village. Soon the rest of the village was happy too.

The shaman meanwhile had another idea. He said: "Imagine how much richer our village could be if our traders did not have to spend days traveling through the dense forest. Imagine how much more trade we could have if there was a regular road through the forest." "But how?" asked the villagers. "Simple," said the shaman. "The council of elders should organize work brigades to cut through the forest and lay down a road."

And everyone lived happily ever after.

It was time for another trip to the shaman. The village held a long and boisterous meeting at which each side argued its case passionately. All agreed that the situation was unsustainable, but the proposed solutions varied. The fishermen wanted a change in the rules that would reduce their contributions to the monthly feasts. Others wanted an end to the fish trade with outsiders. Some even asked to blockade the road with boulders so that no one could enter or leave the village.

The villagers agreed that this was a reasonable solution. They walked out of the meeting satisfied. Harmony was restored to the village.

The council of elders did as the shaman suggested. The villagers weren't happy that the elders told them how to run their business, but they understood the need for the restraint. In no time, the lake was overflowing with fish.

Do you know there actually an island that works exactly this way ? (saw that on TV, don remember what place it is unfortunately, and can find the right keyword to locate it on the internet).

And that is what the villagers did. They dried some of their fish and started to trade with the villages on the other side of the forest. The fishermen got rich on the high prices they received while the price of garments in the village dropped sharply.

The villagers went to the village shaman and asked for help. He shrugged and said, "What is our council of elders for? They sit around all day and do nothing but gossip. They should solve this problem." "How?" the villagers asked. "Simple," he said. "The council should set up a fishermen's cooperative that decides how much fish each man can catch in a month. The fish stock will be renewed and we will not run into this problem in the future."

Once upon a time there was a little fishing village at the edge of a lake. The villagers were poor, living off the fish they caught and the clothing they sewed. They had no contact with the other inland villages, which were miles away and reached only after days of travel through a dense forest.

The villagers returned to the shaman. They bowed in front of him and thanked him for his wisdom. Just as they were leaving, the shaman said: "Since you seem to be interested in my help, would you like me to give you another idea?" "Of course," the villagers cried in unison.

So your solution is not the optimal one. The optimal solution should be pinpointed on this limited resource whereas the toll on the road isn The toll impacts and limits a lot of trade that has no relation with that limited ressource.

Before long, the village was connected to the other villages by a paved road that cut down on travel time and cost. Trade expanded and the fishermen got even richer, but they didn't neglect to share their riches with the other villagers at feast time.

"Well," the shaman said. "Isn't it crazy that you all have to spend so much of your time sewing your own clothes when you could buy much better and cheaper ones from the villages on the other side of the forest? They aren't easy to get to, but you would only have to make the trip once or twice a year."

Their main resource is sea cucumber fishing. It very easy to overfish sea cucumbers because they basically don move and are a very easy catch. It their island, they have their own laws, so they decided that if you not a member of the fishermen syndicate you can fish them, and there a severely limited access to that syndicate membership. Newcomers only have temporary membership, it takes many years to get the permanent one, and they reserve themselves the right to let temporary members go if the resource level drops. But it works to protect the sea cucumber resource, and the syndicate also invests to have foreign expert come and analyze the sea cucumber population to help them determine what the adequate fishing level is.

Canada Goose Expedition Melbourne

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WHILST staying a few days at Manhattan, a little town in Kansas, I spent some hours in the office of a dentist, Dr. C. Blackley, who is also an ornithologist, having stuffed a goodly number of the birds of the state. He was then occupied with a fine specimen of the common pelican (Pelicanus communis) one of a flock of over a thousand that passed over the town in the month of April, some of them alighting in the neighbouring marshes. These Discount Baby Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Red Australia birds are not unfrequent visitors to these far inland regions, and I have known them shot and brought to me from the alkali lakes in Colorado, both regions from 600 to 800 miles from the sea. The doctor told me an amusing incident of a day wild goose shooting in the vicinity. He took with him to one of the ponds frequented by wild geese, a stuffed specimen of the Canada goose, to act as a decoy. Having firmly planted his bird in the sand with its wooden platform well covered over, he lay behind the bushes awaiting a shot. Suddenly there was a rush of wings, and like a flash of lightning a golden eagle swept down on the decoy, knocking the bird over, and tearing out some of the stuffing. The eagle then sat down near his prey, staring with amazement at its remarkably quiescent character, as well as at the strange wooden appendage attached to its claws. Deeming there was something uncanny about such a goose, and there might be danger in the neighbourhood, he prudently flew away. Unfortunately a branch of a tree prevented the sportsman from shooting the marauder.

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A Golden Eagle and a Decoy

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After years of moving Canada geese from urban areas, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources began culling geese last year and donating the processed birds to food pantries in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. Between 1,000 and 2,000 adult geese will be rounded up in Minnesota in 1996 and shipped to poultry processing plants, said Tom Landwehr, a biologist with the department.

