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This year, what were once experimental and goose seasons that took special aim at locally hatched birds have been rolled into one three month plus, braided season.

Predators are few in those urban and suburban areas. survival rates are high, and unfortunately, a lot of those areas are closed to hunters.

In some areas, landowners or agencies under DNR permit hire contractors to trap geese a record 8,600 this year and release them elsewhere.

September, which had long offered at most 15 days afield, is now open from Sept. 1 30 in the Upper Peninsula and the northern Lower Peninsula, and through Sept. 25 in southern Lower Michigan. (The boundary between the Middle and South zones runs east and west through Midland County.)

Where goose hunting is allowed, access can shrink when deer seasons open and landowners, their families and lessees focus on whitetails.

abundant flocks contribute to generous Canada goose hunting season

Barb Avers attended a meeting in the Midland area a week or so ago and she couldn help noticing: got a lot of geese up there. is the Lansing based waterfowl and wetlands specialist for the DNR Wildlife Division, and Midland flocks are among reasons for the generous Canada goose hunting season and bag limits she was explaining.

Avers called goose hunting rules as liberal as we can get. A federal treaty sets a 107 day maximum for all waterfowling. where we are now for Canada geese. it to productive Michigan resident geese, plus a flyway level shift in the way officials look at them. of trying to regulate different populations, Mississippi Flyway, Southern James Bay, (resident) geese, long the basis for seasons and bag limits aiming to harvest plenty of local Women Canada Goose Snow Mantra Berry Melbourne geese while limiting harvests of migrants, taking a more holistic approach to Canada goose management, Avers said.

Bag limits are generous: In September, the daily limit is five geese, statewide. Afterwards, hunters can take three Canada geese a day.

Women Canada Goose Snow Mantra Berry Melbourne

(Those changes came late: as recently as July, a DNR issued online Hunting Season Calendar showed the previous shorter, Season format.)

big piece of that is giant Canada geese, Avers said. (flyway) population estimate is steady or increasing, and in Michigan it increasing, with spring population estimates topping 300,000, our goal range again. so many? Avers said geese thrive amid grassy fields and ponds golf courses, condo associations, malls and corporate settings, including many in the Midland area. amount of habitat we have like that is incredible, said Avers.

Across a half century or so, the Canada goose has shifted from a just passing through ambassador of autumn, to an abundant, nearly year round resident that besides causing messy hassles for landowners and park users provides plenty of hunting opportunities.

About 30,000 to 35,000 Michigan hunters seek geese each year, Avers said, a subset of 55,000 to 60,000 waterfowl hunters. They shoot about 140,000 to 150,000 geese per year.

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Among the tastiest dishes was an original concoction of de shelled escargot with sun dried tomato and a basil soft cheese wrapped together inside a crisp, flaky puff pastry crust. The flavors and textures played off one another well. Another successful starter was the Bass ale bacon cheddar soup creamy smooth, sharply flavored with cheese, bits of bacon and shallots. A pizza of eggplant, pesto and red onion sounded promising, but the pizza crust itself was thick and doughy, and the pesto had been applied in a hit or miss fashion, landing on one slice, not the others. There is a daily pizza with different toppings each day. But it might be wise to skip it because of the crust problems.

Atmosphere: Three dining areas (including a large bar room), utilizing the black goose or Canada goose motif in pictures, sculpture, even door handles.


A satisfactory entree was the pan fried rainbow trout, buttery and firm textured, enhanced by whole roasted shallots and parsley. Grilled swordfish with lemon dill butter and grilled lamb chops aromatic with rosemary were two agreeable choices, as was the grilled sliced filet mignon sandwich on garlic bread. Barbecued baby back ribs was not as wise a choice. The ribs were meaty, but had a reheated taste. Chicken pot pie revived memories of childhood. Too much so, it turned out. The ''pie'' was served in a pan with a handle, which made an attractive presentation. The crust was crispy, but the interior was as bland as in any nursery. Chicken, mushroom slices, carrots, peas and pearl onions all were present at the roll call of ingredients, but seasoning of any kind had played hookey.

Desserts have a homey ring, but the apple rhubarb pie had the homogenized texture of a commercial rendering, and the peach cobbler, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, had overdosed on cinnamon and sugar. Best choice was a tart, tangy key lime pie with graham cracker crust.

