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The tiny island of Kauai is full of beautiful spots the mountains above Hanalei, the taro fields between there and Princeville, just about any beach you can name but my favorite spot may be Kilauea Lighthouse.Jutting out into the Pacific on the verdant northeastern side of the island, the 1913 lighthouse boasts one of the largest clamshell Fresnel lenses ever made 4 tons of illuminated fun.But that's important only for true lighthouse geeks. The site's real lure is natural. It is, after all, right beside a National Wildlife Refuge. Look out to sea and in the winter and spring the water is full of gamboling humpback whales. The lighthouse is set atop steep volcanic cliffs, and the waves break spectacularly against them.Maybe most impressive is the number and assortment of sea Canada Goose Yukon Bomber Australia Sale birds that have made the place their home. Red footed and brown boobies, several types of albatross, enormous frigate birds, and red and white tailed tropic birds that look kind of like gulls with slim, brightly colored tails. The islands just off the point have been dotted with artificial tunnels to attract rare shearwaters, which nest underground.My favorite, though, is the Wrong Way Corrigan of birds the nene, or Hawaiian goose. It's an evolutionary descendant of the Canada goose, several of which must have gotten lost on their migration about half a million years ago.On the Big Island and on Maui there are gigantic varieties of nene, measuring as much as 4 feet tall. But those are scarce so you'll rarely see them (outside of road signs that caution you to drive slowly in areas where they, supposedly, live). At Kilauea, though the nene are smaller (a little bigger than a football), they are thick on the ground. Though they can fly in theory, they spend their days wandering the area, digging for bugs and enjoying the view.

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Harrison has three "priors." In 1992, according to NRP records, he was fined $2,020 and ordered to take 100 kids fishing after being caught with illegal rockfish; in 1998 he was found guilty of possessing undersized fish and fined $120; he paid the same amount for possessing undersized rockfish in 2000. Now this.

Harrison's views evidently have not changed with the times. He's a practical, independent sort, used to carving out his place in the world by his own rules. He once told me a story that might help illustrate his view.

Capt. Levin G. "Buddy" Harrison III, latest in a century long line of Harrisons who have operated a commercial fishing and shellfish business, a hotel, a terrific seafood restaurant and a charter fishing and hunting guide business on Tilghman Island, was charged by Natural Resources Police with possession of 31 undersized rockfish after a charter trip.

A Captain Who Sometimes Goes Overboard

That's the appealing side of Buddy Harrison. He came along at a time, back in the 1940s and '50s, when the bay really did seem like an inexhaustible source of plenty, when rockfish, oysters, crabs and shad were so abundant, it didn't seem they would ever run out. Back then, watermen and recreational fishermen and hunters considered many of the state's rules and regulations silly and devised clever schemes to dodge them.

He had an old, ramshsackle building on his property that needed demolition. He had it bulldozed, he said, then figured to set it on fire on a calm day to clear up the mess. But he learned a county permit was needed for an open fire. He called about the permit and was told one couldn't be issued for a fire that big, that he needed to have the trash hauled away instead.

All of which adds up to a muddy picture if you let the details get to you, which you shouldn't.

The sad part is this: For the latest transgression, after admitting responsibility, Harrison was ordered to pay the state the grand sum of $125 for the offense plus $5 each for every illegal fish. That comes to $280, which is about the tip his mate might have expected from the party of 34 anglers they carried fishing on the 62 foot Capt. Buddy that day. Indeed, if the party paid full fare for the journey, it's a tiny fraction of the posted $4,500 charter fee.

It may be too late to change this old tiger's stripes, but it would be nice to think that at least an effort was being made. Fining a repeat offender, a state licensed charter boat skipper at that, $280 for bringing in 31 undersized rockfish on a charter trip worth several thousand dollars isn't a slap on the wrist, it's more like a congratulatory handshake.