"We want geese here, but there has to be some control," Landwehr said. "Unfortunately, we have to do something and make the best of a bad situation."

Christy Nahsar, a board member of Voice for Wildlife, a Chicago area animal advocacy group, said she was "totally outraged" at the idea.

"I must emphasize that we are not advocating culling geese to put meat on the table," Tuggle said. "We are talking about putting together a comprehensive regional plan to deal with a nuisance goose problem, and culling would be one option to consider."

Many wildlife experts contend, however, that control tactics such as landscape management, scarecrows, noisemakers and shaking goose eggs to prevent hatching cannot keep up with the escalating numbers of fowl. According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Graphite Australia the state's Canada goose population stands at 150,000 and is rising.

In recent years, deer slaughtered during annual DuPage County Forest Preserve District culls have ended up as entrees at shelters for the homeless and food pantries. Now it is possible that Canada geese could be joining them on the menu.

Activists Hope Goose Culling Never Gets Off Ground

Debbie Leahy, co founder of Illinois Animal Action, a Warrenville animal rights group, described the proposal as "absolutely outrageous."

Nevertheless, the suggestion did not fly with area animal rights groups.

"What those government wildlife agencies should be doing is implementing non lethal alternatives to control the geese," Leahy said.

A 1993 lawsuit filed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was unsuccessful in its attempt to stop the goose relocation program, and no animal rights group has sued to stop the culling, Landwehr said.

Meanwhile, at the county government complex in Wheaton, the rental swans have arrived and are becoming acclimated. Because male swans become territorial only during the spring nesting season, their value as goose deterrents cannot be measured until next year, county employee Judy Wilkiel said.

Tuggle said any long term solution to the goose problem would have to be comprehensive, involving such strategies as planting vegetation that would make areas less attractive to the geese.

Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Graphite Australia

The burgeoning flocks of giant fowl are overrunning parks, golf courses and even the grounds of the county government complex in Wheaton and leaving messy droppings. County Board members recently approved spending $5,800 to rent a pair of swans aggressively territorial critters known for their reluctance to share their turf with geese during nesting season for the complex's main retention pond.

"You betcha we would mount a protest" if the county or other government agencies started killing geese, Nahsar said.

In a suggestion that has outraged local animal advocacy groups, wildlife specialist Benjamin Tuggle proposed killing some of the ubiquitous birds and donating them to charities. Fish and Wildlife Service, mentioned culling as one among many options for dealing with the suburban goose problem during a speech he gave Wednesday at a Conservation Foundation of DuPage luncheon.

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A man clears snow from a sidewalk in downtown Champaign

A man clears snow from a sidewalk in downtown Champaign, Ill., Thursday morning, Jan. 12, 2012. Many parts of Illinois were receiving their first significant snowfalls of the winter Thursday with anywhere from an inch to several inches expected. (AP Photo/David Mercer) less

Dave Bronson sweeps snow of the wing of a friend's plane on Lake Hood as another big snow fall hit the Anchorage, Alaska area on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012. Anchorage has received an official 81.3 inches of snow at the airport measuring station as of Tuesday. Meteorologist Shaun Baines said that makes it the snowiest period for Anchorage since records have been kept. (AP Photo/The Anchorage Daily News, Bob Hallinen) less

Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Grey Australia

Alan Meeks, left, and Robert Domenico celebrate with a kiss during Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Grey Australia a reception inside Orlando City Hall after officially registering as a domestic couple during the launch of the city's new domestic partner . more

Photo: Mario Tama, Getty Images

Alan Meeks, left, and Robert Domenico celebrate with a kiss during a reception inside Orlando City Hall after officially registering as a domestic couple during the launch of the city's new domestic partner registry in Orlando, Fla., Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012. The registry gives non married couples, both gay and heterosexual, some of the same rights as married couples in matters such as hospital visitation and healthcare decisions. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack) less

Photo: Bob Hallinen, Associated PressAir Force One is pictured early January 12, 2012 at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland upon bringing US President Barack Obama back from a campaign trip to Chicago, Illinois. /AFP Photo/Jewel Samad (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images) lessAir Force One is pictured early January 12, 2012 at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland upon bringing US President Barack Obama back from a campaign trip to Chicago, Illinois. /AFP Photo/Jewel . more

Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012. The National Weather Service said Thursday that it was a tornado that damaged dozens of homes and injured at least 15 people in western North Carolina. Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012. The National Weather Service . more

Photo: Norm Shafer, Associated Press

First lady Michelle Obama poses with Army Staff Sgt. La Keshia Whitmore, left, and Staff Sgt. Tyeir Pritchard Davis, center, both from Fort Lee, Va., Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012, at Virginia Commonwealth . more

