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A billionaire's guide to productivity

2. Allocate time to maximize impact. Forewarned is forearmed. Plan ahead how you will use your time after all, knowing your schedule is half the battle. Set your meetings in advance, ensure they are aligned with your priorities and consider whether the value you generated was worthwhile.

7. Measurement gets results. This is the last point I'll leave you with measure performance to make continuous improvements. Decide which metrics give you a clear indication of what matters most to your business. Use data from various sources to identify aspects that require improvement and quantify how they can be made. Monitor where you can improve and adjust accordingly to continue progressing and you're well on your way to a more productive way of doing business.

3. Know your natural penchants. We all participate in enjoyable pastimes but if you find that the time spent on these activities does not give you a high level of return, consider allocating your time more thoughtfully. This is an important consideration as it can prevent the maximization of productivity. Additionally, spending too much time in our comfort zones leads to missed opportunities to grow and learn. Having an open mind can lead to new discoveries that involve improved processes and technologies.

6. Establish a nurturing culture. Productivity is easier to achieve in the right environment. In order to facilitate productivity, providing resources, physical space, and also Cheap Men Canada Goose Citadel Parka Red Australia defining the values of your company is crucial. Encourage behaviors you find admirable and worthwhile, and be clear about the behaviors employees should avoid. Additionally, choose people who have the right attitude, consistency and skillset, and empower them to take their productivity to the next level.

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4. Reduce uncertainty, increase accountability. A lack of clarity is productivity's greatest enemy. When your actions are not aligned with your goals, it leads to increased errors, wasted time and even lost opportunities. Furthermore, the key to any successful business is teamwork. Everyone needs to work in synchronization while being clear about what needs to be executed. Keeping track of employee projects has been a consistent challenge I've faced in the business world which is why I founded Taskworld to help me juggle my multiple businesses, a collaboration app that increases accountability, transparency, and allows for prioritization of tasks so teams can focus on execution.

1. Prioritize. Rank the level of importance you give family, yourself, and work, starting with what is most important to you. Then, think about what areas of life you need to nurture in order to feel more fulfilled. It is essential to strike a balance to lead both a happy and productive life.

Fred Mouawad is a global citizen, portfolio entrepreneur, and fourth generation co guardian of Mouawad, the family jewelry business. Mouawad created his newest venture, Taskworld, out of need for a task management platform that not only keeps his teams organized, but also is the first to provide accurate, metric based performance evaluations on assignments.

5. Know when to be a lone wolf. It is important to know your strengths. What tasks are you better off performing on your own? What tasks can you delegate? Professional growth comes from consistently striving for the very best, so try to operate at a level above where you are working right now.

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Molecular biologists have really come to embrace this simple technology. The ability to capture a piece of DNA from any source in massive quantities was revolutionary. Since then the basic reaction has been adapted to suit other applications, such as generating cDNA libraries that reflect gene expression within cells and tissues. There are a number of videos on YouTube that pay homage to PCR, but the most "impassioned" that I've seen is this one. I think PCR more than deserves this praise!

Once all of these ingredients are combined, typically in a volume less than a couple drops, they have to be heated and cooled in a particular way. First the double stranded DNA template has to be separated into two strands. This is how cells copy DNA; since each strand carries all the information to make a duplicate DNA molecule, it is possible to separate the double helix and build two complementary strands to obtain two new DNA molecules just like the original. Cells accomplish this with an enzyme, but in PCR we heat the reaction to near boiling temperature. This step is called denaturation.

Anyone who has worked with DNA in the lab is probably (all too) familiar with a very special reaction, the polymerase chain reaction, or PCR. The technique allows one to make an enormous number of copies of a specified region along any DNA template. If I want to use a protein coding sequence from a particular organism in a synthetic biology application, I can use PCR to copy that sequence alone from DNA extracted from the organism's cells. Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Berry Outlet Australia PCR is also used for so called DNA fingerprinting in law enforcement applications and for paternity testing. In the medical laboratory PCR can be used to screen for genetic disorders and to identify cancers and pathogens.

