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Mr. Oliver said last weekend that decoy auctions continue to attract large Canada Goose Buy Ontario Parka Australia numbers of bidders, but the prices do not compare with those of July 1986. ''It has been really difficult since that sale to find great things,'' he said. ''All the outrageous decoys, including the great Crowells, came to the market and are gone.''

According to Mr. Parker, there are only a half dozen collectors who can spend $50,000 or more for a decoy. ''The major collections were broken up in 1986,'' he said. ''Now one or two of the major buyers are no longer active.''

Most of the known varieties of 19th and 20th century functional and decorative decoys from Massachusetts are included in this show, which was organized by Rob Moir, the museum's curator of natural history, and Jackson Parker, its honorary curator of waterfowl decoys. More than half of the items selected are from the Peabody's collection. The rest, including all the decorative decoys and miniatures, are on loan from Boston's Museum of Fine Arts and from collectors. In addition, mounted examples of the actual birds the decoy artisans depicted are shown in environmental displays.

Decoy enthusiasts today include folk art collectors, hunters and carving buffs. Some concentrate on carvings from one or two major makers or on certain geographical regions. Others prefer, with these esthetically accessible collectibles, to acquire whatever appeals. More than a few collectors admire only the decorative decoys, which include the miniatures, carved and painted to stand on a shelf. The Massachusetts decoys on view postdate those made of bulrushes, feathers and skins by Indian craftsmen. The 19th and 20th century decoys shown represent the craft in full flower and include some superbly wrought specimens. Birds of all types are depicted in various activities preening, sleeping, feeding, listening and swimming. There are mergansers, mallards and oldsquaws; Canada geese, and yellowlegs, golden plovers and dowitchers.

The most memorable carved and painted ducks, geese and shorebirds exhibited in ''Tollers and Tattlers: Massachusetts Waterfowl Decoys 1840 1940,'' at the Peabody Museum here, are rarely the prettiest or most realistic renderings. Of the 193 decoys shown, the most compelling are the working varieties made for hunters, to pull birds from the sky. The show, the museum's largest on this subject in its 190 year history, is to remain for three years.

''Most decoys are difficult to date,'' Mr. Parker said, when asked why none of the birds in the show is dated. Even the work of master carvers like Anthony Elmer Crowell presents problems. ''We know Crowells were done with the oval stamp from 1915 on,'' Mr. Parker said. ''Although one or two may have his initials before that date, most were virtually unmarked. In the 1920's the oval stamp disappeared and was replaced by a rectangular mark, the size of a large postage stamp.'' Joseph Lincoln's decoys are even harder to date, since he never used marks or stamps, Mr. Parker said.

Some of the simplest carvings convey the essence of birds better than the more elaborately detailed depictions. The boniness of a dignified dowitcher is captured in the smooth modeling of its small skull. The shapeliness of the neck of a Canada goose is seen in the way it arches, with the bird's head turned around and resting on its back in sleep. Mergansers always seem more attentive than other ducks, especially when the carver exaggerates the angled back of the head. The stilettolike bill of a yellowlegs is rendered best on one bent over and feeding. The long neck of a Canada goose is made longer still by a splash of white paint over the jaw.

A Century's Worth Of Decoys Alight At the Peabody

Then, on May 2 of that year in an auction at Richard A. Bourne Company in Hyannis, Mass., a Lincoln drake carved in about 1920 fetched $205,000. Finally, on July 5, two birds by Crowell brought extraordinary prices in a sale at the Richard W. Oliver Auction Gallery in Kennebunk, Me. A Canada goose, its wings low and spread wide, was sold for $165,000, and a preening pintail drake, carved in about 1915, was sold for $319,000.

Even so, Mr. Oliver said, collectors still pursue decoys, because the less expensive ones are steadily increasing in value. ''They can turn around and sell what they buy two or three years later and make a profit,'' he said. ''While major collectors continue to seek Crowell and Lincoln decoys, others have expanded their focus to include decoys from other regions.'' A crook necked 19th century Canada goose by the Virginia carver Nathan Cobb Jr. was sold at an Oliver auction in July for $99,000, the highest price ever paid for a Virginia decoy. ''Maryland birds, which used to bring $150 and $200,'' Mr. Oliver said, ''now sell for $2,600 and $3,000.''