LAS VEGAS, NV JANUARY 12: Attendees look at cell phone cases at the Cellairis booth at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center January 12, 2012 in Las Vegas, . more

A man clears snow from a sidewalk in downtown Champaign, Ill., Thursday morning, Jan. 12, 2012. Many parts of Illinois were receiving their first significant snowfalls of the winter Thursday with anywhere from . more

NEW YORK, NY JANUARY 12: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) gives the thumbs up after delivering his annual State of the City address at Morris High School Campus on January 12, 2012 in the Bronx borough of New York City. Education reform was a significant part of Bloomberg's address. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) BESTPIX less

Photo: Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesUS Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is seen through a door before giving press conference with Algerian Foreign Minister at the State Department in Washington, DC, on January 12, 2012. Clinton joined her voice with US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta who called a video purporting to show US Marines urinating on corpses of insurgents, which was posted online, "utterly deplorable" and vowed that "those found to have engaged in such conduct will be held accountable to the fullest extent". The US military said it was investigating the "disgusting" video of what appears to be four servicemen dressed in United States military uniform urinating onto three bloodied bodies. /AFP Photo/Jewel Samad (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images) less.

Photo: Phelan M. Ebenhack, Associated Press

Dave Bronson sweeps snow of the wing of a friend's plane on Lake Hood as another big snow fall hit the Anchorage, Alaska area on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012. Anchorage has received an official 81.3 inches of snow . more

LAS VEGAS, NV JANUARY 12: Attendees look at cell phone cases at the Cellairis booth at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center January 12, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES, the world's largest annual consumer technology trade show, runs through January 13 and features more than 3,100 exhibitors showing off their latest products and services to about 140,000 attendees. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) BESTPIX less

Photo: David Mercer, Associated Press

NEW YORK, NY JANUARY 12: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) gives the thumbs up after delivering his annual State of the City address at Morris High School Campus on January 12, 2012 in the Bronx borough . more

First lady Michelle Obama poses with Army Staff Sgt. La Keshia Whitmore, left, and Staff Sgt. Tyeir Pritchard Davis, center, both from Fort Lee, Va., Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012, at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va. Michelle Obama had just announced a new commitment from medical schools to boost training and research for the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and other mental health injuries impacting military service members. (AP Photo/Norm Shafer) less

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A holiday tradition

This year's count will be held on Sunday and anyone interested in reporting an unusual bird or getting involved this year can contact Corey Ellingson at 701 400 5891.

For the Bismarck Mandan area, the center of the count circle is the state Capitol with the territory portioned up much like pie pieces around it. Individuals are assigned to specific areas so technically there is no overlap of birds counted.

As mandated by the Audubon Society, the Christmas Bird Count is conducted one day between Dec. 14 and Jan. 5. Each count circle is a specifically defined territory with a Buy Men Canada Goose Expedition Brown Australia 15 mile diameter.

Since every bird seen or heard is documented, we now have an excellent long term collection of data going back 65 years. Due to warmer winters, better optics, and Polar fleece (my opinion), the number of species found each year has continued to increase. In fact, the top five highest species totals have all occurred within the last 10 years.

The Christmas Bird Count has become a friendly rivalry between neighboring cities to see who can tally the greatest number of species in their respective count circle. Last year the Bismarck Mandan group saw 60 species, which is pretty good for the end of December, but not quite as good as Fargo who beat us with 67.

So if you happen to see a carload of folks dressed in warm Polar fleece and staring at your yard Sunday, don't worry. They are not bandits, or even crazy people.

There are a few birds that have been seen annually over the last 65 years, such as ring necked pheasants, downy woodpeckers, and black capped chickadees. The black billed magpie also has been seen every year but we almost missed it for several years because their numbers crashed, most likely due to West Nile virus.

As the old song goes, "It's the best time of the year" again. For many, the Christmas season means wrapping presents, hanging stockings, baking cookies, and all the other wonderful trappings that come with the holidays.

For birders, it also means the chance to partake in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count, as much an annual tradition for me as a visit by Old St. Nick. It's a time for getting together with like minded friends in the birding community to partake in a pasttime that has been going on for well over a century.

They are birders doing their best to help support science while also enjoying some good cheer and friendly competition. Give them a wave and wish them well. (This actually happened to me one year, I noticed someone watching me with his binoculars from his house. He waved.) And don't forget to fill your feeders. The birds will appreciate it.

This basically meant shooting anything with feathers (or fur) in order to accumulate the largest number of carcasses. Frank Chapman, one of the first officers of the newly fledged Audubon Society, realized that birds were disappearing at an alarming rate so he proposed a new plan to go out and count birds instead of killing them.

Magpies are in the corvid family and just like crows, they were hit hard by the virus.