A Revolutionary Invention

The top image within this post shows a triple water bath setup, where one would be set to the denaturation temperature, the second to annealing, and the third to extension. Doing PCR this way requires shuttling your samples from water bath to water bath at regular intervals. Luckily this is an extremely antiquated way of doing PCR. Nowadays biologists use thermal cyclers like the one shown in the other image above, compact machines that quickly cycle from temperature to temperature based on the user's program.

Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Berry Outlet Australia

Clearly PCR is enormously important for both the scientist and the non scientist alike. The technique was developed by Kary Mullis in the 1980s, and he received the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry as a result. But how does it work? It takes requires several ingredients, the most obvious of which is the DNA template, a sample of DNA that contains the sequence one wishes to copy, or amplify. In theory, this sample could even be a single DNA molecule. Next you need two other pieces of DNA, known as primers. Primers are short pieces of single stranded DNA (ssDNA) that are complementary to the DNA at the boundaries of the sequence you want to amplify. Sometimes it is useful to choose primers with slight alterations to mutate the template DNA. Finally you need a DNA polymerase, an enzyme that copies DNA, and individual nucleotides G's, C's, A's, and T's for the polymerase to incorporate into the DNA copies. The most commonly used variety of DNA polymerase is the enzyme from the thermophilic organism, Thermus aquaticus. This particular DNA polymerase is known as Taq polymerase and is prized for its ability to operate at high temperatures.

After denaturation the primers have to anneal to the denatured template. The reaction is cooled so that the primers can bind to the template. Next the reaction is heated to around 72 C to optimize the activity of Taq polymerase. An interesting property of DNA polymerase is that it can only copy DNA in a single direction, known as the 5' to 3' direction. These numbers refer to carbon atoms in the sugar component of each DNA base. Now that the Taq polymerase has copied the DNA, the three steps are repeated again: denaturation, annealing, extension; denaturation, annealing extension; etc. The products of one cycle feed into the next one, so the number of DNA molecules grows exponentially. For a perfectly efficient reaction beginning with a single DNA molecule, after 30 cycles you would have 230, or just over 1 billion, copies. And what's more, this entire process takes at most several hours.

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Before leaving Pittsfield check out its striking Carnegie Library on South Main Street, and the beautiful campus of Maine Central Institute. MCI was formed in 1866 as a conduit to supply students to Bates College. One last historical note: In the Pine Grove Cemetery in Hartland is buried former Congressman Clyde H. Smith, whose untimely death in 1940 resulted in his position being filled by his wife, Margaret Chase Smith.

Just above the pond the river winds through swales of brilliant green marsh grasses. The occasional maple tree randomly perched at water edge looked completely out of place. Every possible shade of green was on display. The dainty white flower clusters of red osier dogwood dotted the shoreline farther up the river. Swallowtail butterflies in their beautiful yellow and black mosaics accompanied us along the way. Maple trees leaning out over the water dispensed their whirligig seeds into the river, forming intricate patterns. On one stretch of river, clusters of maples, some with a dozen tightly bunched trunks, rose like flowers in a vase.

As we paddled back into the boat launch the ski hill at Pinnacle Park was aglow in late afternoon sun, its slopes covered with blueberry bushes pulsating a rich spring green. We settled in on a picnic table under the pines near the classic old ski lodge and munched our snacks while recounting the special day on the water. Then it was time to climb up to the top all of a 5 minute hike. Along the way we spotted a shiny object on the slope. It was moving. A painted turtle was slowly traversing the hillside in 80 degree heat far from the water. Farther up the slope we found another turtle likewise engaged. The age old spring ritual was once again being repeated depositing eggs in the sandy, sun warmed soil.

We even wove in a bit of childhood nostalgia. Remember your first ski lessons at your local hill, probably serviced by a makeshift rope tow? Ours was in Falmouth at Poplar Ridge, closed now for decades. The boat launch area in Pittsfield is at Pinnacle Park, an old time ski area still operating. How many rope tows are still operational in Maine?