Some of the highest prices for decoys were paid in 1986, when auction fever raged over a three month period. On April 16, 1986, the decoy record of $50,000 was eclipsed with the sale for $70,000 of a 1920's sleeping black duck in an auction at the William Doyle Galleries in New York. That record fell on April 24, when a hissing goose, carved in about 1920 by Lincoln, brought $90,200 in an auction at the National Antique Decoy Show in St. Charles, Ill.

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dry, dry, are the words on the lips of ranchers and farmers. Department of Agriculture. brother small child said, had no snow this winter. I can remember a time when we haven had snow on our farm. It pretty pathetic.

Nolan Doesken, climatologist for the state of Colorado, said the eastern part of Colorado has been dealing with dry conditions for a decade, with 2002 the worst.

The water in the Pacific Ocean is colder than average, and that affects the pattern of the jet stream, he explained.

Trees and shrubs: Watch soil moisture, especially if they still getting established. Check the moisture 3 or 4 inches down into the soil. If it dry, give it a slow, gentle soaking. Remember to disconnect the hose at night so pipes don freeze.

a makes presence felt

Crocuses may be bursting into bloom all over the Front Range, but not all the flora is happy about an early warm up.

January Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Black Melbourne tied as the 10th driest on record in Denver, with only 4.9 inches of snow, the city said; an all time record high temperature for the date was set Jan. 21 with 71 degrees.

flirt with drought (every year), and even an average year is barely enough to do what we are trying to do in terms of agricultural activities in the semi arid high plains, he said.

The warm, dry conditions prompted Denver to give up for the year on its free snow park, Ruby Hill.

is a tendency for eastern Colorado to be on the dry side and a little bit on the warm side, he said of La Ni years. I look at Denver over the past year, it has definitely been dry. So, this is a fairly long standing situation of dryness that we are looking at.

And don let those snowcapped mountains and reports of above normal snowpack fool you. Since December, the amount of snow in the mountains has been minimal, and the snowpack is declining.

He said the drought came creeping back in earnest in early 2008 and that by the end of July, most of eastern Colorado was in the depths of drought.

hard to complain about all this beautiful weather, except when you are hoping for cold and snow, said Kevin Patterson, manager of Denver Parks and Recreation, in a release announcing the Ruby Hill closure.

Denver Botanic Gardens horticulture director Sarada Krishnan has these tips:

calling for warm and dry conditions for the spring period, said Mike Gillespie, snow survey supervisor for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. doesn bode very well, given that right now, we are on the decline, a little above average, but we basically lost most of our surplus over the past several months. And we continue to do that.

He warned: April, we will be below average in snowpack and runoff.

Get used to the weather outlook. The National Weather Service has just issued its three month forecast for Colorado: warmer and drier conditions than normal over most of the state.

The dry forecast worrying farmers also concerns those who watch snowpack levels.

Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Black Melbourne

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Fast food items such as fish and chips, chicken burgers and clubhouse sandwiches are available in the 19th Hole Lounge on the main floor, as well as the Viking Dining Room, Osman Rundle says.

"Amenities include an indoor pool, wading pool, hot tub and a newly renovated sauna. There is an indoor gymnasium, a miniature golf course, tennis courts, rental bikes, groomed nature/hiking trails and a magnificent beach where campfires burn into the night.

HECLA ISLAND Every spring, a gander and his mate build a nest on an island in the pond in front of the Gull Harbour Resort and Conference Centre.

Tamara Osman Rundle, conference director and administrative assistant, says the resort recently hired a new chef for the Viking Dining Room.

Lanthier says the hotel's guest rooms (including 10 major suites and three junior), as well as conference and banquet rooms, are designed to accommodate everything from a small meeting to a large conference or a big wedding.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Brown Australia

"Once the nest is empty, we can set up the bridges that connect the island to the shore of the pond," says Jordon Lanthier, Sales and Marketing Manager for the Gull Harbour Resort, 177 kilometres north of Winnipeg on Hwy. 8.