Performance in the kitchen has its own inconsistency, but by choosing carefully, you should find enough tasty morsels to make this a worthwhile stop, at least for a delicious hamburger, cheeseburger or other snack or light meal.

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GOOD news for families or couples who want to eat out without getting a bank loan: At the Black Goose Grille in Darien, Men Canada Goose Freestyle Vest White Australia Shop there isn't a dinner entree above $13.95, and most are in the $10.95 range.

The price is right at the Black Goose Grille $38.90 bought a three course dinner for two. Beverages, tax and tip came extra. Just pick and choose with care, and you'll have a pleasant meal in a cheerful, appealing setting. THE BLACK GOOSE GRILLE Good

This new restaurant in an old setting (Hinkel's, then The Office) just might have the winning combination: fair prices, decent food and a handy locale across from the movie theater in the center of town. The decor heavily accented by a goose motif: black geese, Canada geese, and other geese in flight, at rest and in flocks, on walls, tables, and even the brass front door handle is attractive, and the mode is one of casual dining. For a family meal, head for the lightest, airiest room to the right of the entrance. There are other tables in the large, lively bar and in a smaller, darker and less appealing room beyond.

An eclectic menu seems to promise something for almost every taste and mood, as long as it's informal. Service is also eclectic, ranging from helpful to neglectful, but the basic problem seems to be that of understaffing, which can lead to a harried, forgetful, desultory performance.

972 Post Road, Darien. 655 7107.

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4. Blue catfish, 1211/2 pounds, caught from Lake Texoma in 2004 by Cody Mullenix. It was the world rod and reel record when caught, and Mullenix made it more interesting because he was fishing from the bank. The blue cat world record has twice been eclipsed since 2004, which indicates the increased skill of those who seek big catfish and the general health of that fishery. Mullenix dubbed his fish "Splash" and donated it to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, where it was a dive show favorite at feeding time until it died of natural causes.

5. Largemouth bass, 14.09 pounds, caught from Lake Monticello in 1980 by Jimmy Kimbell. Kimbell's fish was the first of seven modern largemouth bass records and was particularly important at the time because it proved that Florida strain largemouth bass had the ability to grow larger than the northern strain largemouth bass native to Texas. Kimbell's fish is still the Monticello record.

Ranking Texas' most historic catches doesn't just come down to size

3. Largemouth bass, 18.18 pounds, caught from Lake Fork in 1992 by Barry St. Clair, who was crappie fishing at the time. St. Clair's giant bass remains the state record 23 years after the catch.

The International Game Fish Association's recent list of the 10 biggest record largemouth bass provided the impetus to consider the 10 most important Texas fish records. Here they are, in ascending order:

A closer look at the 10 most important Texas fish records

8. redfish, 59.50 pounds, caught from the Gulf of Mexico in 2000 by Artie Longron. Until given game fish status in 1983, redfish and spotted seatrout were netted for the commercial market. Longron's big red would rank higher had it been caught from a bay. The biggest redfish are usually caught by fishing in the surf on a September or October storm surge, when big reds are spawning.

9. Guadalupe bass, 3.71 pounds, caught in 2014 from the Colorado River by Bryan Townsend. This is the lightest of the top 10 Texas records, but it was caught on fly tackle and the Guadalupe bass is the state fish of Texas. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department almost wiped out these fish in their Hill Country niche by stocking many of the small streams with smallmouth bass, which cross with Guadalupe bass. The 2014 record indicates Guadalupe bass, as a species, are alive and healthy.

1. Whichever memorable fish you've caught, whether it was a 6 inch bluegill that got you started along the often challenging but always interesting path of fishing, or a monster that you caught and released, with no consideration of entering it as a record. It could even be the big one that jumped at boat side and spit the hook or your child's or grandchild's first fish to ensure another generation of angler/conservationists.

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7. Alligator gar, 279 pounds, caught from the Rio Grande in 1951 by Bill Valverde. This fish remains the IGFA world record. Bigger alligator gar have been landed in Texas, a 307 pounder from the Nueces River on a trotline and a 290 pounder from the Trinity River by a bowfisher, but the Valverde fish is the biggest freshwater fish documented as having been caught by a rod and reel angler in Texas.