Back within a mile of our start at Pinnacle Park in Pittsfield, we glanced down to our right and just about fell out of the canoe. Twelve tiny gray fluffballs were riding the crests of the small waves beside our canoe. Where was mom? Suddenly a female red breasted merganser appeared up out of the depths looking for her brood, all the while quacking and calling to get our attention away from her ducklings. The raft of babies paddled to shore, scurried across a narrow peninsula of grass, plopped back into the water and furiously paddled out to the security of mom. All was well.

One mile north of the pond you will paddle under the Route 2 bridge. Just south of here is a primitive boat launch on the western side of the river. The short gravel access road from Route 2 is rough, so make sure your vehicle has good clearance if you start your trip here instead of Pinnacle Park. This option allows you to focus just on the river and avoid the open water of the pond on a breezy day.

a wonderful day on the water

Within 10 minutes of our start up the Sebasticook we paddled under the Route 95 bridge Men Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Navy Australia Sale into Douglas Pond. There is no development on the pond and very little along the river until you near Hartland. A bevy of swallows darted out from under the girders and accompanied us out into the sunshine. The grassy marshes along the eastern shoreline provided lots of opportunity to poke about. Red winged blackbird calls filled the air as we drifted through the emerging grasses and reeds. The Sebasticook continues north from the pond and can be paddled to within a few hundred yards of downtown Hartland, where shallow water turned us around for the three hour paddle back.

On our way back down to the pond a lone Canada goose stood in the grass and watched us pass. A blue heron lifted off ahead of us and headed down river only to be encountered minutes later. A cormorant struggled to get airborne and headed upriver.

Consult the Delorme Maine Atlas and Gazetteer (map No. 21) for help in getting to the Pinnacle Park boat launch site adjacent to the Sebasticook River Dam on Waverly Avenue in Pittsfield. The park is across the street from the Pittsfield Public Works complex.

Then two loons appeared on our left, calling, yipping and diving yards away. What a way to end five hours of exploring up the Sebasticook River to the town of Hartland and back under a glorious hazy blue summer sky.

Men Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Navy Australia Sale

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Cheap Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Red Australia

"This fellow, in our view, was substantially harmed," he said.

Farley was acquitted of first degree murder July 18, 2008, along with Peter Chenier.

None of the allegations has been proven in court.

Accused hitman hits back at police

He was arrested in Val des Monts as the trial was coming to a close on June 24, 2008, but wouldn't testify citing he was worried for his safety. He was later sentenced to three years in jail for contempt.

Farley will allege police acted with negligence when they arrested him, breached his Charter rights and made a false arrest resulting in his "false imprisonment."

OTTAWA A man who spent a decade in prison as the hit man in a 1997 murder only to be acquitted in 2008 intends to sue the Ottawa police for a million dollars for every year he was behind bars.

The Crown had alleged Chenier hired Farley to kill Earl Joe, 41, who was gunned down in his Cheap Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Red Australia Uplands Dr. townhome May 21, 1997.

George Farley filed a notice of action at the Ottawa courthouse with the help of a lawyer Thursday seeking $10 million for general damages relating to his arrest Oct. 30, 1997 and a subsequent first degree murder charge and conviction.

The pair's second trial was by judge only but without key Crown witness Andre Boisclair who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Joe's death March 13, 1998 in exchange for his testimony in the first trial against Farley and Chenier. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for doing so.

When the second trial began in 2008 he refused to testify a second time and went into hiding.

His lawyer, Richard Bosada, said the statement of claim will be filed within 30 days.

Joe was killed five days before he was to testify Chenier stabbed him in the stomach in a dispute over Chenier's wife, Jennifer.

A spokeswoman for the Ottawa Police Services Board, the body named as the defendant in the court document, said they have no knowledge of the claim so they couldn't comment.

The Crown's case relied heavily on testimony from criminals and a 2001 conviction that handed Farley and Chenier a 25 year sentence was overturned on appeal Feb. 10, 2006.

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Depending on which group of ornithologists one uses, there are at least seven subdivisions of Canada goose species. The one most of us are familiar with is the greater Canada goose.

Many blue morph snow geese are dark with a white head and neck. There also is a white morph juvenile that is all white on the bottom and grayish on the top. It is rare to find a summering or wintering bird in our area.

A gaggle of goose varieties

The species is common in spring migration and fairly common in fall migration. It is rare to find a summering bird and it is accidental to find one in winter.