Lange was a member of the 1992 Canadian National Culinary Student Team, and has won many gold and silver medals in hors d'oeuvres and restaurant platter categories, she adds. salmon, shrimp and bison. Nightly specials may include Thai chicken and Thai pork tenderloin.

A resort for nature lovers

Monir Nasif, the resort's CEO and General Manager, says Icelandic architecture inspired the design of the building.

"It's based on the northern Icelandic farmhouse style in which each room has its own peaked roof. The individual rooms which overlook the farmyard are joined together by passageways," Nasif says.

Moose, deer, mink, coyotes, wolves, raccoons, beaver, geese, ducks and foxes are just a few of the species that are regularly sighted.

He says employees at Gull Harbour have a great deal of respect for the wildlife that live in the 38,900 acre Hecla Provincial Park.

Lanthier says the resort has many amenities, most included in the cost of a room, from $99 to $119 double occupancy, plus taxes, with kids under 18 free if they stay in the same room.

Nasif says in co operation with the provincial Parks Department, the resort arranges daily activities for kids and adults alike.

He says the Gull Harbour Resort is comprised of a series of two storey gable roofed buildings, connected by a hallway that runs from one end of the semi circular resort to the other.

Main floor rooms have sliding glass Cheap Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Brown Australia doors leading to outdoor patios, while second floor rooms have balconies from which the lake and acres of rolling property are visible.

"The foxes are always trying to steal eggs from the geese," Lanthier says. "It's fun to watch them sneak up on a nest only to be rebuffed by big ganders, hissing and flapping their wings."

"Harold Lange was trained at Red River College. He has worked in Jamaica, was an apprentice to Chef Czayka at the Carleton Club in Winnipeg, and recently returned to Manitoba from Banff where he cooked for a large hotel," Osman Rundle says.

"The marina rents kayaks and small motor boats; lake tours can be arranged by contacting the marina owner who has boats to accommodate 15 or 20 people at a time," Lanthier says.

In keeping with the resort's Icelandic theme, the rooms have names such as Sunnuhvolt (sunny knoll), Bakki (land on the lakeshore), Lindur (grove) and Thingbellir (assembly field).

In winter, he says the hiking trails are groomed for cross country skiing and snowmobiling; skis can be rented from the resort for a small fee. A toboggan hill with a 200 metre run is a short walk from the hotel and, during Christmas and New Year's, a local farmer provides hay rides on a sled pulled by two powerful percherons.

The resort is built in a crescent shape with the main dining room and many of the 93 guest rooms overlooking Lake Winnipeg. Just offshore is Black Island, a source of pure white silica sand used on beaches in Hawaii and in sand traps on many PGA golf courses.

After several days of collecting grass and cattail stems, the completed nest is lined with down by the female. She then lays four to seven eggs, which take about a month to hatch.

The east facing wall of the main dining room on the second floor is mostly plate glass, giving diners a panoramic view of the lake, grounds and antics of wild animals on occasion a moose will stride majestically across the manicured lawns.

"The audience cracked up," Lanthier says.

On another occasion, he says a giant Canada Goose walked into a conference room in the middle of a speech by the CEO of a large Canadian financial institution.

The entire island is a birders' paradise and boasts 91 species, including the American bald eagle, white pelican, sandhill crane, great blue heron, yellow warbler and eastern kingbird.

The goslings are taken for their first swim a day after they are born. In a few weeks, the nest is abandoned and the new family joins the other geese that roam the resort's lush grounds until the fall migration.

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Living on Pelican Lake

On a recent July day, as Furtman fished for largemouth bass on Pelican Lake near Orr, he talked about his life in the outdoors and the television shows that make him a household name among Northland anglers and hunters. They camped and fished from Lake Superior to Lake Winnibigoshish to the Gunflint Trail. Furtman learned to shoot at an early age. In scratchy 16 millimeter film shot by his dad, Butch holds stringers of lake trout and northern pike and practices with a single shot shotgun. In one scene, he comes walking toward the camera with his shotgun and a pack, from which he pulls four ruffed grouse. "He takes it to a level beyond most folks. It's native to him. Yes, there's a lot of learning and practice, but there's something about it to where he's in tune with the environment around him. There's a level that is deeper than the conscious mind. Some people have it and some don't. Butch has it."Francisco remembers joining Furtman on a fishing trip to a large lake in Canada. Furtman had never fished there before."I said, 'Where do you think we're going to fish?' " Francisco asked Furtman. "He said, 'Over there.' I said, 'Why?' He said, 'Because that's where the fish are.' He has this uncanny sense to look at the topography above the water and know what's under the water."

