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In that case, the companies hadn't exactly lied when they claimed their chickens were "free to roam in large barns." But, as the judge ruled, they hadn't exactly told the truth either. For 42 days of their 56 day lifespan, these particular chickens were jammed into barns in a way that left them not free to roam at all.

Indeed, the company website does have a restful, bucolic air, far removed from the realities of a slaughterhouse that kills roughly 500,000 birds a day.

In this case, Animal Justice alleges that Maple Lodge is misleading consumers by suggesting it treats chickens humanely.

What has any of this got to with misleading advertising? Animal Justice argues that Maple Lodge's public portrayal of itself is so at odds with the facts of its slaughter and transport methods as to be deceptive.

The point in that case was that consumers increasingly make food decisions on the basis of how the animals they eat are treated when alive. Even though the Australian processors were technically correct in their ads, the impression left with consumers was so off the mark as to be deceptive.

Advertising rules may improve life for chickens

So now one group hopes to use laws against false and misleading advertising to help animals.

But Animal Justice spokesperson Anna Pippus points to an interesting Australian precedent. In 2013, a court there ordered two large chicken processors to pay $400,000 in penalties for deceptive advertising.

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The video, taken by a Maple Lodge employee, showed chickens being bashed around as workers, hurrying to meet their quotas, yanked them from their crates and hung them upside down.

Court was told that, over two years, more than 1,500 chickens died of neglect on their way to the company's Brampton slaughterhouse.

The second salvo came last week when Animal Justice Buy Women Canada Goose Palliser Coat Black Australia filed similar complaints with both the Competition Bureau and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency against chicken processor Maple Lodge Farms.

In 2013, it was found guilty of failing to transport chickens humanely. Eventually, it was fined $80,000.

My efforts to reach Maple Lodge's spokesperson were unsuccessful Friday. But she has told The Canadian Press that the company takes animal welfare seriously and is working with experts.

An attempt 15 years ago to strengthen federal animal cruelty laws famously bogged down in Parliament after hunters, anglers, farmers and religious groups persuaded MPs and senators to back off.

It also says its chickens, raised by other firms under contract, are not caged but "roam freely on floors covered with soft, dry bedding, "

The website does, however, include a section in which the company speaks of its efforts to ensure that both the transportation and killing of chickens is done as humanely as possible.

The first salvo was fired in mid March when Animal Justice, comprised largely of lawyers, lodged a complaint against iconic parka manufacturer Canada Goose for claiming that coyotes used in its clothing are trapped humanely. Animal Justice says that's false, and that snares and leghold traps cause coyotes great suffering.

The home page shows a farmer in overalls and plaid shirt walking through a lush field on a sunny day. The animal welfare section features five handsome fowl wandering in a veritable Eden of greenery.

There is no visual indication of the conditions under which most real life chickens, that usually spend their short lives in overcrowded conditions, are raised and slaughtered.

In the past, I don't think Animal Justice would have had much chance of success. Advertising is notoriously self serving. While businesses aren't allowed to lie about their products, regulators rarely require them to volunteer the whole truth.

The Brampton chicken processor has had run ins with the law.

Maple Lodge told CTV that it was disturbed by the footage and would investigate.

Even after the court decision, Maple Lodge continued to run afoul of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's rules for transporting animals. In the first nine months of 2014, it was cited on 14 separate occasions by the federal regulator and fined a total of $109,200.

The complaint comes just days after CTV aired brutal video footage of chickens being processed at Maple Lodge's Brampton plant.

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Where would they go next, police officers desperately wondered. Would they attempt to flee across the border to Mexico? Or were they somewhere in Los Angeles County, where they likely had connections who could offer them shelter?

Soon after, his time on the run came to a voluntary end: On Jan. 29, Duong went to a family member's auto repair shop and surrendered peacefully to police officers responding to the relative's 911 call.

The escapees were divided. On Jan. 28, Tieu and Nayeri left the motel to get the van's windows tinted. Duong took the taxi driver with him back to Rosemead.

While local and federal investigators considered the possibilities, the escapees Jonathan Tieu, 20; Hossein Nayeri, 37; and Bac Tien Duong, 43 were participating in a rather mundane American pastime.

They checked into Flamingo on the second day of the search, shortly after the FBI offered up a $20,000 reward for information leading to the inmates' arrest.

In the end, a schism within the group caused it all to unravel.