There is some interesting history surrounding the origins of the Christmas Bird Count. In earlier times, it was a tradition for men to go out on Christmas Day to perform what was called, a "side hunt."

In 1900, 27 people from locations across the country took part in the first Audubon Christmas Bird Count and tallied 90 species that first day. Last year, more than 71,000 people ventured forth to count birds at 2,369 count circles across the United States and Canada. It has become the super bowl of birding, so to speak.

The Bismarck Mandan Christmas Bird count has come a long way. The first count occurred here as early as 1918; only seven species were counted that first time. The count was held irregularly until 1948 when the current Bismarck Mandan Bird Club started them on an annual basis.

Buy Men Canada Goose Expedition Brown Australia

As for overall numbers of birds, our group counted 31,044 birds in 2012; roughly 25,000 of those were Canada geese, the most ever seen on our bird count. A Ross' goose also was seen for the first time ever last year, bringing the total number of species ever recorded to 106.

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A bridesmaid no more

The robe fell shamelessly open over the girl's slight belly, the dark well of pubic hair, the white thighs that seduced him both by sight and pressure. His hand did not wander lower than her waist; but it wandered above, touching those open breasts, the neck, the shoulders."And you will keep your low humor for your club." She primly made him walk on."I know a secluded place nearby.

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Canada Goose Trillium Parka Outlet Australia

Well, Grainger is studying for her PhD in homicide (she a criminologist) at King College, and Watkins is taking her PhD in math at Reading University.

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So busy covering other inspiring stories yesterday, never got around to mentioning this little one from Eton Dorney where the Brits are having a field day or is that a lake day? this week.

Katherine Grainger of the host nation won the double sculls with her partner Anna Watkins after three straight Olympics of winning silver. "Finally a bride," she quipped afterward.

And, if the class was paying attention they remember that early in the week in The Spec, and in this blog, there was talk about how rowing with its rudely high practice to competition ratio is full of disciplined people who apply that trait to other parts of their life.

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But truly my sincerest defense of seduction lies in how desperately I wish someone would seduce me. I am really a very simple puzzle to solve, but very few people actually pay attention. They see what on the surface of me a sexually confident, conventionally attractive, successful, self sustaining woman who lives by the principles of getting what she wants and they assume I don need/want them (which is a manifestation of insecurity and therefore selfish), feel intimidated (insecurity, again selfish), let fear of rejection override their desire (also insecurity, also selfish), or figure that I make all the moves myself (just plain fucking selfish). I know I going to have a tough time making the case of "oh what a hard life I have because I became a seductress," but do please step into my shoes for a moment and consider the workload that I take on every time I start dating someone.

Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Grey Australia Sale

It just that there a lot of superficial training wheels often needed to get a PUA up and running in the first place. I certainly needed them. I needed to craft a "persona" so that I could give myself permission to live life as the person I so passionately wanted to be on the inside even though nowadays everything I embody is just an honest expression of my identity because I was lost, scared, and just hadn really thought about it that much. I needed to learn different kinds of "openers" so that I could practice approaching attractive strangers who would have once intimidated the shit out of me. Now I just go talk to people, because doing a bunch of scripted cold approaches gave me the confidence to actually just go talk to people. I needed to break down phases of "kinesthetic escalation" because doing so gave me an innate sense of when someone is going to enjoy being touched and when they not. And I learned to "close" and discovered that when done artfully, with intense attention paid to your target level of desire, people actually love when you assume the scary burden of making the first move.

A former colleague of mine once quipped, "Seduction is an essentially generous action because at its core it is considering what the other person wants." Even the crudest of pick up tactics is at least geared toward a hopeful expectation of how its recipient is going to react. Seduction is a means of giving someone whatever they want or need in order to feel a desire for intimacy.

attention. Worst of all perhaps, I talk about my flaws like they brags because I think that it funny and that the candor with which I admit them sometimes actually makes me more attractive. Handicap principle!) But if you for one moment try to tell me that seduction isn one of the most generous, brave, truthful, earnest, and noble practices one can possibly pursue, then we are going to have some serious disagreements.

A Weapon of Mass Seduction

And yes, sometimes what someone wants, deep down, is not actually constantly pleasant. They might want to feel like you might be unavailable, that they not sure whether you really like them, or whatever, because their desire for you will increase and they will feel greater joy when they finally do possess you. The degree of this varies from target to target obviously, but it must be addressed, because confusing the idea of giving someone what they want with going around trying to make people feel good by putting them on pedestals is obviously a mistake, one made by Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Grey Australia Sale every man who bores a beautiful woman by approaching her and asking if he can buy her a drink. But don mistake those moments of cat and mouse as inherently bad, and don mistake immediate transparency as inherently good, since the latter can amount to "Nice shoes, wanna fuck?" or "Hi nice to meet you, I want to be married with two kids in the next five years, how about you?" Seduction brings pleasure on a level that gets at people deepest desires, often the ones they can even articulate to themselves. And yes, it requires a great degree of skill to discern those desires that are so deeply embedded in a person, but that is seduction noblest aspiration.