It has been a good time, Furtman said. And hard work."As far as the television shows, people don't realize how much work it is," he said. "The biggest challenge is all the preparation and logistics, the planning and travel time, keeping the boat clean. And weather is a big deal, too. You can spend five days in North Dakota with the wind blowing, or go to Canada for ice fishing and have it be 30 or 40 below with the wind blowing."Mergers and acquisitions in the fishing industry have made securing sponsorships more difficult, Furtman said. And the proliferation of outdoor television shows has created more competition for sponsorship dollars. Still, he has managed to maintain solid partnerships with Rapala, Northland Fishing Tackle, Alumacraft boats, Honda outboards and others."We've always been Butch Furtman fans," said Northland's Peterson. "We feel he's provided us with a good bang for the buck. He's very loyal. He won't jump ship for a few bucks."He's deserving of the Hall of Fame recognition he's received, Peterson said."He's Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Spirit Melbourne devoted his life to the outdoors and to promoting fishing and hunting," he said. "He's done it for the love of the sport."Dale Kilby Sr. of Rice Lake Township has been Furtman's videographer full time since 2007. Working with Furtman has been a joy, he said."It's always a relaxed atmosphere," Kilby said. "Him and I just click in the boat. Everything goes smooth. There's lots of time to chat. How to rig a worm or hook a minnow. How to fish a particular lure. Furtman always has time to teach others, he said."We were up at Orr, at the restaurant," Kilby said. "A couple of young boys approached him. He went on and on answering their questions, letting his meal go. He was more than willing to give them all the information he had. He's a teacher, that's for sure."On Pelican Lake a week ago, Furtman pulled a half dozen largemouth bass from the weeds, the largest two of them 19 inchers, plump 4 pounders. It was an easy day for Furtman no cameras rolling, no pressure to put a show together. He was fishing not far from his new log home on the lake."My nearest neighbors are timber wolves," he said. "There's a pack of five around here."Although still going strong, Furtman hinted that he may be nearing the end of his career in television."I'm getting toward that last cast," Furtman said. "Maybe next year or the year after. It's been a good run. If I had another life to lead, I'd never change a thing."

Early years

Part of what makes Furtman so good in the outdoors is that he is tireless and determined to be successful. He is driven to catch fish and take game, even when he's in the field to do a show."I don't think he's preoccupied with the show as much as he wants to make sure he hits what he shoots at," said WDIO's Couture. "It's important to him."Couture remembers a goose hunt with Furtman in Saskatchewan."He shot a Canada goose that fell into a pond," Couture said. "An otter went after it, and Butch got into a tug of war with the otter. Anybody else would have said, 'Give the otter a meal.' "Michael Furtman told of a time when Butch and their dad were hunting at a deer camp near Cook one November. It had been a tough year. The season was ending, and the eight hunters had taken just one deer. Things looked bleak."Butch went deep into a cedar swamp," Michael said. "There had been an early, heavy snowfall. He was still hunting (moving slowly and pausing often). In one day, he ended up filling all but one tag for the entire party."For all of that intensity, Furtman is easy to be around, say those close to him."Butch is fun loving when you're out with him," said Northland Fishing Tackle's Peterson. "He likes to talk, especially after hours or getting ready for the hunt. He's a really enjoyable person to have in camp."

After growing up in Duluth, where he earned a name for himself as an excellent steelhead fisherman, Furtman attended the University of Minnesota Duluth, working summers as a guide at Tuscarora Lodge on the Gunflint Trail. They came to pick up tips from veterans like Jim and Elsie, Furtman and other local anglers."People came from all over the Midwest," Furtman said. "And, of course, steelheaders came from all over the area."It was during his time at Jim's that WDIO first asked him to do tips on a local outdoor show. After earlier hosts Wally Pease and Joe Schillinger moved on, Butch took over. For years, he did 52 shows a year at WDIO. More recently, he has cut back to 26 and now 13 shows a year. Throughout his career, Furtman has fished with everyone from hometown friends to leaders of the fishing industry. He has traveled widely across Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas and Canada producing his shows. Fishing with Weber in Quebec, he once caught a 25 pound Atlantic salmon on a dry fly.