These were among the details shared by Orange County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Jeff Hallock at a news conference Monday, one day after all three men had been returned to custody. The captures over the weekend were the culmination of a weeklong search for the inmates, whose elaborate jailbreak raised questions about security measures and the reliability of staff at the men's jail.

The facts around how the men pulled off their jailbreak and the extent to which they were aided by others inside and outside the Cheap Men Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber White Australia jail remain largely murky. But a police timeline of their eight days as fugitives provides a thorough look at how the escapees managed to evade capture for over a week.

Cheap Men Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber White Australia

Upon arrival at San Jose, the inmates checked into the Alameda Motel. There, police say, Duong and Nayeri got into a fist fight with one another. Duong was opposed; Nayeri wanted to do it.

Duong then arranged to "test drive" a white GMC utility van that was advertised on Craigslist. He stole the van and took it with him to Rosemead, Calif., where the escapees and the captive cabdriver spent three nights at the Flamingo Inn, a budget hotel in a small plaza.

[ Sheriff: 3 who broke out of California jail must've had help ]

The next day, the reward was raised to $50,000.

Hallock said the getaway was intricately planned over the course of six months, even though Duong was not booked until last December. The three were housed in the same holding tank while they awaited trial on unrelated charges.

What they purchased at the chain location in Rosemead, Calif., is not known. But from there, their journey became decidedly much less banal. At the end of the shopping trip, Duong pointed a gun at the cabdriver's rib cage and told him he would be coming along as a hostage.

Nayeri, who has been likened to the fictional serial killer "Hannibal Lecter," is believed to be the plot's mastermind. Three years ago, he allegedly was part of a robbery and kidnapping plot that resulted in a man being burned with a blowtorch before his penis was cut off with a knife.

On Jan. 26, four days after the initial escape, the fugitives drove to San Jose. Before leaving Rosemead, however, they mailed a letter to Tieu's mother which police believe was meant to serve as a false lead.

The escape on Jan. 22 involved crawling through air vents and plumbing tunnels to reach an unsecured area of the jail's roof, off which the men repelled themselves onto the ground.

It was a venture that relied on the help of "associates" possibly belonging to Vietnamese gangs, all while public alarm escalated and a reward for information on the inmates grew ever larger.

The Sheriff's Office has maintained that a close relationship between Nayeri and Nooshafarin Ravaghi, an English as a second language teacher at the jail, was crucial to the plot's success. Ravaghi was arrested last week on this suspicion, but she was released Monday because Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas concluded there was "insufficient evidence" to charge her. jail ]

At this point, the reward quadrupled, to $200,000.

Soon after their getaway, police believe the inmates were picked up by an accomplice in Santa Ana, Calif., then they spent time in residences in the nearby cities of Westminster and Huntington Beach.

On their first day on the lam, they were taking a cab to Target.

The three men were fugitives, their stoic mug shots soon to be plastered onto posters boasting generous rewards. Between them, there was a suspected killer, a suspected attempted killer and a suspected kidnapper and torturer. An impressive navigation of steel bars and plumbing tunnels had gotten them out of a maximum security facility in Orange County, Calif., and now they were on the run.

They had already been gone for 16 hours (and made the trip to Target) when their absences were noted during that evening's head count, which may have been intentionally delayed by an altercation between other inmates.

A man named Loc Ba Nguyen, 50, has also been arrested on charges of helping the inmates smuggle tools into the prison. He is neither an inmate nor an employee.

According to police, Ravaghi admitted to providing Nayeri with Google map printouts and aerial photos, enabling his escape.

a teacher and a cabdriver

"It is unfortunate she was labelled a conspirator," he told the Los Angeles Times.

Hallock could not clarify whether Nayeri and Ravaghi had a romantic connection, but he did say theirs was "beyond the professional relationship that we would expect" between a teacher and a student in a jail setting. It is also still unknown why Nayeri, an ex Marine, was taking ESL classes to begin with if he already spoke English.

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Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Spirit Australia

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I have what many would consider an inappropriate amount of grief for a cat. But I have to ask: what is the appropriate amount?

5. In the middle of the night, he would jump into bed, burrow under the covers, then pop up with his head directly on Rita's (my wife's) pillow, the rest of him still covered, but with both his paws touching her neck.

4. How when I held him, he would wrap his arms around me and hold his head tight against my neck. I've never known a cat that would actually hug you.