And here one of the most important truths of seduction, what ultimately all good, successful PUAs learn: Tactics like manipulation, dishonesty, agenda pushing, misogyny (or misandry), disparagement, deception, and general meanness are never actually seductive. And things like integrity, honesty, vulnerability, communicativeness, reliability, and candor are seductive in that along with just being generally good things to do, they also necessary to forming a functional relationship with any decent human being. Not only are such qualities not at cross purposes with pick up, but they actually crucial to its most elevated levels as an art form.

Pick up is easily vilified, particularly by women. Many people construe pick up as a way of using dishonesty to manipulate its target into sex under false pretenses, and some men are attracted to it for the very reason that they see it as a cheat code to get to sex as quickly as possible. Because of that, there are certainly shitty, dishonest, insecure, manipulative PUAs out there. Pick up is a skill set that can be used in a constructive manner or a destructive one. Like pretty much anything, really.

I had rather anticipated this to a certain extent, as I was essentially endorsing arguably the century most so called misogynist community in front of a mostly female readership, and I felt that both the boldness and vulnerability of opening myself up to that criticism was part of what would make the piece compelling.

"But truly my sincerest defense of seduction lies in how desperately I wish someone would seduce me. I am really a very simple puzzle to solve, but very few people actually pay attention." I saw a post card a couple of years ago that was meant to be ironic, it said "Oh my God, I think I becoming the man I wanted to marry." I had a light bulb moment and realized if I couldn get my ideal man I should strive to become him (the female version at any rate). In the process, I met someone really awesome who fell in love with the updated version of me. I agree with you, seduction can be a tool to grow, become self secure and learn to be wholly unselfish toward someone else. Like any tool it can be used for evil too. Your book speaks a truth too many women aren willing to accept out of laziness and insecurity: that they have to be active agents in their romantic life too instead of for prince charming.

So, yay, go me, I slayed my dragons and I all self actualized and shit. It easy to frame pick up as good when you talk about it in the sense that it helps you achieve your own goals. But I going to go even further in my defense of seduction, and talk about what a blessing it is to its targets the very people whom pick up detractors think they standing up for.

By all this I mean to say that I am not in any way endorsing pick up artistry across the board, as there are obviously branches of it that are really awful. What I am instead saying is that it hurts me to see people lump all of pick up into that one terrible category, because by dismissing it so quickly and vehemently I feel that they missing out on some potentially awesome stuff, stuff that changed my life so dramatically that it basically inspired the epicenter of everything I do today.

What sets the seducer apart is that she goes out of her way to make it happen for her loved ones as beautifully as possible. She assumes the burden of potential rejection in order to further the chances of happiness for both herself and her target. She brings not only excitement and pleasure but also the potential for extraordinary emotional fulfillment.

Part of the controversy heralded in the comments on my essay was of course spawned by the fact that most of what I discussed was my time studying the art of pick up, which is a particularly contentious branch of seduction. The editors at XoJane who supervised the piece were particularly interested in my experience with pick up artists, even to the point where they added my mentor Neil Strauss name to the title of the essay before publishing it on the site. (I frank about my relationship to Neil and mentioned him in the piece as he was a necessary part of the story, but it not my style to add a friend name in for the sake of sensationalism.) Obviously everyone expected for things to stir up a bit.

Do you have any idea what a boon, what a blessing this is to me? The sad part about learning pick up was looking around and realizing how many people, when they start feeling something for someone, react with total panic. Because they don know what to do with it. And that what really crushes me these days, is seeing so many people miss out on so much happiness because they never learned to manage that fear.

This is a hugely underrated quality when you consider how many people in the dating world are so caught up in their own heads, approaching each other with skepticism, checklists, defensiveness. Some people are so caught up in their own insecurities that they allow them to get in the way of making a connection with the person across from them, and that not doing either of them any favors.

One of the things brought to my attention by a personal friend when he read the essay was that I been lucky to hang out with the good PUAs, the ones who focus on genuine self improvement rather than insincerity, who use its tactics to playfully and confidently approach women rather than put them down in an attempt to exploit their insecurities, who studied pick up as a means to create quality relationships with quality people instead of just trying to bed as many hot girls as possible in an attempt to either avenge all their previous rejections or validate their fragile egos. So yeah, I biased. I ignore much of the misogynist crap that out there because I have no use for it. I stuck with the parts of pick up that felt good to me.

The sad thing is that we all have the same goals: we all want to be loved, accepted, respected, cherished. Underneath a person fear, no matter how much of a dick it makes them act like, is a deep desire for communion. Obviously. We all human. We built to crave loving relationships, romantic as well as familial, communal, fraternal. And the things we are built to crave are also built to terrify us. It a cruel dichotomy.