Determination to succeed

A natural in the outdoors

Not always easy

Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Spirit Melbourne

businessHeadlinesLake Country Power may raise ratesBankruptcy court approves settlement that will end Magnetation operationsWhole Foods Co op names new GMPipeline now 87 percent complete in North DakotaPita Pit coming to downtown DuluthsportsHeadlinesBulldog Hockey Blog Postgame: Bulldogs Tie River Hawks In What Can Only Be Described As A Dumpster FireScoreboardUMD stonewalls Mankato in women hockeyPrep summaries College men's hockey: Deery debuts in goal, backstops Bulldogs to "interesting" tie at UMass LowellfeaturesHeadlinesAttics can make for affordable expansion spaceColorful 'happy house' inspired by movie 'Up'Theater review: 'Ball' an evening of laughter, learning Prince fans get a glimpse behind the curtain at Paisley ParkPick pears early, let them fully ripen off the treeobituariesHeadlinesHeidi Lee KnutsenRose L. (Kochaver) MaynardLindsay Marie VoltzThomas J. BaudekMichael D. 3, 2016Lakewood Township teen squeezes in goose hunting before schoolCrews hope to have Duluth ski trails cleared before wintercommunityHeadlinesHoroscopes for Oct. 8Ask a Trooper: Funeral procession protocol Horoscopes for Oct. 7Horoscopes for Oct. 6Pets of the week for Oct. 4, 2016ON PELICAN LAKE, NEAR ORR Butch Furtman was just 5 years old when his dad plopped him on the Two Island River on Minnesota's North Shore. He had a fishing rod and some worms. Then his dad took off up the river."I remember him putting me on a rock and telling me, 'Don't move,' " Furtman said. "I didn't think my dad was ever coming back. He was probably only gone for an hour. But I still remember those brook trout biting."The experience is telling for a couple of reasons. It speaks to Furtman's tenacity for fishing that he never budged from the rock. For his contributions to the sport of fishing, Furtman, 71, has received recognition at the highest levels. This past spring, he was inducted into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame based in Hayward. "There's not a lot of hype to it. He's an honest and straightforward guy. You couldn't invent that character."On camera, Furtman is unassuming, direct and down to Earth. His shows are unlike many in today's fast paced, highly produced outdoor TV genre."Butch is a real outdoorsman. He's a doer instead of a talker," said John Peterson, founder of Northland Fishing Tackle in Bemidji and one of Furtman's longtime sponsors. "He comes across as a regular guy that a lot of people can relate to."

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"I've been able to function better physically. I'm able to get up, get going. There was a time period where I spent a lot of time on the couch, in the bed with migraines. (Now,) I'm physically and mentally stronger. It's really helped me turn around from (the mindset of) I'm injured, I can't do anything. It made a positive out of a negative. That's a big step for someone who wants to keep a positive."

Canada Goose Cheap Citadel Parka Australia

Canada Goose Cheap Citadel Parka Australia

A collection of opinions

"The 21,498 acre refuge is probably best known for its reputation as a haven for waterfowl and the abundance of birds that stop there on their way south each fall. Hundreds of hunters head for Brown County and the refuge in search of snow or Canada geese or ducks. One of the high spots of any waterfowl hunter's trip to the refuge is bagging a giant Canada goose.

"Sand Lake is much more than a place to hunt each fall . it is a shining example of the beauty and diversity found in the Prairie Pothole Region of northeastern South Dakota."

"Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge in the Columbia Hecla Houghton area is getting national and international attention. The refuge was recently designated as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention; an honor and designation that is well deserved. The closest wetlands to achieve such a designation are found in Wisconsin and Kansas.

All this recent nice weather and talk of incoming geese has taken us back to our editorial on Sept. 11, 1998:

Aberdeen, an Army veteran who is legally blind and recently competed in the Army Trials 2016

Artistic and managing director of Aberdeen Community Theatre, on the recent resignation of three staff members

"I can sell you a lamb chop or I can sell you anything in between, all the way up to a sweater."