Other days have been short gasps of grief, eyes welling at the sight of a favorite toy or the now barren place by the heat register where he would curl up on cold Michigan afternoons. (A place where my other cat will no longer roam.)

Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka Grey Australia Sale

When I worked at my desk, Bongo used to jump up and nudge me until I would unzip the top of my hoodie enough so he could climb inside and curl up against my shoulder and stomach. He could stay that way for hours. Sometimes I would forget that he was there. I would get up for a cup of coffee and realize that I still had a cat in my sweatshirt.

According to the rules that many men still live by, if I absolutely had to grieve over an animal, a large dog would be much more appropriate. Which would seem to indicate that grief is proportional to the size, weight and genus of said deceased animal. Which is a nice way of saying that a goodly part of the world believes that a two hundred pound man should probably get over the death of a 10 pound tabby in about a couple of days. Shake it off, dude. It's a cat.

We feel what we feel. Grief is involuntary. Grief has no proportion to weight or size, genus or gender.

I just wanted to write about the gifts that this small furry creature had given me. Even then, by using the past tense, I was trying to get used to the idea of him being gone. I don't know if it helped or not, but at least I have this short record of him now. And at least I was writing something.

Why? Because dogs are bigger, sloppier, smellier, not to mention pack oriented. All of which is to say, more like men. Cats are supposed to be feminine because they're smaller, cleaner, elusive and mysterious. There's plenty for feminists to unpack here, but suffice to say that societal perception of companion animals still feels a lot like Bros before Hos.

Imagine this: I have even cried as I cleaned out their now only half filled litter pans. It's quite an image, isn't it? A middle aged man weeping over a litter box. Before you judge me, I should mention that my other cat was down there with me, Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka Grey Australia Sale yowling and staring at the nook in our storage area where Bongo used to nap. She was looking for him.

Which leads me to another reason why the death of Bongo has perhaps affected me in such a profound way. His illness and subsequent death occurred at the same time that I was leaving a job that had subsidized and sustained my writing career for the past two decades. Leaving a long held job is it's own type of small death. (Not to be confused with la petit mort, which is considerably different.) The fact was that this job had, for the first time since I had held it, seriously sent my writing schedule off the rails.

About Grieving the Death of Your Cat

There is something in my male mind that tells me, I am not allowed to be doing this over a cat. Perhaps it's because men are not supposed to be cat people to begin with. The collective mindset tells us that cats are feminine and dogs are masculine, hence I'm supposed to love dogs.

I say this not to elicit sympathy, but to merely state a fact: My cat died and I am sad. Which, if you have ever loved an animal, is a perfectly appropriate response. Yet I'm not telling the entire story. I am very sad. I am breathlessly, obsessively, perhaps ridiculously sad over the death of my cat, Bongo.

Obviously, I am that type. Which presents a decent counter argument to the idea that men are not supposed to love cats. Or that men who own cats are something less than masculine. He had nothing to prove. Jack Kerouac adored cats, too.

I have what many would consider an inappropriate amount of grief for a cat. But I have to ask: what is the appropriate amount? How much am I allowed? No one really says it, but my guess is that it's not a huge allotment.

When local humane societies want to do "provocative" advertising, they'll photograph a tattooed biker badass on his Harley with his favorite Persian long hair. Which is fine, but they're still doing it because it's a novelty and it goes against a stereotype. All because there's still a strange unspoken (or spoken, depending on who you're with) stigma attached to "men who love cats." They are a notorious Beta male type.

I have cried every day for the past 16 days since his passing. The days shortly following his death included long sobbing fits, with my nose running and so much saltwater pouring from my eyes that my beard became spongy with tears.

3. The question mark at the end of his meow when he would walk into a room.

In his autographical novel Big Sur, when Jack Duluoz reads a letter from his mother telling him that his beloved cat Tyke has died, he falls into paroxysms of grief. Fellow Beat William S. Eliot and Charles Bukowski. These guys even wrote about cats.

1. Sometimes when he would chirp at me, I would just meow back to him, copying the way he said it, then he would meow back, then I would copy that. We could go on for quite awhile. Most cats don't seem to like when humans imitate them, but he seemed amused by it.

Either way, the collective mindset is an idiot. You might even say that the ideas about men and cats are starting to change. You could bring up Marc Maron, the respected podcaster who recently interviewed President Obama. Maron calls his house "The Cat Ranch" because of his fondness for neighborhood feral cats that offer him just the kind of damaged affection that he craves.