Back onshore, the fish were loaded in a container and hauled off to Harrison's fish house for cleaning. That's when Natural Resources Police, acting on a phone tip, intercepted them. Harrison, who said by then he was on the way to the doctor, took the blame and accepted the citation the following day, he said.

Harrison said he checked with some haulers, all of whom wanted several thousand dollars for the job. It was substantially less. So he poured some gasoline on the wreckage and set it ablaze, he said, then called the county and told them to come on down and write him his ticket. That's Eastern Shore practicality at work.

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Here I should offer a disclaimer. I've known Harrison for 25 years and am in many ways an admirer. He is of the bay and from the bay, an authentic original who can spin yarns with the best of them. I've fished with him numerous times and always counted as the best hours those when I stood by his side in the wheelhouse listening to his reminiscences of the old days. I even thought about doing a book.

I suppose it's sad that Harrison, 72, who drives around in a huge, camouflage Hummer and is famous for his gaudy gold jewelry, Rolex watches and snakeskin boots, would feel the need to continue taking illegal fish when he obviously has everything he needs for a full and happy life. But that's not the sad part.

Well, they were wrong. As the human population soared, pollution increased and appetites for seafood grew, it became clear that the bay's abundance was not only exhaustible, it was in many cases exhausted. Most notably, shad grew so rare Maryland shut down fishing for them altogether and never reopened it; the state slammed the door on rockfishing for five years in the 1980s to let dwindling stocks rebound, and did the same with Canada goose hunting in the 1990s. Meantime, oysters all but vanished and crabs grew scarce.

"No, no, no," said Mike Slattery, deputy secretary of Natural Resources, who has overall responsibility for both fisheries and Natural Resources Police as the No. 2 man under DNR Secretary Ron Franks. "It's $280 per fish ," he said several days after the incident. On that account, Slattery was wrong. It's $280 total, NRP spokesman Sgt. Ken Turner confirmed.

Harrison claimed mitigating Women Canada Goose Snow Mantra Black Australia circumstances. He was sick that day, he said, probably from conflicting medications he's been taking, and had to cut the charter short. "I told them they had an hour to catch what they could and I just went and lay down. The mate told me they were taking their own fish off the hooks and he couldn't control it."

Sound pitiful to you? Well, you're not alone. Even the head of Maryland Fisheries, Howard King, was put off. "That's a low fine," he said. "It's too low. If we have an opportunity to review those fines, we're going to do so."

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He also said Mr. Mr. Samuragochi has normal hearing.

He initially saw himself as an assistant who followed the composer's guidance because Mr. Samuragochi couldn't write his own scores.

His confession came just as the Shukan Bunshun weekly revealed that the man behind Mr. Samuragochi's success was an earnest looking part time music lecturer, Takashi Niigaki.

He "says it is totally inexcusable and he deeply regrets [what happened]," his lawyer said, according to the Japan Times. "He is mentally distressed and not in a condition to properly express his own thoughts."

He purported to be an old fashioned artist who liked harmonies and shunned contemporary atonal music, yet he was hip enough to have contributed to the soundtracks of video games such as Onimusha or Resident Evil.

Shaggy haired and black clad and his eyes perpetually shielded by sunglasses, Mr. Samuragochi had been playing the role of the tortured artist, even tearing up before a reporter as he appeared to struggle to hear the drumbeat of his music.

The skater has set his short program to what used to be known as Mr. Samuragochi's Sonatina for Violin.

Mr. Niigaki, who teaches at the Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo, told reporters that he had been composing for Mr. Samuragochi since 1996, and he had been paid a total of 7 million (about $76,352).

He said he was worried that a later revelation would taint the results of Daisuke Takahashi, a former world champion and bronze medalist at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

But he claimed that deafness made his art more genuine so he kept at it, labouring in a small dark room in his Yokohama apartment. "It is like communicating from the heart. Losing my hearing was a gift from God," he told a Time magazine journalist in 2001.