2. Largemouth bass, 17.67 pounds, caught from Lake Fork in 1986 by fishing guide Mark Stevenson. Though surpassed by the St. Clair bass as a state record, Stevenson's fish was the first entry into what became the Toyota ShareLunker program. It also wound up in Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World headquarters in Springfield, Mo., where it was the aquarium star and a leading ambassador for Texas bass fishing. For his contributions, Stevenson was inducted this year into the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

OUTDOORS CALENDARTHROUGH TODAY Second weekend of the DFW Summer Boat Expo at Dallas Market Hall, 2200 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas.

10. Tiger shark, 1,129 pounds, caught from the Gulf of Mexico in 1992 by Chap Cain III. It's the heaviest fish documented that was caught from a Texas port. It would rank higher, Buy Men Canada Goose Chateau Parka Grey Australia but it was caught in international waters. Cain's giant tiger gets extra points on the heels of the Discovery Channel's Shark Week.

6. speckled trout, 15.50 pounds, caught from the Lower Laguna Madre in 2002 by Carl Rowland. I lived near the Texas coast in the 1970s and early 1980s. I caught thousands of speckled trout from Sabine Lake on the Louisiana border to the Laguna Madre near the Mexican border. None were half the size of Rowland's 2002 record, highlighting a vivid win for conservation.

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draped in the designer and unique saris. A country like India is blend of different castes, creed and religions. Therefore, one can find a wide range of sarees having different varieties from north to south and from west to east. This includes Banarasi saree from

sitting in the comforts of your bedroom.

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Accentuate Women Beauty

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As you look through these photographs, take note of the president's signature kissing technique, as it reveals a whole new dimension of his persona. President Obama, typically the picture of calm and poise, throws caution to the wind and lets his lips fall where they may, much to the delight of those on the receiving end.

Men Canada Goose Citadel Parka Brown Australia Shop

A Political Art Form

Is there anyone in the nation's capital busier than President Obama? Hardly. Which makes it amazing that amid all of the demands of the nation's highest office, President Obama has actually, and rather surprisingly, emerged as quite the ladies man. So, for Valentine's Day, we're making a close examination of perhaps the most under analyzed aspect of his presidency to date: His flair for giving a kiss.

For starters, take the president's embrace with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this month, an encounter in which he pressed his lips dangerously close to her grinning mouth a captivating sight to be sure. Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan, where he seemed to savor the sweet scent of her perfume. Perhaps the most intriguing moment snapped by a photographer was the love struck expression on Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's face when the president held her close for a hug and began to close in for a kiss, her eyes closed as if lost in a timeless rapture. If this series of photos tell a story, it's that Barack Obama is so much more than the nation's Commander in Chief. He's our Lover in Chief.

President Obama is roundly celebrated for his deft speaking abilities, but we've noticed he has mastered Men Canada Goose Citadel Parka Brown Australia Shop a whole other art of lip service, too. And the proof of his mastery has been captured countless times with photos of the president getting cozy with a host of political figures and world leaders.

The Lover in Chief does not merely show affection to the many, many women he encounters. He's an equal opportunity and noticeably bi partisan lover, embracing men from both sides of the aisle (in addition to all those women). Indeed, you'll see a photo of him gently comforting Arizona Senator John McCain, after having outpaced him in the 2008 presidential election. And you'll be exposed to a scene you may think you'd never behold: a photo of him and George W. Bush hugging it out. Among all of those images of the president caught in the act, you'll certainly see shots of him planting some smooches on the lips of his main squeeze, Michelle. Although, from the looks of it, we're not sure she's his only Valentine this year .

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Mulvenna definitely has the right stuff. She is level headed, has a great work ethic, has respect for her parents and has an eye on the future with goals in mind.

Mulvenna's life also includes a love of horses, especially Shiloh, her 4 year old buckskin mustang/quarter horse, and Lil Man, a 2 year old bay quarter horse. She breaks and trains horses, and Shiloh was the first horse she broke.

Aberdeen teen has 'right stuff' for outdoors

Mulvenna's plans include attending South Dakota State University and enrolling in the equine program.

dad taught me how to fish, and we always fish together, Mulvenna said.