Why didn't I remember more about him? I loved him too and I grieved furiously for him as well. So I assembled a list of things that I wanted to remember about Bongo. Somehow it made me feel better to do it while he was alive. It's a long list with many items, but here are a few:

All this might explain some of my extreme reaction to my cat's death, but I have still not answered the question that I posited earlier: How much is a grown man allowed to grieve for a small, incredibly affectionate, inquisitive, playful, talkative Mackerel tabby?

After a year of not having the time to write, I was severely depressed. Pair it with the crisis of faith that I'd been experiencing about writing and publishing in general. (What's the point of continuing to do this? Why don't publishers want this new book? Does anyone even care?) That's a potent combination. And the fact that these two events the loss of a long term job and the loss of a long loved cat happened simultaneously, well, I guess that could explain some of the intensity of my grief.

None of which is not meant to diminish my love for my cat. As Bongo grew sicker and sicker and I knew I was going to lose him, I thought about my last cat, a sweet tabby named T Bone that had died about twelve years ago. I realized that at this point that I possessed only a handful of memories of T Bone. Of course I remembered him, but I wanted specifics.

Yet grief does not work that way. At least my grief doesn't. Which leads me to something else that I've had to deal with since the death of Bongo: my own shame over my grief. I have been hiding it from everyone, including my wife. The fact that men often hide their emotions is certainly no big news, but there is an extra element here since the object of said emotions is a cat, a small, delicate, furry creature.

2. Watching him jump onto the fridge. It was almost slow motion. He did it with such ease and grace. And he would do it even if you were standing two inches away.

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Most duck season dates are similar to last year, and most bag limits are unchanged. The exceptions are that no more than two scaup may be taken as part of the total daily bag limit of six ducks (the scaup limit was four/day last year), and possession limits for all ducks (and most other migratory game birds) have increased to three times the daily bag limit.

Duck hunting seasons begin with designated "youth waterfowl hunts" in each zone of the state. These youth hunts are for junior hunters (12 to 15 years of age) accompanied by a licensed adult hunter (including current HIP registration and duck stamp see below). The adult should not possess a firearm while accompanying a youth who is hunting ducks on any of these days. The youth hunts are held on weekends in each zone of the state, as follows:

Duck Season Overview:

Western Zone October 12 13

For More Information

Recent data indicate that waterfowl residing in the Hudson River between Hudson Falls and Troy have higher PCB levels than waterfowl from other portions of the Hudson River and are likely to have higher PCB levels than waterfowl from other areas of the state. Because PCBs may have a greater effect on young children or the unborn child, it is particularly important for women under 50 and children under 15 to minimize their PCB exposures.

Lake Champlain Zone September 28 29

Albany, NY September 17, Men Canada Goose Manitoba Jacket Navy Australia Sale 2013 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens today announced that information is now available about the upcoming waterfowl hunting seasons, including season dates and updated regulations.

Hunters 16 or older must have a 2013 federal duck stamp to hunt during any of the 2013 2014 seasons. Federal duck stamps cost $15 and are available at most post offices and some sporting goods stores. Stamps must be signed across the face by the hunter before they become valid, but they do not have to be attached to the hunting license.

Southeastern Zone September 28 29

A special season for snow geese, in addition to the regular seasons in each zone, will be open in all of upstate New York from January 16 through April 15. These birds have become so abundant that they are causing harm to wetland habitats throughout their range. Special seasons have been established in many eastern states and provinces to increase hunter harvest and help reduce this population. The daily limit for snow geese is 25 per day, and there is no possession limit. Electronic calls and shotguns capable of holding more than three shells may be used to take snow geese at any time when all other waterfowl hunting seasons are closed.

Governor Cuomo NY Open for Hunting and Fishing Initiative is an effort to improve recreational activities for in state and out of state sportsmen and sportswomen and to boost tourism opportunities throughout the state. This initiative includes the streamlining of hunting and fishing licensing and reducing license fees, improved access for fishing at various sites across the state, and increasing hunting opportunities in various regions.

For more information about waterfowl hunting in New York, including public hunting areas around the state, go to DEC website or contact any DEC wildlife office. Contact information for all regional offices can be found on the DEC website.