The concept for his most ambititious work, Symphony No. 1 "Hiroshima," was poignant because he was a child of hibakusha, the Japanese term for survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The work was premiered at a commemoration concert in Hiroshima. It gained great popularity after it was associated with the resilience of the survivors of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The 50 year old Mr. Samuragochi admitted Wednesday that some of his most famous scores were ghostwritten.

"As he turns up the volume on an MD player for a visitor, tears fill his eyes as he strains to hear the rhythmic beat of the taiko drums: percussive noises are the only ones he can detect any more," the magazine reported.

He said he lost his hearing in 1999, in the midst of composing a symphonic Cheap Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Pink Australia suite for Onimusha.

admits some of his famous scores were ghostwritten

Cheap Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Pink Australia

Over the years, the story that Mr. Samuragochi presented to his publicists and to the media was that he was a precocious musician who learned to play the piano from his mother and taught himself how to compose when he wasn't even a teen.

The fallout to this week's revelations was swift.

In a press conference Thursday, Mr. Niigaki said he decided to go public because he was weary of the deception and because the music he actually penned was going to be used by a Japanese figure skater competing at the Sochi Olympics.

As it turned out, the Japanese Beethoven didn't compose his music and perhaps he isn't even deaf.

Mr. Samuragochi's record company, Nippon Columbia, stopped the distribution of his CDs, DVDs and online downloads. His music publisher, Tokyo Hustle Copy Inc., cancelled the scheduled release of three of his scores and apologized. Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui said the city would withdraw the citizen's award it had granted Mr. Samuragochi.

"I continued to write pieces under Samuragochi's instruction, knowing that he was deceiving the public, and releasing the music. I'm Samuragochi's partner in crime," Mr. Niigaki said.

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A couple hours later, I checked on our glasses. Unbelievable! They were nearly spotless. In fact, the glasses looked practically new.

Suddenly, I envisioned soaking all our glasses (and silverware and dishes) in buckets of lime juice. Alas, lime as well as lemon juice are kind of expensive. Not to mention, the whole process seemed clunky.

Maybe I need to do some double blind scientific studies. Regardless, I'm suddenly enjoying my glass of water much more and caring less about the trillions of tax dollars being dumped down the toilet.

In fact, the scum is so gross, I hate to drink from our glasses, which is a bad thing when you are living in the desert and are prone to dehydration. Sure, I rewash them by hand, which takes about five minutes a glass, but eventually the dishwasher strikes back.

A Stinky Solution to Soap Scum on Water Glasses

Canada Goose Heli-arctic Parka Outlet Australia

It wasn't always so bad. In Chicago we could solve the problem by putting just a little less detergent in the dishwasher. In California, we had fewer problems perhaps because our surface water was so full of chlorine, it helped keep the dishes cleaner.

Which brings me to my happy discovery. A few days ago, when my mom was watching Lael, I apologized for the sorry state of our glasses. Nothing makes a son Canada Goose Heli-arctic Parka Outlet Australia cringe more than watching his mom suspiciously eye your water glass as if it was coated in goat pee.

The fact is, I tend to shut off world events as soon as I walk away from the computer. There are much bigger things to worry about. (Okay, that's a total lie.)

Rather than beat me up, mom and I started discussing solutions. At some point, she mentioned that an acquaintance used to put Kool Aid, presumably the add your own sugar variety, in the dishwasher.

Hmmm. Since I already suspected that the scum on the dishes was caused by calcium carbonate and/or alkaline waters, I wondered what would happen if I soaked the glass in lemon juice. I couldn't find any in the fridge, but I did find some lime juice.

But something amazing happened. The scum immediately disappeared. Ah, the wonders of science.

Thanks goodness, mom, who lives about two miles away, has the same problem. Still, her glasses look better than ours because she only needs to use the dishwasher twice a year.

Still, why do I buy that expensive spot free stuff considering my water glasses keep coming out with a gray, smooth film that requires a pick axe to remove?