Canada Goose Cheap Citadel Parka Australia

"It's really hard. It's probably Canada Goose Cheap Citadel Parka Australia because they always become family. You see these people every day. That's literal. I can tell you unequivocally that I have seen more of my staff than anyone I have ever lived with. It's always tough to lose family."

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Stat was a magician at escaping her dog coop. She wouldn't run off, though. I'd find her sitting just outside the door, pleading to join the rest of the family. Some friends were puppy sitting Dezzie the other day and panicked when they discovered she'd broken out of their fenced yard. They found Dezzie just down the street, sitting on our porch and hoping a familiar face would open the door.

Well, she did. Stat gave birth to a crowd of 14, requiring bottle feeding and weeks of hands on attention. Her kids could scent a pheasant feather in a haystack, retrieve most every downed bird and didn't take it to heart if a shooter was having a very bad day.

Dezzie arrived just the other day, a bundle of fur with a liver and ticked coat and surprisingly long legs and large paws. Coming in the door, the pup's nose was immediately in the air, sorting a strange batch of scents in her new home. She was ready for mischief. After all, she was a spanking new puppy, teething to beat the band and hungry from dawn to dusk.

Dezzie, a German wirehaired pointer puppy, takes a break in the field to chew on a woody stalk, soothing a mouth filled with needle sharp baby teeth. D'Arcy Egan, The Plain Dealer

At the tender age of four months, Dezzie isn't a duplicate of Stat. My wife, Laura, found Dezzie at the Vom Hutbach Kennel in Troy, Ohio., whose dogs have a strong German background and are labeled as Verein Deutsch Drahthaar or "True German Wirehair." Dezzie is a bolder pup with a more versatile coat soft fur underneath for warmth and a wiry outer coat to ward off briar and bramble and webbed feet for swimming. Dezzie isn't shy about terrorizing Bluebelle or Gabby, the house cat, trying to finagle a dog treat or fit into every lap. She bosses around her big sister, who weighs three times as much.

A great deal of training and field time are a must if a pup is to learn to mind its manners and follow commands. Impatience isn't an option, perhaps a reason why this old time dog trainer seems to be much better at handling a pup these days. I'm not yelling as much, or so quick to sternly chastise a little girl for making a correctable mistake.

Dezzie romps in the field, stretching her long legs as she searches for tantalizing scents. D'Arcy Egan, The Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, Ohio A new bird dog pup can make you feel young, and a little old, all at the same time.

It had been a long time since a hunting pup roamed the house. Bluebelle, the black Labrador retriever, sports a grey muzzle. She'll be nine years old this summer, but still is energetic in retrieving a jumbo Canada goose or swimming a quarter mile to corral a wounded duck. Pheasant and dove hunting are a hobby. Waterfowl hunting is old Blue's full time job, and she takes her retrieving chores quite seriously.

Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Black Outlet Australia

There had been something missing for a couple of decades, though. I started out in the bird dog game with pointers, an English setter bought as a pup and a well trained German shorthaired pointer shipped in by a brother who was moving out of the country. Paddy, the setter, taught me the basics of bird hunting. Sue, the shorthair, made me realize how smartly a well trained dog could perform in the field.

Puppies are cute, cuddly and often frustrating. They'll want to snuggle and lick your face, then eat expensive sunglasses or chew on favorite hunting boots. But Dezzie will soon be an adult. If I've done my job, I'll have the promise of a talented partner bred to hunt with the drive to find and point game birds and a desire to be a team player.

A German shorthaired pointer puppy, Dezzie uses her scenting ability to sort out her big new world, stopping on occasion to identify the critter her nose says is hiding under the next clump Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Black Outlet Australia of brush. D'Arcy Egan, The Plain Dealer

A young bird dog helps an old sportsman find new passion for the hunting game

This winter, I wanted a return to those days of following a pointer as the dog scoured pheasant and quail fields or cruised the grouse woods. A pointer who would also retrieve ducks and geese when waterfowl hunting seasons arrived. I'd owned my first German wirehaired pointer about a quarter century ago. Stat was a timid little girl with a talented nose, hunting smarts and a burning desire to please. She was a fuzzy faced wonder in these parts, where few bird hunters had seen the breed in action. A few friends wanted one of her pups if she ever had a litter.