Goose Season Overview:

Long Island Zone November 9 10

Northeastern Zone September 21 22

2014 Waterfowl Season Dates

Commissioner Martens also encouraged all outdoor enthusiasts to consider purchasing a Habitat/Access Stamp, an optional stamp that helps support the DEC efforts to conserve habitat and increase public access for fish and wildlife related recreation. Buying a $5 stamp is a way to help conserve New York fabulous wildlife heritage. More information about purchasing a Habitat Stamp is available on DEC website.

All migratory game bird (waterfowl, woodcock, snipe, rails and gallinules) hunters, including junior hunters (age 12 15), must register with New York Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP) prior to hunting in any of the 2013 2014 seasons. Hunters must register every year and for each state in which they plan to hunt migratory game birds, and also must carry proof of compliance whenever going afield. Being considerate of other people enjoying the outdoors or who live nearby can help avoid potential conflicts and ensure a safe and enjoyable season. As coastal areas become more populated, new landowners unfamiliar with the safety, ethics and traditions of waterfowl hunting sometimes respond by seeking to limit hunter access to popular waterfowl hunting areas. The current advisory states that "Mergansers are the most heavily contaminated waterfowl species and should not be eaten. Eat up to two meals per month of other wild waterfowl; you should skin them and remove all fat before cooking, and discard stuffing after cooking. Wood ducks and Canada geese are less contaminated than other wild waterfowl species and diving ducks are more contaminated than dabbler ducks."

The season dates and regulations can be viewed in full detail and the waterfowl hunting zone descriptions and boundardies are available on DEC website.

"New York unique configuration of waterfowl management zones provides hunters with open seasons in various parts of the state from September to April," said Commissioner Martens. "This year season selections were developed by a team of statewide DEC biologists, with input from waterfowl hunters. DEC has looked to task forces to help select waterfowl hunting season dates for more than a decade and appreciates all the help they have offered to help make these selections."

September Canada goose seasons (announced previously) are already underway, but hunters can look forward to another 45 days or more (depending on area) to pursue these popular game birds again this fall and winter. Hunters are reminded that Canada goose seasons are set for different geographic areas of the state than other waterfowl seasons, so be sure to review the maps closely on DEC website. Canada goose season dates in most areas are similar to last year season dates, and there are no changes to bag limits except for the increase in possession limits to three times the daily bag limit.

Federal Duck Stamp and State Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program:

New York 2013 2014 Waterfowl Hunting Seasons and Regulations brochure is available on the DEC website and from most license issuing agents and DEC regional offices.

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Canada Goose Cheap Constable Parka Australia

Canada Goose Cheap Constable Parka Australia

A great spot for birds

Canada Goose Cheap Constable Parka Australia

Real life tale of murder in Cork sets the scene in Murder at Shandy Hall Ask Audrey has been sorting out Cork people for yearsHow much screen time is too much for children?Dead Along the Way: Wedding bells and murder trails in comedy crime caperThe Shape I'm In: Ashling ThompsonParents keeping it silent on the sideline is better for kids on the sports fieldHe says he's attracted to me but he keeps losing his erectionA mistress dispeller can help deal with a cheating husbandJamie Dornan pleased to spread the word about Irish bravery in The Siege of JadotvilleThe top 10ski destinations to visit this winter

Given Ireland location in the North Atlantic, it is an important winter location for migratory birds, Canada Goose Cheap Constable Parka Australia some of which travel huge distances and face daunting challenges as they fly from their breeding areas to wintering grounds here.

Canada Goose Cheap Constable Parka Australia

By now, summer visitors like swallows and the few remaining corncrakes have probably left for Africa and warmer climes, while geese, swans and wading birds are moving in their hundreds of thousands from colder Arctic regions in advance of winter.

NEWSAll New Renault Mgane Launches in Ireland Pricing from 155 per monthAll New Renault Mgane Launches in Ireland Pricing from 155 per monthBUSINESSQataris keep the faith with Deutsche BankJim Power: Budget must reflect caution and conservatism, not populist heroicsSPORTOld Castletown looks well in ahead of Fairyhouse runScary, if we don't feel we can dominate GeorgiaLIFESTYLEMajella O'Donnell on life after breast cancerLocal heroes: Celebrating style ahead ofCork Fashion Week

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It is a time of year when we pay extra close attention to the road, to avoid the tragedy of running them over. Imagine the horror! My wife covers her eyes and cringes when a gopher or squirrel darts out in front of our car and it just about makes her sick if we feel and hear that tell tale thump She looks at me like I the devil when I don slam on the brakes or swerve. Imagine her reaction if any of those cute, fuzzy little ducklings ended up under one of our tires!