With these thoughts shoving the elections from my mind, I bought a gallon jug of white vinegar. Yeah, I don't like the smell either, but it does stink less than politics. That, and the stuff is cheap and acidic, so I figured what the heck.

Now I plan to experiment. What's the right combination of vinegar and dishwasher liquid? Can I use less vinegar once all our glasses are clear again? Is it possible to just use environmentally friendly vinegar and forgo expensive dishwashing products altogether?

I poured the lime juice in the glass and swirled it around like a fine Bordeaux. Mom helpfully pointed out that I kept spilling some of the greenish liquid out on the cutting board as I swished it around.

Finally ready for my science experiment, I put the usual (bleach free) dish detergent in the closable compartment, but nothing in the open, pre wash compartment. Instead, I poured a random amount of vinegar onto the floor of the dishwasher. (I'm guessing a dumped in about an eighth of a bottle.)

But in Arizona, in which tap water always leaves a hard film as it evaporates, the problem is out of control. (Of course, we drink only filtered and bottled water since that film causes kidney stones even faster than melamine laced Chinese milk.)

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''And there are snappers here. There were a lot more before we had the lake drained a couple of years ago. We used to have to warn people not to let their kids dangle their legs over the water.''

And we always go early, when the park and Silver Lake itself contain hardly any other early risers but the ducks and the Canada geese. This one damp morning we passed a bush; I heard something between a snort and a honk. The bush had concealed a Canada goose that was now struggling to stand up, and when it was erect, it was on only one foot. It was a large bird of its kind, apparently a male.

Canada Goose Hybridge Hoody Australia Sale

The royalty of the avian kingdom were, like newlyweds (or long married humans on a second honeymoon? Swans mate for life), performing a courtship dance. A third swan an avian squire? patrolled the shore, perhaps keeping the smaller birds at their distance.

For years the Canada geese had seemed the absolute lords and ladies of Silver Lake, their swooping arrivals in great squadrons scattering the lesser water fowl, the mallards, the Pekin ducks, even the seagulls, brash and brassy as they are. A sort of noblesse oblige; make way for the big birds.

Canada Goose Hybridge Hoody Australia Sale

But on that cold morning a far different scene was being played at our lake. Two swans were all alone in the center of the lake. Along the shore the lesser birds watched the swans circling each other, occasionally curving their incredible necks to feed or sip water and, from time to time, cross bills, as though in a kiss.

Most of the young men of this part of Baldwin, when they were very young, had answered the call to adventure and exploration that the village's lakes and streams offer to curious children (and what children are not?). One of our sons had built a raft of boards and ropes and inner tubes and, aged 10, had set out on Parsonage Creek, south of Silver Lake, bound for the bay and perhaps for the sea itself, before we caught him. He wasn't trying to run away. He just wanted to see what would happen.

I remembered the rocky brooks and ponds of western Connecticut, when I was a child. I remembered, there, snapping turtles that watched from the bottom for unwary water birds to paddle by, offering a free lunch a duckling or gosling, perhaps or an opportunity for that pugnacious reptilian species to engage in battle with a full grown water fowl, from which the turtle might win a leg. Was that what had happened here?


And then he raised himself, wings whipping, and I saw the one leg under the body. If he was trying to fly, he failed. But he was close enough, now, so that when he settled back on the lake surface, the feathers on the back of the bird were uneven, and on the left side the great wing's feathers looked spiky.

Herb Palmer, who is in charge of the park attendants, cleared up all the mysteries besetting the amateur naturalist's mind. ''That goose is still around,'' he said recently. ''In fact, there's two of them with one leg. He couldn't fly because none of them could fly right then. The plumage you saw? It was their molting season.

Another son had followed a creek north of the lake until it led into a wide storm drain; he had then gone up the drain until he saw, ahead, a circle of light on the top of the tube. It was a small manhole. He opened it and found himself in the middle of Sunrise Highway. He never did that again.