Dezzie has been testing this old hunter's legs lately as she continues to pick up speed and expand her range in the training fields. Because of a young pup, I've finally been provoked into getting into shape long before the fall hunting seasons arrive. I don't want to disappoint my new hunting buddy.

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The Wisconsin wood duck estimate of 106,626 was 36% above the long term average.

Of the 10 species traditionally reported, nine were similar to or increased in number from 2011.

Biologists counted 48.6 million ducks this spring in North America, a record high, while Wisconsin had 521,079 breeding ducks, just below the 10 year average.

Mallards make up nearly 40% of the state duck harvest.

Buoyed by record high duck numbers in North America, Wisconsin and other states in the Mississippi Flyway have been offered a liberal 60 day season and a six duck daily bag limit for the 2012 waterfowl hunting season. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the season frameworks Friday.

Scaup (5.2 million) were up 21% from 2011 and 4% over the long term average but remain below the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) population goal.

60 day duck hunting season with a daily bag limit of six ducks

Since 1955, biologists have conducted annual surveys of breeding ducks and waterfowl habitat over more than 2 million square miles in the United States and Canada.

60 day, one bird bag on canvasback

The blue winged teal breeding population estimate of 105,791 was near the long term average. Fish and Wildlife Service.

"Much of the news this year is good," said Kent Van Horn, waterfowl ecologist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. "Although we saw average wetland conditions across Buy Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Hyachinth Australia most of North America at the time of breeding, waterfowl numbers remain high from last year."

The federal officials will allow Wisconsin:

The DNR will hold several more meetings and public hearings before the season. Anyone interested in ducks and geese is encouraged to attend.

In Wisconsin, the mallard population this spring was estimated at 196,950, a 5% increase from 2011 and 8% above the long term (39 year) average.

60 day, two bird bag on pintails

The 2012 continental duck estimate is 7% higher than 2011 and 43% higher than the long term average.

Extra seven days of Exterior Zone Canada goose hunting, for a total of 92 days.

At 10.6 million, mallards topped the count and exceeded 10 million for the first time since 1999. Blue winged teal (9.2 million) and northern shovelers (5 million) reached record highs.

Buy Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Hyachinth Australia

Abundance of ducks aids hunt

60 day, four bird bag on scaup

Early September Canada goose season from September 1 15

The Natural Resources Board will vote on and finalize the 2012 season structure at its Aug. 8 meeting in Germantown.

The 2012 breeding duck estimate represents only the sixth time the continental population has exceeded 40 million since 1955.

Two Canada goose hunting season periods in the Horicon zone: Sept. 16 to Oct. 28 and Oct. 29 to Dec. 16.

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The egg addling program involves shaking eggs or coating them with non toxic biodegradable food grade corn oil within 14 days of incubation to make them non viable. Humane Society supports this egg addling technique," said Hagmeier.

At this point, it is generally too late in the year to produce Women Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket Red Melbourne more eggs. Adults are not harmed and will continue their regular life cycle.

"The consequences have been a successfully growing population with few natural controls.

Women Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket Red Melbourne

"These geese are largely descendants of geese that were translocated here as part of an introduction program in the 1960 and '70s. Young geese and eggs were brought here from different areas in Canada to encourage the creation of an Okanagan goose population."

However, Hagmeier says these geese haven't migrated because they had no parents or natural triggers to guide them, while the valley's mild climate has allowed them to thrive.

The Okanagan Valley Goose Management Program is a partnership of various jurisdictions, including the City of Vernon, Regional District of Central Okanagan and the District of Lake Country.

Once addled, eggs are returned to the nest. Geese continue to incubate until they realize the eggs will not hatch.

Addling project aimed at reducing goose population

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Is It Leaky Gut or Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Consider that antibiotics are routinely used in animals, not to treat infections but to promote growth so the ultimate product would yield more profits. As much as 300 mg of antibiotics is used in production of every kilogram of meat and eggs. antibiotic resistant bacteria. By the way, small amounts of antibiotics can still be detected in the meat that is ready for you to buy and then eat!