Emma is in trial this week, hoping that a jury will not convict her of two counts of criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing the deaths of a father, Roy, and his 16 year old daughter, Jessie.

Jessie was on the back of Roy motorcycle. They were following a car in the fast lane, when the car they were following swerved at the last minute to avoid smashing into the back of Emma stopped car. Roy and Jessie didn have a chance.

Paul became a weekly newspaper columnist in January of 2007, when his first column entitled not about screwing the Insurance Company was published.

But no, our sprawling communities have taken up more and more duck habitat. During springtime, those cute little creatures can find themselves in very serious danger, particularly when their waddling path takes them across a street or a highway.

In 2007, Paul opened Hergott Law, a boutique personal injury law firm in the Central Interior, serving personal injury clients from all over British Columbia. Paul practice is restricted to acting only for the injured victim, never for ICBC or for other insurance companies.

Achieving Justice

This is, of course, in sharp contrast to an adult goose with a fully functional food processing system that chooses to hang out at a place where my children like to run around bare foot. I done a little research on the goose thing. It illegal to even think about causing harm to a Canada Goose. Okay, that a slight exaggeration and one that if true would have me behind bars for a very long time.

They not the most spatially aware creatures. They won immediately disperse if you get close with your vehicle. You have to sit there and wait for them to finish their casual Men Canada Goose Expedition Blue Australia waddling across the road before continuing on. At least with your vehicle sitting there a less concerned motorist won come along and mow them down.

Men Canada Goose Expedition Blue Australia

Sometimes they waddle their cuteness into harm way. Its our fault, of course. If we would have left their ponds alone the ducks could safely waddle their way through their uncluttered little duck lives.

I found two British Columbia court judgments that are on point. Chief Justice Wilson in a case decided in 1969 had this to say: desire to save an animal life is natural and admirable but, of course, it cannot excuse all acts done in pursuance of it. If the choice is between an animal and human safety then, I should think, there is no real choice and the animal must suffer. a later decision of our Court of Appeal, the highest court in this province, a three justice panel approved the following statement of Justice Hinds: he did not want to hurt the dog was both decent and understandable but, as a matter of law, he did not owe a duty to the dog he owed a duty to his passengers. In the circumstances, his instinctive reaction of veering off the roadway to avoid striking the dog was negligent. Of the various areas of litigation, he became most drawn to, and passionate about, pursuing fair compensation for injured victims. This gradually became his exclusive area of practice.

These would have been Emma thoughts on a nice, relaxed Sunday in the Summer, 2010. Emma, a young driver, stopped her vehicle on Highway 30, south of Montreal, to tend to a family of ducks.

Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Australia Sale

With that in mind, here's a roundup of October to date at some key destinations though far from all across the region.

"Across the board, pretty much everyone is saying it's about as good as it's been in at least the last couple of years," Olson said. "All in all, I'm hearing great things."

A look at October hunting and fishing reports across the region

Waterfowl enthusiasts likely would agree, although the real diehards might prefer those blustery November days when the "northern flight" mallards roll in from Canada, and spending time in a duck or goose blind isn't for the faint of heart.

For those of us who don't hang up the fishing rods when fall arrives, October also is prime fishing time. Whether the destination is Devils Lake, the Canadian side of the Red River or the Winnipeg River near Pine Falls, Man. both Lake Winnipeg tributaries October is the best time of year for putting big walleyes in the boat.

"I would imagine young birds are making up most of the harvest, which would indicate good production."

Kohn said survey returns indicate hunters are having to spend more time afield for limits in the southeast and northwest corners of the state, while hunters in central counties such as Oliver, Mercer and McLean are doing "pretty darn good."

"It certainly looks like the southwest is the strong place right now," Kohn said. "Folks are doing quite well in most of the counties from McKenzie all the way through that Mott area.

Stan Kohn, upland game management supervisor for the Game and Fish Department in Bismarck, said early returns from survey cards sent to a sample of about 1,000 upland bird hunters confirm high success in the state's prime pheasant country of southwest North Dakota.

It's a month that seems to take forever to arrive, yet it passes in the blink of an eye.