Six species of geese have been reported in the Bismarck Mandan area. The most common one is the Canada goose, a resident that nests in our area.

In 2005, the cackling goose was split from the Canada goose and became a new species. It is the smallest of the geese with a stubby bill and a short neck.

A small number of the birds were located in Minnesota and were used to bring the population back. They were sent to various locations to be raised and monitored. One of the locations selected was the Amoco Oil Refinery in Mandan, now known as the Tesoro Oil Refinery.

The written history of that species goes back to at least the Lewis and Clark expedition. Capt. William Clark wrote that he shot a Canada goose on a nest on May 13, 1805, and Capt. Meriwether Lewis wrote that he saw many geese feeding on the prairie and several were in trees on May 14, 1805.

We all know that this project was very successful, so much that there may be too many Canada geese now.

Another goose well known to hunters is the greater white fronted goose. Its name comes from the distinctive white band at the base of the bill. Other distinctive markings are the pink bill and orange feet.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Red Australia

That has caused some confusion in identification because the cackling goose looks very much like some of the smaller types of Canada goose.

The snow geese average 20 years of age and know all the ways of hunters when migrating. They have more food than they can eat when they migrate, because farmers leave much grain in stubble fields all along their route to the south.

Prior to 1900, the greater Canada goose nested over most of the state. But as recently as the mid '80s, the species was thought to be extinct.

The last member of the goose family to be found in our area is a species called the Brant. It is a resident of costal shores and prefers saltwater. There have been only four sightings of Brant in Cheap Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Red Australia our area, usually during weather that moves birds from their regular routes in the United States.

The cackling goose is an abundant species that winters in the southern states and nests in northern Alaska and northern Canada. In early winter, the cackling goose is fairly common in our area.

1 million snow geese were coming back from Canada because they were not able to find open water or food.

The Canada geese winter in Bismarck and Mandan up to 10,000 or more in most recent winters.

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presente que los dioses eran la nica religin que haba. Ninguna otra creencia est en conflicto? Por qu? Bien, porque esto es un hecho, no fe. La iglesia moderna hizo que usted creyera que

Men Canada Goose Banff Parka Tan Outlet Australia

Las leyendas egipcias antiguas hablan de Tep Zepi, o "de la primera vez". Se describe tambin cuando los "dioses del cielo" vinieron a contactar con la tierra y levant la tierra del fango y delVolaron a travs del aire en "barcos" y trajeron leyes y la sabidura al hombre a travs de una lnea real de Pharaohs. Y por supuesto, todo esto fue lanzado cuando vino el cristianismo. Tenga


duraderas slidas de la construccin fueron adoptadas por los egipcios.

Los delegados a la conferencia sobre la arquitectura del antiguo Egipto se quedaron en shock, sin embargo el Dr. Muchos cuadros y smbolos se asemejan a UFOs y a extraterrestres. Los extraterrestres construyeron POSIBLEMENTE la gran pirmide Men Canada Goose Banff Parka Tan Outlet Australia de Giza. Y estas tcnicas

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Air traffic has increased markedly during that same period, growing from 310 million airline passengers in 1980 to a record 749 million in 2007, meaning the skies are more crowded for both birds and Airbuses.

"The risk is real," Curtis says. "Birds are a threat every day." Even so, the fact that birds disabled both engines of US Airways Flight 1549 simultaneously is far from common. "Only on rare occasions do you have them causing a crash this With reporting by Kate Pickert

To further complicate matters, officials must be careful to identify which type of bird is struck in each incident, to help biologists conduct wildlife management programs without violating laws that protect endangered species.

Wildlife mitigation is the official term for avoiding accidents like these, and according to the government's latest report on the topic, it's becoming an increasing concern. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Wildlife Services Program, found that since 1990, the number of bird strikes has quadrupled, from 1,759 in 1990 to a record 7,666 in 2007. Officials cite a number of possible causes for the increase:

A Growing Bird Hazard

There are many remarkable aspects of the emergency landing made by US Airways Flight 1549 the pilot's ability to make a controlled landing a stone's throw from Manhattan in the Hudson River, the speedy response of nearby ferries and tour boats, the fact that no passengers were seriously hurt. But among the surprises was that the incident appeared to be caused not by a terrorist attack or mechanical failure, but by a wayward flock of geese. Canada geese the suspected culprits weigh an average of 10 lb. More than 219 people have been killed worldwide as a result of wildlife collisions since 1988, according to the volunteer organization Bird Strike Committee USA.