Altered intestinal bacteria in person consuming host to a potential pathogenic pattern.

Altered intestinal milieu with disrupted micro ecology in the person consuming meat.

Benefits of meat raised without drug/antibiotic use

To be fair, rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria is much more due to use Women Canada Goose Dawson Parka Navy Outlet Australia of antibiotics by humans rather than the use in farm animals.

Wall Street Journal Best Seller Dr. M's Seven X Plan for Digestive HealthHow well do you know about the meat you consume everyday?

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A case for organic food

No wonder, there has been an exponential rise of antibiotic resistant organisms that have potential to cause disease. Beware, those who have suboptimal immune status and frequent infections!

A Consumer Report study found presence of the drug ractopamine that is again used to promote growth in animals.

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Studies suggest a bidirectional exchange of bacteria between animals and humans. An injudicious use of antibiotics in animals or humans is not just a public health problem but strikes home at people at greater risk.

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Wait, there's more!

No studies have examined a direct benefit, hence we have to go by circumstantial evidence, connect the dots and try to do what may be safer for at least the select populations

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Sat guray nameh.

Why here?

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Some personal history: It is very early in my ashram living experience, I had so far lived in a large airy room with six other men two African Americans, a psuedo hippy like myself, an insurance agent(!) and one certifiably schizophrenic older gentleman who was later to drift into homelessness, alcoholism and drug abuse. We got along well, supportive of each other's sadhana practice, accommodating personal habits unusual and familiar, and simply living a lifestyle together that was new and invigorating. Now, because of an impending marriage among two other ashram members, the "housing" situation was on its ear. As it all shook out I was assigned a lowly place in a dank but not exactly dirty basement area. I had never lived in such a "cave"! Yes I had lived in my car, a VW bus on a beach in California, that was a total luxury. I had stayed in tents at state parks (with others of my type) but never in a basement I saw it as an insult to what had been a middle class upbringing. I remember wandering around that basement figuring out my next move which wasn't going to be into that space!

Siree guru dayv ay nameh.

I just can't.

I needed some slack, some way out!

Aad guray nameh.

What would I do now?

All that is just to give you a few seconds in space and time to be late, because time you cannot change but you can be a little late 11 feet away. It's called the principle of 11 feet distance. If a person Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Brown Outlet Australia can be delayed in such a way, so that in space and time, they have 11 feet, the accident or incident can be avoided. But it cannot be avoided more than four times. You must remember that. So there are four chances to be delayed by 11 feet. YOGI BHAJAN

Siree guru dayv ay nameh.

It takes my soul, which has existed in some shape or form, throughout all time and it expresses my soul's humility before the existence of God in that truth or wisdom. It places me (as I am within the divine) with all that has existed, will exist and now exists, before that truth of God. It enables me to acknowledge. my belief as timeless and perfect. And even those manifestations of the truth that are hidden from me due to my ignorance, laziness and ego, I can acknowledge as true.

And it came! Of course the mantra persisted in its musicality, persisted in its inspiration (though I hardly knew its meaning) and finally persisted in breaking down my resistance to what ultimately became a very temporary move. I gave in, with what might have been a less than graceful expletive. I gave in finally I guess because the substance and vibration of a particular mantra won over a seemingly selfish desire for decorum and or comfort when in truth I was living in a state and a space that meant more to me than personal choice.

Who did I know?

This is too much.

Why me.

"Yes," you may say but what does all that mean in the real, toe stubbing, tear and fear inducing world. What does it mean and how does it apply to the exultation and inspiration we gain from it's repeated use both as a protective cover and even as a weapon?

Jugaad guraay nameh.

Where would I go?

Why here? Why me? Why now?

A Mantra for all of my times

I have been chanting this mantra for many years. It is one of the most beautiful mantras that I know. I know of none, by the way, that are not beautiful. It is just that I have found this one to be a refuge in personally difficult times and in celebratory times as well. It seems to answer in me a need to be within the bliss within the self and this mantra, for me, answers that need.

This wasn't exactly the temptation of Christ by Satan, of course not, but still .

Jugaad guraay nameh.

Aad guray nameh.