Pheasants Forever's annual "Rooster Road Trip," in which members of the conservation group's media department travel to public hunting lands across pheasant range, wrapped up Friday, Olson said. This year's road trip brought the crew to Montana from Monday through Wednesday and North Dakota on Thursday and Friday.

The reasons for this anticipation and October's speedy departure are as numerous as they are obvious. Upland game seasons are in full swing, for one thing. Whether it's chasing pheasants on the prairies of North Dakota or walking a secluded woodland trail in northern Minnesota for ruffed grouse, October is prime time.

"It seems folks are finding some decent pockets of partridge, at least through the western two thirds of the state," Kohn said. "That's kind of nice, and a lot of hunters really enjoy that."

Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Australia Sale

Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Australia Sale

The survey results also show favorable hunter success for sharp tailed grouse and Hungarian partridge, Kohn Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Australia Sale said.

sportsHeadlinesFriday local scoreboard win for Bemidji State in season openerUND HOCKEY: Fighting Hawks hammer Canisius in season openerCOLLEGE HOCKEY: Bulldogs, UMass Lowell skate to tieSUGAR BEET CLASSIC: Big plays, big winaccentHeadlinesUND Band and Wind Ensemble in the FritzQuilters unite Oct. wetlandsOUTDOORS CALENDARopinionHeadlinesPort: We need a "None of the above" option on our ballotsOUR OPINION: Kudos to UND for photo findingsVIEWPOINT: Tobacco tax hike proposals ignore economic realityLETTER: North Dakota protest response shows Cavalry mentality LETTER: Let medical marijuana work in North DakotaOctober is a fleeting month, arguably the most anticipated 31 days of the year for both hunters and anglers.

Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Australia Sale

Buy Men Canada Goose Expedition Black Australia

A little dairy with a big idea How success came to Wawa

Russo was general manager of the Aston Township store, the second Wawa, 35 years ago, and one day he brought in a 30 cup percolator to make coffee for the staff. A customer noticed.

The Wawa stores instantly gained a huge marketing advantage because convenience stores were exempt from the old Pennsylvania "blue laws," which prevented most businesses from operating on Sunday. "That was an important niche that convenience stores filled," said Howard Stoeckel, chief executive officer.

The stores kept the name Wawa defined as "wild goose" in the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow epic The Song of Hiawatha adopting the name for the section of Middletown Township that is the original farm's venue.

Rich George noticed the brand new Wawa store, not far from his house, and wondered what the milkmen were doing selling groceries.

He has more than made amends. The burly, bearded Garrison, a mechanic on disability, figures he buys eight to 10 cups of Wawa coffee a day.

Snyder said it was a good move because customers viewed it as a time saver. "If you can combine the activities, that's one less errand you can do," she said. "It's not about how far. It's how long will it take me to do it."

Yes, he recalls the milkmen fondly, acknowledging that he and his friends used to follow them on their rounds and pilfer some of their doorstep leavings.

Once Wawa got into convenience stores, the growth was rapid. By 1972, it had 100 of them, catering to what it called "people on the go."

Today it is a major player in the gas market. Wawa has about 200 sites with service stations, and all new Wawas will sell gas, Stoeckel said. The company has its own storage facility in the Port of Wilmington, he said.

"They were seeing the opportunities to locate in a place that was convenient for a new mode of life," said Susan Nigra Snyder, an architect and a University of Pennsylvania lecturer.

As Main Streets yielded ever more ground to the cul de sacs, "courts," and terraces of suburbia, George and other experts say, Wawa read the trend right, trading on its dairy image and relying on tough, aggressive business savvy.

In 1964, the inelegant terms Wawa and grocery might have been incongruous.

But George, a professor of food marketing at St. Joseph's University and Wawa recidivist, now realizes he was witnessing the birth of a phenomenon, part of a burgeoning cultural shift that would redefine towns and change how people shop and eat.

Grahame Wood, a member of the founding Wawa family, lived nearby and used to stop in the store on his way to the airport. One day, he remarked on the percolator.

Not all Wawa ventures have been successful. Partnerships with Taco Bell and Pizza Hut fizzled, but Wawa redefined its food business in the late 1970s by becoming a dominant force in the lunch and sandwich market.

"Vic," he said, "you're drinking a lot of coffee." Russo 'fessed up. "I put all the money in the register," Russo still insists. Headquarters liked his idea, and Wawas began selling coffee in 1975.