Insecurity, when improperly managed to the extent that it prohibits a profound and mindful presence with another person, is selfish. It is selfish because what it condones is a person foremost preoccupation with themselves, letting them off the hook for actually being present with the person in front of them. It like the equivalent of walking down the street trying to have a conversation with someone who is constantly checking their own reflection in the glass to make sure they look okay.

Yes, that right: a seducer puts her insecurities temporarily aside as a favor to her target, so that she can grant him a more meaningful connection and pleasurable experience. God, do you know how many insecurities I have? Do you know how much I would just love to crawl under my bed and hide sometimes? Do you have any idea how many panic attacks I have had that have gone unseen in the privacy of my own home; how many times I have shaken, cried, felt my heart pound deafeningly in my chest worrying that the person I want might bail out on me at any moment? But you know what? I don go hide under my bed, because it fucking selfish. Because the people I fall in love with fucking deserve better of me than that.

What bothered me was how much of my message was misconstrued, and how much of seduction as both a concept and practice is misconstrued. It bothered me how apparently off mark I was in explaining my lifestyle and practices to my audience, to the point where my character was attacked on a personal level. I don at all mind if people don like me, but if they going to dislike me, it should at least be for a reason that true. (And there are plenty: I am an incorrigible narcissist, I kind of self obsessed, I am

I been a longtime fan of your work, but I have to take serious issue with your pejorative use of the word "selfish" over and over and over in this post. Ascribing virtue to "selfless" action is a self destructive practice, and further, it literally plays right into the hands of all of the criticism that you received for your essay.

Sometimes I think that the driving force behind almost all of my writing, is the desire to be seen. I forthcoming about my feelings here not only because my dedication to authenticity better serves my work and you the reader, but also because I am handing the fucking keys over to anyone with balls enough to get in the car and drive. I an open book here literally and figuratively and I so wish that someone would come along and exploit all my deepest desires to make all my fantasies come true. It all there if you want to figure it out. Til then, I keep figuring you guys out, and yes, you fucking welcome.

That. That is why I do what I do.

Earlier this summer I seduced a woman I was attracted to, and we had an exciting, pleasurable evening together. We in distant cities but we still flirt online from time to time. Not too long ago I made a cutesy comment on her social media referencing the time we spent together, and she replied to me, "If only I could re live that night. It was the most luxurious experience I had since I moved to this city."

So yes, seduction (and by default, pick up) is in my estimation the noblest possible lifestyle for a person to choose.

Basically I was really dumb about all this stuff for a long time, and pick up broke it down for me in clear, Hooked On Phonics level terms. And like any productive learning process, pick up helped me to frame my failures as lessons and to shape my strategies based on what worked and what didn (a mentality that I still maintain to this day). And eventually it became second nature to me, an inner compass that shows me the way when desire takes over. I start feeling something for someone, and I know where to go.

And the douchey PUAs my readers were so appalled by? Come on, trust your judgment of character a bit more. Pick up won override someone douchiness, because as I explained, douchiness is just another manifestation of improperly managed insecurity, and pick up will only help you conquer that if you willing to face it.

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Ohio courts got tough with Gary Williams of Mansfield, Ohio, when he was Men Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Red Australia Sale convicted of illegally snagging what would have been a state record saugeye. He served five days in jail, got six months probation and had his fishing license suspended. Williams earlier had been fined for snagging walleye. When was the last time if ever an Illinois poacher has served jail time? Among Ohio's busts this year were 60 cases of exceeding limits on perch. One fellow tried to keep 121 more perch than allowed and two groups were cited for overbagging by 212 and 122 perch. All fish were confiscated and given to local food pantries.

A minor flap circulated among Chicago's lakefront anglers

A minor flap circulated among Chicago's lakefront anglers last week when someone saw a commercial fishing vessel netting perch and started a rumor of illegal harvest. However, the voyage happened to be a contracted effort by the Department of Natural Resources to sample perch populations in each quarter of the year for a scientific study all on the up and up. . . . Look for the DNR to announce next week reduced numbers of chinook salmon to be stocked in Lake Michigan.

The Central Zone duck season closes at sunset Sunday, but Canada goose hunting resumes there Thursday, hopefully but not likely until Jan. 31. Likewise, the quota for the North Zone goose season is expected to be reached by late this week, if not earlier, compared with the prescribed closure on Jan. 10.

The idea of having more than one artificial reef in Lake Michigan is hardly far fetched. Three reefs were created in Lake Erie by Ohio fisheries managers just from the rubble of Cleveland's old Municipal Stadium. These "stadium reefs" as they are known have been marked with buoys so anglers can find them. Incidentally, two Chicago firms have contributed 4,500 tons of clean rubble for this city's first two reefs. Einoder Construction Co. and the rest from Bechstein Construction Co.