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While officials use radar and radio collars to track bird populations, habitat destruction and climate change have disrupted migratory patterns. Moreover, the populations of certain species of birds are increasing at rapid rates, thanks to Discount Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Light Grey Australia changes in food supply.

It's not just a civilian concern, either. Air Force E 3 Sentry struck a flock of 31 Canada geese during takeoff, causing a fiery crash that killed 24 service members. "goose guys," to scare them away) and lethal control (killing a specific number to reduce populations).

Most commercial airlines are now replacing older three and four engine planes with more efficient double engine aircraft. Because these newer engines are quieter, birds are less likely to detect and avoid them. Worse still, fewer engines mean fewer backups should a plane and a flock of birds cross paths.

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A List of Animals Native to New York

Amphibians and reptiles are two cold blooded animal classes that depend on oxygen to breath. These animals rely on an outside source to heat their bodies; the outside source is usually the sun or locations with warm temperatures. Both amphibians and reptiles lay eggs. However, reptiles have thick, scaly skin and toe claws, while amphibians have moist, glandular skin and no claws on their toes. New York's amphibian species include the eastern tiger salamander, northern cricket frog, bullfrog and eastern hellbender New York's largest amphibian at nearly 3 feet long. Most of New York's reptiles are turtles Atlantic Ridley sea turtle and eastern mud turtle or snakes timber rattlesnake, common garter snake and copperhead.

Cheap Men Canada Goose Calgary Spirit Australia

New York's bird species include sea birds and arboreal birds. Arboreal birds species that usually nest in forests in New York include the American woodcock, red headed woodpeckers, sedge wren and whip poor will. Among New York's freshwater wetlands birds are the great blue heron, double breasted cormorant and Canada goose, while the Empire State's seabird population features least terns, seaside sparrows and piping plovers. The state's carnivorous birds of prey species include the golden eagle, osprey and peregrine falcon. According to the New York State Ornithological Association, New York has more than 467 recorded bird species, as of 2011.

Mammals are warm blooded animals meaning they do not rely on an outside source for heat with fur. These animals are also capable of giving birth to offspring. Some mammals are carnivorous: black bear, long tailed weasel, Canada lynx, red fox and river otter. Other mammals are herbivorous: whitetail deer, moose and beaver. New York has two aerial mammals little brown bat and Indiana bat and marine mammals in the Atlantic Ocean near New York's shoreline; New York's marine mammals include sperm whales, blue whales and humpback whales. The Allegheny wood rat is the only endangered land mammal in New York.

New York's freshwater fish live in the state's lakes Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes and rivers Hudson River, St. Lawrence River and Susquehanna River. All fish are cold blooded and have gills to breath in their aquatic environment. New York's fish species include salmon, catfish, pike, perch, sunfish, bass and herring. Most of New York's endangered animal species are fish, which may be attributed to overfishing and loss of habitat. Some of New York's endangered fish species are the pugnose shiner, round whitefish, bluebreast darter and Cheap Men Canada Goose Calgary Spirit Australia deepwater sculpin.

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Canada Goose Yukon Bomber Australia Sale