That was 45 years ago, when Wawa meant uniformed men delivering glass bottles of milk, a delta of cream on top; when the subtle clinking of glass outside front doors and vestibules might be the first clue that daylight was spreading across the sky.

"One gentleman asked if I would sell him a cup," Russo said. "I put the money in the cash register."

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And it all started humbly in Folsom.

It was Wood's idea to open convenience stores. Home milk delivery was reaching a dead end because of competition from supermarkets and other factors, and customers were becoming more mobile as people moved out of the old urban centers.

It also kept the goose logo, which dates from a time when a Canada goose was a welcome site. (It has been that long.)

Today, Wawa celebrates the 45th anniversary of the opening of its first food market, in the Folsom section of Ridley Township the one George noticed.

Coffee might be the chain's signature product, but it took more than a decade for Wawa to get into it, and it happened more or less serendipitously, said Vic Russo, a regional manager.

From a modest Delaware County milk delivery business, Wawa has become the region's third largest food merchant, Buy Men Canada Goose Expedition Black Australia behind Acme and ShopRite, according to Food Trade News. It employs 16,000 people and sells 195 million cups of coffee a year at its 570 stores in five states, and is among the top 10 coffee sellers in the country. Its revenue was about $1.6 billion last year, not counting the gas it pumped, which constitutes about 1 percent of the nation's total.

"What they do particularly well is that they are very customer focused," George said. "People are time starved."

"I was here before it opened," said Dan Garrison, 56, one of the customers who comes back daily to renew counter width relationships and buy coffee. "I played in the foundation."

In the early days, Wawa stores carried convenience store staples no prepared foods or coffee. It also had butcher counters, which it eventually abandoned.

The company traces its beginnings to a 19th century New Jersey iron foundry owned by Wood's grandfather George Wood, who moved to Wawa and took up dairy farming, which led to the home delivery business.

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Idaho Mojito

I never really thought much about Idaho and the vodkas produced in this great state until Michelle Ann Anderson sent her Idaho Mojito made with Blue Ice Vodka. I didn have that brand, but had some of Koenig Famous Idaho Potato Vodka made right here in Canyon County in my cabinet. And I used blueberries instead of huckleberries. Here her recipe

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After I sat down to enjoy my drink, I surfed the Web for more about Idaho distilled spirits.

According to the Blue Ice Web site, the vodka is made from Russet Burbank potatoes at Silver Creek Distillery in Rigby, Idaho. It was developed in 2001.

If you choose what to buy, based on how the bottle looks, Blue Ice will win hands down. I haven had a chance to compare the taste to the others but my choice goes to the local operation.

Koenig Distillery and Winery is in the Sunnyslope area south of Caldwell in our own little wine country. Andy and Greg Koenig make wines and brandy, using their orchard and vineyard. In 2006, the Koenigs added new distilling equipment to produce vodka from Idaho world famous potatoes. Koenig Distillery and Winery 20928 Grape Lane Caldwell, ID 83607 ph: 208 455 8386 fax: 208 455 8038. Be sure to click on recipes. Canada Goose Chilliwack Australia Sale There are plenty to try.

There are plenty of interesting concoctions with names like Doc Holliday, How Many Licks, Huck Cuke Caipirosk Don ask me where they got those names, but it makes a person a little curious. And the 44? The distillery falls on the 44th Parallel. It is also the latitude at which potatoes grow best. If your requirements are not whacking big and you can reconcile fix on them along pay day loans no credit check discrete consumer may from to tolerate if he or she extends the special period.

Ice cubesAdd the huckleberries, lime wedges and fresh mint leaves to a glass pitcher. Muddle with a wooden spoon so the huckleberries are broken and the mint and lime release their juices and flavor. Fill pitcher 3/4 full of ice. Add the vodka and enough ginger ale to fill the pitcher. Stir. Garnish with huckleberries and mint.

a blog from the community

blueberries are a fine substitute

At a Market Limone class Tuesday night, Chef Robert Jensen prepared a yummy white chocolate fondue and added some of Koenig Cherry Brandy. I post more about that experience next week.

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Then there the 44 North Flavored Vodkas made with potatoes at 44 North Distillery, Rigby, Idaho. Mountain Huckleberry Vodka, Magic Valley Wheat, Rainier Cherry are the three flavors made in Rigby.