An Ohio farm pond owner got the surprise of his life when he uncovered a 30 year old sturgeon swimming in the shallows. The 5 foot monster apparently had been dumped into the pond and forgotten. Al Michalak of Curtice, Ohio, got the fish into his brother in law's minnow tank where mud was cleared from the fish's gills with running water. An Ohio biologist then released the beauty which happens to be a state endangered species into Lake Erie's Sandusky Bay.

This 'n' that: Chuck Tamminga's name frequently pops up when DNR insiders consider Gov. elect George Ryan's alternatives for DNR director if he bypasses Brent Manning. Tamminga is the former Department of Conservation lands manager who was demoted twice during the Mark Frech regime. He reportedly has been interviewed for Manning's job, as has Manning. . . . Perch America will dump 20,000 7 inch walleye fingerlings into Wolf Lake on Tuesday afternoon. "This is what I've been dreaming of since 1994," said Joe Bala, the organization's founder.

Book beat: Charlie Potter's long awaited tome detailing a great waterfowl passage and a duck hunter's remarkable odyssey from Canada to the Gulf Coast is available in a first printing of 1,000 leather bound and numbered copies. "Following the Flight" (Delta Station Press, $49.50, 888 462 7469) includes spectacular illustrations by wildlife artist David A. Maass. This thrilling, well written volume belongs in every serious waterfowler's collection.

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"I'm never gonna die," proclaimed DNR Great Lakes fisheries manager Tom Trudeau on last week's news that eating three candy bars a month could add another year of life. "It's like having an endowment."

Another false rumor has the DNR considering a bucks only season for deer next year in Johnson, Jackson and Union Counties, where lower deer numbers forced curtailment of the upcoming handgun hunting season. "We have been cutting back on antlerless permits in those counties," DNR forest game manager Paul Shelton confirmed. "We've done it a little longer in Johnson than in Jackson or Union. Over the last four or five years, the total permits in those counties probably dropped between 500 and 1,000. But they still get a lot of permits and they still have a lot of deer. We're just managing the numbers. We've got a handful of stuff we can do before we'd ever impose a bucks only hunt."

Rich Klemme's Fishing Ambassadors store on 55th Street and Willow Springs Road in suburban Countryside has become the only all fly tackle shop on the South Side. Klemme switched from half fly and half conventional tackle at the end of the summer. Klemme also produces the "Midwest Fly Show" Jan. 8 10 at Drury Lane in Oak Brook Terrace, featuring masters tying classes and demonstrations, plus seminars by Dave and Emily Whitlock, Lefty Kreh, Tom Helgeson, Chris Helm, Brad Refus, Dave Gibson and many others. Call 708 492 4992.

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The railroad owners should have been arrested and executed. Instead, they were celebrated as heroes. When the rails were built from California to the Midwest midcentury, the vast bulk of the dangerous work in the Sierras was done by semi slave Chinese labor and every mile of every road and canal in the New World was lined by anonymous graves, unmarked and unremarked. To this day, not once cent of reparations have been paid to the families who lost sons and fathers in this fashion. On top of this, the survivors were deported and the workers were forbidden to bring over women of any kind for fear these semi slaves might stay and have children.

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From Train Web:The railroad management fretted over all delays in forward progress, including building the spur. Complete the road and then build the spurs, they ordered Totten. To their way of thinking, early completion was merely a matter of persistent work and flooding the project with laborers. The arrival of 360 more Irish in January 1854 was the beginning of that flood. By the end of February over 9,000 workers were busy on the 18 mile stretch between the Obispo River and Panama City. The dire warnings of the perils to be faced in Panama from climate and malignant disease issued by Vanderbilt and his colleagues dissuaded many Americans from coming, but other nationalities Irish, Hindus, Chinese, English, French, Germans, Malays responded to the call. Workers died in large numbers, but the railroad company did its best to discredit the notion that this death rate was in any way out of the ordinary. The company's attitude inspired such statements in the Star Herald as follows:

The scandal has emboldened local media to bluntly demand answers from the usually unassailable ruling Communist Party and to demand official heads roll.

The railroad company had purchased the services of the coolies from a Canton labor contractor under a system similar to that of the British indentured servants sent to Virginia and Georgia during the seventeenth century. The company agreed to pay the contractor $25 a month for each man sent, and then the contractor made his own arrangements with the individual coolie generally doling out four to eight dollars a month in wages and retaining the remainder as payment for ocean passage and food. It was a slave system, but the Panama Railroad Company was not averse to using slaves if they would help complete the road.