Several weeks later, on a darkling morning, Hansel and I found no water birds on the lake shore at all, but a flotilla of Canada geese and mallards in the water. They were gliding toward us, moving evenly as if propelled by motors, not feet. All birds have splendid eyesight. Perhaps they thought I had food for them in the white bag. (If they had known what was already in it, they might have taken off for Hudson's Bay.)

Recently I told that son about the injured goose and offered my theory. ''Well, when I was a kid there were snappers in Loft Lake'' (north of Merrick Road, and the centerpiece of the Loft Estates), he said. ''People used to catch them, for soup, I guess. And they did get into Silver Lake. But that bird could have been hurt that way anywhere. They do travel.''

But happily that has been the only case of wildlife misery I have seen at Silver Lake Park. This year, not too long after winter had let go, Hansel and I were privileged to witness a ritual on that lake as lovely as seeing brides and bridegrooms posing for the photographer at the lake's shore. Yes; I'm sure I felt more privileged than Hansel did.

He made small vocal noises, signals, as I read them (and apparently as Hansel read them), voicing a plea for a temporary truce: I am wounded. We went about our business, mostly Hansel's business.

Any other water bird would have tried to get to the water. Or to fly away. This one did neither. He stood his ground, balancing rather well on the one leg, as if he were used to it. I had seen other birds do that, stand on one leg. It came to me then that this one had only one leg.

The last time I saw the goose he was drifting, near the Silver Lake shore. His plumage was ragged and looked soiled. The long neck, in broad sunlight, was curled over the body, as though it was waiting for eternal sleep.

BALDWIN THE sign reads ''No Dogs Allowed in Park,'' but no dogs can read, and Silver Lake Park was on Hansel's and my morning inventory long before the sign went up. He is an old dog now, like his master, and we both need exercise. The fact that I carry a garden trowel and a Friendly Ice Cream bag along seems to help, if we do encounter a park attendant.

It was evocative of a wedding reception, when the band forces the bride and groom to dance. But these two were far more graceful than any humans clumping around uncertainly to the Anniversary Waltz.

But one goose was apart from the others, and was bobbing as he swam, much like someone in a rowboat who has lost one oar and is trying to scull his way along. He was not keeping up with the other Canada Goose Hybridge Hoody Australia Sale geese.

Canada Goose Hybridge Hoody Australia Sale

The goose, I thought, had lost part of his wing as well as a leg. But it had been weeks since I had seen him last, and even if he was living as an outcast from his society, he was surviving. He swam away from the other birds. He managed a turn, offering a rear profile: he was listing slightly, like a ship in trouble.

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"If a bird is injured and doesn't fly off, the dogs will leave it alone," he said.

Marcks has similar geese removal contracts for Clove Lake, Staten Island, and for several large pharmaceutical firms and universities in New Jersey. He said the month long experiment in Central Park should be enough time to show the technique's effectiveness.

Canada geese weigh 10 to 20 pounds when mature. When not dining on human handouts, the geese love munching on thestarchy roots of duck potato and pickerel weed rushes that grow on the Harlem Meer andother park lakes, said Neil Calvanese, vice president for operations at the Central Park Conservancy.

So the park decided to introduce some predators.

Collie shows stalking technique.

A little more than a year after those groups launched a campaign to evict some 300 nonmigrating Canada geese from Manhattan's 843 acre backyard, the foliage munching, poop dropping gaggle is still there, chewing up the landscape.

The problem is multiplied by the throngs of park visitors who feed the unwelcome guests despite efforts to make them stop, Calvanese said, noting, "People are a big problem."

The Geese Police teams will chase the flocks from one end of the park to the other until the birds consider the entire park off limits and leave. To do that, Geese Police teams will patrol the park at odd Women Canada Goose Snow Mantra Red Australia Sale hours, harassing the geese even as they sleep on park lakes at night. The geese interpret each dog "run" as another predator attack.