Canada Goose Yukon Bomber Australia Sale

a luminous beauty

Canada Goose Yukon Bomber Australia Sale

The tiny island of Kauai is full of beautiful spots the mountains above Hanalei, the taro fields between there and Princeville, just about any beach you can name but my favorite spot may be Kilauea Lighthouse.Jutting out into the Pacific on the verdant northeastern side of the island, the 1913 lighthouse boasts one of the largest clamshell Fresnel lenses ever made 4 tons of illuminated fun.But that's important only for true lighthouse geeks. The site's real lure is natural. It is, after all, right beside a National Wildlife Refuge. Look out to sea and in the winter and spring the water is full of gamboling humpback whales. The lighthouse is set atop steep volcanic cliffs, and the waves break spectacularly against them.Maybe most impressive is the number and assortment of sea Canada Goose Yukon Bomber Australia Sale birds that have made the place their home. Red footed and brown boobies, several types of albatross, enormous frigate birds, and red and white tailed tropic birds that look kind of like gulls with slim, brightly colored tails. The islands just off the point have been dotted with artificial tunnels to attract rare shearwaters, which nest underground.My favorite, though, is the Wrong Way Corrigan of birds the nene, or Hawaiian goose. It's an evolutionary descendant of the Canada goose, several of which must have gotten lost on their migration about half a million years ago.On the Big Island and on Maui there are gigantic varieties of nene, measuring as much as 4 feet tall. But those are scarce so you'll rarely see them (outside of road signs that caution you to drive slowly in areas where they, supposedly, live). At Kilauea, though the nene are smaller (a little bigger than a football), they are thick on the ground. Though they can fly in theory, they spend their days wandering the area, digging for bugs and enjoying the view.

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IntroductionHistoryRace to the TopSquare RockBeaver LodgeWaterfowl on Frog LakeLake HabitatI Spy in the StreamInside Dingle TowerResourcesIntroductionWelcome to your Sir Sandford Fleming Park BioKit Circuit. Use the activities in this circuit, Cheap Women Canada Goose Constable Parka Black Australia along with the HRM Urban BioKit, to explore the natural treasures and unique places in this park utilizing your keen powers of observation. In addition to the material required for the BioKit, you will need a clear plastic jar.

Race to the TopBehind the Adventure Earth Centre

A Tree's Life Story1) Each ring = one year

GPS: N 44 37.720' W 63 35.821'

Estimate the tree's age at the time it was cut down.

On the path you'll see a large tree stump. On the top of this trunk you'll find the tree's ring lines, as pictured here. Use your magnifying glass to count the rings.

During winter trees in Canada usually enter in a dormant phase, and so they do not grow during this period.

Life for trees is a constant battle for sunlight, water, nutrients and pollination. You can tell the age of a tree and the history of its life by counting the tree's rings.

In what stage of its life (young or old) did it have good growing conditions?

2) Large gap between rings = good growing conditions

About Environment and Climate Change Canada

3) Narrow distance = poor growing conditions

Sir Sandford Fleming Park BioKit Circuit The BioKits are nature observation guides designed primarily to be brought along during your outdoor excursions. The content of the printable version of the Sir Sandford Fleming Park BioKit Circuit differs from the content here because some changes and deletions were necessary in order to better suit the HTML format.

The park features a great variety of trees and animals. During your walk you will have the chance to go by a small lake called Frog Lake, which is home to many ducks, frogs, turtles and aquatic plant species.

HistorySir Sandford Fleming Park is a large urban park located across from the Halifax Peninsula, from which it is separated by the Northwest Arm inlet. In 1908, this property was donated to the City of Halifax by Sir Sandford Fleming for public use. During his time as Chief Engineer of the Northern Railway of Canada, Sir Fleming proposed the concept of worldwide standard time zones, and was credited as its inventor. This achievement, among others, earned him recognition as one of Canada's greatest minds of the 19th century. The park was originally his summer retreat, which he established after completion of the Intercolonial Railway.

Sit with your back against Square Rock, close your eyes, and listen closely to the sounds around you for five minutes.

A great way to experience the wild is to listen. The chirping of frogs, buzzing of insects and singing of birds are all sounds you can hear. Animals emit sounds for many reasons, including to attract mates, mark territory, and even to signal a change in weather!

Square RockGPS: N 44 37.689' W 63 36.027'

Cheap Women Canada Goose Constable Parka Black Australia

Look at the fallen trees around the stump: can you match one of the fallen trees to this stump?

Just for fun!Like people all trees are different. Old trees especially tell stories about the past, big storms, droughts and fires. Slowly walk through the surrounding forest and look for faces or interesting shapes in trees. Pick one face to show to a friend or someone in your family. Then together decide if any faces you can see look happy, sad or any other emotion.