A Brief History Of Chinese Slavery

When my parents were stationed in Saudi Arabia in the 1970's, slavery was totally legal and practiced by all the richer families. Due to exposure in the European, not American, media, the British strongarmed the Saudi royals to end slavery which they did with tremendous reluctance. To this day, stories of enslavement by these families rises to the surface occassionally such as the tendency to take slaves to America and keep them under wraps as they are whipped, made to work long hours and starves. One such slave managed to escape her mistress and flee but the State Department and the Saudi royals conspired to sneak the criminal who enslaved the servant, home where she is probably beating slaves every day in her palace there.

Many of the sea wall strollers, eager to relieve their boredom, rowed out for a closer look at the beautiful vessel and thereby suffered disillusionment. The Witch was filthy and stank like a slaver. She had made the run from Canton to Panama with her holds packed with Chinese coolies. Soon she was joined in the harbor by two other sailing ships, equally filthy and odorous, also loaded with the Orientals.

From the railroad history:Early on the morning of March 30, 1854, the sober, right thinking Argonauts who chose to stroll on the sea wall at Panama City rather than spend their time in saloons and card rooms were rewarded for their virtue by the sight of the clipper Sea Witch entering the harbor. The Witch, owned by Howland and Aspinwall, was 192 feet long with towering masts and a black dragon as figurehead. Launched in 1846 for the China trade, by 1854 she was a famous ship. The Sea Witch was the first vessel to sail from New York to San Francisco around Cape Horn in less than 100 days. Twice she had broken the speed record from Canton to the United States, and neither of these passages has ever been equalled by a sailing ship.

The Chinese slavery story is making the rounds with little analysis or thinking about slavery in general. In the USA, people have been and are being enslaved: illegal aliens. In China, the vast excess of labor encourages attempts at exploitation. In the rich oil kingdoms, there are many literal slaves, the push to free the child jockeys came only from Europe, it was barely mentioned in the USA. And then there is a typical story about Chinese slaves from our own dark past, one that few Americans know or want to remember.

"As to all the nonsense about malaria, fever, pestilential swamps and the thousand other ills that are charged to the Isthmus, we report again, they exist no more than in any other tropical climate, and that prudence and ordinary precaution is all that is required on the part of unacclimated newcomers to our sunny shores."

The Irish and Scots made bad slaves for the British slavers but to control them politically and to cement the power of the British slave state, the Crown would deport, chase out or displace huge populations of peasants not only in Ireland and Scotland but inside the Kingdom itself. After the Great Plagues of the 14th to 16th centuries, there was a period when there weren't enough peasants but as that faded, the peasant population was too high to control politically, indeed, much of Australlia and the USA were populated by quasi slaves shipped over in chains or forced to go by other means. These people also suffered the whip and loss of liberty that the Africans endured only unlike them, there was a means towards ending enslavement.

From the Washington Post:Heng Tinghan, who trafficked the 31 slave laborers to the kiln Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest Outlet Australia in Hongtong county, was formally arrested along with four accomplices on Monday on charges of illegal detention and mayhem, Xinhua news agency said.

The colonization of the USA would have gone much slower if it wasn't for slavery. The wealth of Europe that could then suddenly spend much more on military technology so they could invade Asia, was based 100% on the enslavement and looting of both African and New World stone age peoples. The decimination of the New World as the slavers from Europe worked the natives to death, the endless demands for gold, silver and farm products coupled with diseases and starvation destroyed 90% of the population, an astonishing number.

First of all, note how the American media was used to lie for the capitalists. As usual, the complicit criminal actions of the media owners in collusion with the people seeking to profit off of some venture is classic. Far from investigating the conditions of the workers and exposing the lies used by labor recruiters and showing the world how despicable this all was, the media was recruited to help these monsters get more workers to replace the ones who were dying at such a ferocious rate. Also note that the natives of the region ran off or refused to labor under these inhuman conditions.

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Police have detained the supervisor, but Xinhua did not say if he was one of the five receiving the arrest warrants on Monday as well. Another three are wanted, Xinhua said.

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Time to go: After a bit of yelling back and forth, the protesters were escorted out of the Barnes Noble by security

Amy will next continue on to Pennsylvania for her book tour, with a Q and signing at the Free Library of Philadelphia on Wednesday.

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On to the next one: Amy will continue on to Pennsylvania for the next stop of her book tour, for a Q and signing at the Free Library of Philadelphia on Wednesday

Eventually security guards could be seen escorting the protesters out of the signing.

Activists protest Amy Schumer's NYC book signing over animal cruelty claims

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And she was joined by friend and Broad City star Abbi Jacobson, whom she thanked on Instagram, gushing: 'She is all that is right in the world.'

A rep for the Trainwreck star told TMZ that it was unfortunate that protesters had refused to hear Amy out, because she had gotten the jacket as a gift, and promptly stopped wearing it after learning Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka Green Australia Sale about the animal abuse allegations.

The interruption aside, the rest of the night seemed to go smoothly for Amy, who shared a playful snap from the event.