World Politics Entertainment Gossip Games Entertainment Pics TV Movies Music Theater Arts Horoscopes Daily Weekly Monthly Pet Horoscopes Lifestyle Health Homes Food Viva Opinion Autos Buyer's Guide Ratings Reviews News Views Photos Galleries Covers Classifieds Trending: DONALD TRUMP HURRICANE MATTHEW KIM KARDASHIAN NEW YORK METS DERRICK ROSEfacebook Round one went to the birds. Now the Central Park Conservancy and the city Parks Department are calling in the dogs.

There is little chance any birds will be harmed. The dogs respond to whistles and hand signals and are taught not to grab or attack the birds, Marcks said.

Readily available food and a lack of natural predators combine to make the normally migratory geese stay put.

Company President David Marcks said his 40 specially trained Border collies will essentially harass the goose flocks until they permanently wing their way out of the park.

"Any dog will chase geese heck, you and me can chase 'em," Marcks said. "Border collies, when they're working, don't bark. Their chase behavior is based on stalking."

"There are still about 300 of them spread throughout the park," Calvanese said. "They feed extensively on the lawns throughout the winter months."

When geese see the dogs approaching, they see a natural predator, not a pet, he said. The birds' survival instincts will prompt them to go to another location where they are not being threatened, Marcks said.

A Central Bark plan planned vs

Now the Central Park Conservancy and the city Parks Department are calling in the dogs.

Round one went to the birds.

Starting next Sunday, two Border collies and their handlers will patrol the park at all hours, endlessly harassing but not harming the geese until the birds decide to move somewhere more peaceful.

Women Canada Goose Snow Mantra Red Australia Sale

The conservancy and the Parks Department will announce the dog program today.

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Tickets for the Cuvee En Route portion of the weekend are also available separately, at a cost of $30 per person.

Chateau St. Jean 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon ($19.95, code 38034). A very good California varietal made by one of Sonoma's most respected estates (pronounce it "jean" like the pants). There's excellent depth and sophistication to the wine, offering rich black currant fruit, wild strawberries and herbaceous nuances such as thyme and savoury.

Henry of Pelham 2009 Reserve Off Dry Riesling ($15.95, code 557165). A slightly more robust style of Riesling, this one has marvellous acid/ fruit interplay that makes it feel very juicy in the mouth. Look for tangy citrus and fresh and dried peach characteristics, with a feeling of mineral/ chalk in the finish.

A little splurge to warm up a cold winter night

Cuvee is coming. This year's celebration of the best in Ontario wine (and food) will be the 24th, and underscores how much the domestic wine scene has grown and improved in that time.

Apart from the Gala itself, that ticket also acts as your passport for the entire weekend for Cuvee En Route. On March 3 and 4, more than 40 Niagara wineries and seven restaurants are offering special tastings and menus. Guests drop by their preferred wineries at their own pace.

The format hasn't really changed, though. There's the kickoff black tie optional Gala on Friday, March 2, at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls. That event features a record number 63 Ontario wineries pouring samples of their best stuff, accompanied by a bevy of celebrated chefs offering gourmet food creations.

Ruffino 2008 Santedame Chianti Classico ($19.95, code 523076). Try this great single vineyard Chianti from one of Italy's premier producers. Always impeccable stuff. It's Sangiovese based, of course, and has the traditional dry mineral/ boney undertone that identifies Discount Men Canada Goose Chateau Parka Black Australia Chianti. But it's also in the modern style of the region, with firm, forward fruit and flavours of cherry, black raspberry and cedar.

Discount Men Canada Goose Chateau Parka Black Australia

Rosewood 2009 Natalie's Sussreserve Riesling ($14.95, code 258806). The technique, originated in Germany, is interesting for this offering out of Beamsville. A portion of the pressed juice is set aside and cold stabilized so it retains all its natural sweetness and character. The rest is then fermented, and a predetermined shot of the "sweet reserve" added back. The result is a delicate, fragrant, floral Riesling with bright fresh peach, grape and passion fruit flavours.

Let's sweeten up a cold January weekend by starting today's column on the arrival of new Vintages products with a look at a dessert wine and a couple of fruity, delicious off dry domestic Rieslings.

Penfolds 2009 Bin 138 Grenache/ Shiraz/ Mourvedre ($34.95, code 468637). My splurge choice for the release, from Australia. One of the better GSM blends you'll find anywhere, very reasonably priced for the quality. It's medium bodied, and comes across with ripe blueberry flavours, black cherries, elderberries and a splash of peppery spice.

Perrin Fils 2009 Muscat de Beaumes de Venise ($16.95 for 375 mL, code 4713). A classic sweet wine from one of the great Rhone wine producing houses. Beaumes de Venise is a growing area near Avignon, and the Muscat wine they make there is wonderful. This one has beautiful fresh apricot, marmalade, honey, tangerine and tarte tatin flavours about it.

Tickets to the Cuvee Gala cost $200 per person with a portion coming back as a tax deduction (Cuvee is a fundraiser for the Niagara Community Foundation). If you've got a group, a special package of 10 tickets is $1,750.

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WHILST staying a few days at Manhattan, a little town in Kansas, I spent some hours in the office of a dentist, Dr. C. Blackley, who is also an ornithologist, having stuffed a goodly number of the birds of the state. He was then occupied with a fine specimen of the common pelican (Pelicanus communis) one of a flock of over a thousand that passed over the town in the month of April, some of them alighting in the neighbouring marshes. These Discount Baby Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Red Australia birds are not unfrequent visitors to these far inland regions, and I have known them shot and brought to me from the alkali lakes in Colorado, both regions from 600 to 800 miles from the sea. The doctor told me an amusing incident of a day wild goose shooting in the vicinity. He took with him to one of the ponds frequented by wild geese, a stuffed specimen of the Canada goose, to act as a decoy. Having firmly planted his bird in the sand with its wooden platform well covered over, he lay behind the bushes awaiting a shot. Suddenly there was a rush of wings, and like a flash of lightning a golden eagle swept down on the decoy, knocking the bird over, and tearing out some of the stuffing. The eagle then sat down near his prey, staring with amazement at its remarkably quiescent character, as well as at the strange wooden appendage attached to its claws. Deeming there was something uncanny about such a goose, and there might be danger in the neighbourhood, he prudently flew away. Unfortunately a branch of a tree prevented the sportsman from shooting the marauder.

Discount Baby Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Red Australia

A Golden Eagle and a Decoy

Men Canada Goose Banff Parka Navy Australia Sale

Depending on the season, I do it by bike (an unalloyed pleasure), by rollerblade (a bit more work), by cross country ski (a lot more work), by ice skate (exquisite when it's doable) or by foot (rarely). If all else fails I can take the bus down MacArthur Boulevard, which actually takes slightly longer.

A Little Bit of Heaven Along the Canal

Not only do I get my exercise during my commute but I can also compose my day's thoughts to the accompaniment of bird songs on the way in and can decompress amongst the verdant foliage and shimmering water on the way back.

Men Canada Goose Banff Parka Navy Australia Sale

For 20 odd years now, I've commuted the five miles from there to my office in Georgetown by way Men Canada Goose Banff Parka Navy Australia Sale of the C Canal towpath and/or the parallel Capital Crescent Trail.

I've got the best commute in Washington perhaps in the world. I live in Brookmont. That's in Bethesda just over the District line, and it also happens to abut the C Canal National Park.

The only traffic jams I encounter are too many deer blocking the path during the rutting season. The only road rage I see is the occasional malevolent Canada goose protecting its goslings.

My wonderful "Zen" commute is no accident. I bought my house in that then unfashionable neighborhood just so I could have that commute. Years later, when my employer moved to Rockville, I bought out my division of the company (and the office lease, too) so that I could maintain the commute I'd fallen in love with. And, ultimately, when that building's landlord would no longer renew our third lease, I bought a small office building in Georgetown near the canal so that I didn't have to sacrifice the "perfect commute."