Mulvenna will enter Aberdeen's Dacotah Stampede rodeo queen contest this summer.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Brown Australia

Perhaps Mulvenna's most refreshing attribute is her work ethic. She boards her horses and works hard to pay for the boarding herself. She works at the horse barn, turning Cheap Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Brown Australia horses out and cleaning stalls for 20 horses.

She's already a champion in the hunting department with her large Canada goose.

in the outdoors is a lot of fun, Mulvenna said. don't have to worry about anything else, and it's a better way to spend time than being indoors watching TV. daughter of Doug Miller and Mary Mulvenna, the teen received her first fishing rod when she was 3.

Fordham showed me how, and she helped me train him, Mulvenna said.

Pro angler Rick Olson of Mina is Mulvenna's uncle, so she automatically has a close tie to fishing and said she learned a lot from him.

Shooting a 17.8 pound Canada goose in Brown County in 2009 and catching a 21 pound northern pike at Elm Lake this spring are direct products of her efforts.

was so excited when I shot that goose, I ran out and sat on top of him after he fell because he was still moving, Mulvenna said. geese were coming, but my dad couldn't shoot because I was sitting in the middle of the field. also hunts pheasants and snow geese, and her uncle, Rich Thomas of Watertown, wants to introduce her to deer hunting.

The duo fishes Elm Lake for walleye and northern, and they frequent Richmond and Mina lakes, where they catch perch, catfish, bass or carp.

She now barrel races and runs poles and keyhole patterns. She and Shiloh placed second in a Huron horse show in 2011, but they will participate only in local shows this summer.

want to be on their rodeo team and become a professional horse trainer, she said.

Hunting, fishing and working with her horses keeps Andrea Mulvenna, a 15 year old from Aberdeen, in the outdoors, and she loves it.

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want to promote our property as a large multi days holiday destination. In addition to water park and rides park, we will add snow park and adventure in this calendar year. Fiscal 2016 17 is the first year when all the elements of theme park will be operational, he added.

The company operates a theme park and a hotel on the Mumbai Pune expressway.

Adlabs Imagica, part of Adlabs Entertainment (AEL), plans to open two more theme parks in northern and southern regions of the country in the next three to five years.

markets have potential for theme parks Western, North and South in India. Apart from our theme park near Mumbai, we are looking at opening a theme park in Delhi NCR area in North and Hyderabad or Bangalore in South India in 3 5 years. It is in planning stage, Adlabs Entertainment CEO and Director Kapil Bagla told PTI.

Adlabs plans to open 2 more theme parks in 3

Women Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Berry Melbourne

Bagla said the company is also working on expanding Women Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Berry Melbourne attractions in its existing park.

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It is a time of year when we pay extra close attention to the road, to avoid the tragedy of running them over. Imagine the horror! My wife covers her eyes and cringes when a gopher or squirrel darts out in front of our car and it just about makes her sick if we feel and hear that tell tale thump She looks at me like I the devil when I don slam on the brakes or swerve. Imagine her reaction if any of those cute, fuzzy little ducklings ended up under one of our tires!

Emma is in trial this week, hoping that a jury will not convict her of two counts of criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing the deaths of a father, Roy, and his 16 year old daughter, Jessie.

Jessie was on the back of Roy motorcycle. They were following a car in the fast lane, when the car they were following swerved at the last minute to avoid smashing into the back of Emma stopped car. Roy and Jessie didn have a chance.

Paul became a weekly newspaper columnist in January of 2007, when his first column entitled not about screwing the Insurance Company was published.

But no, our sprawling communities have taken up more and more duck habitat. During springtime, those cute little creatures can find themselves in very serious danger, particularly when their waddling path takes them across a street or a highway.

In 2007, Paul opened Hergott Law, a boutique personal injury law firm in the Central Interior, serving personal injury clients from all over British Columbia. Paul practice is restricted to acting only for the injured victim, never for ICBC or for other insurance companies.

Achieving Justice

This is, of course, in sharp contrast to an adult goose with a fully functional food processing system that chooses to hang out at a place where my children like to run around bare foot. I done a little research on the goose thing. It illegal to even think about causing harm to a Canada Goose. Okay, that a slight exaggeration and one that if true would have me behind bars for a very long time.

They not the most spatially aware creatures. They won immediately disperse if you get close with your vehicle. You have to sit there and wait for them to finish their casual Men Canada Goose Expedition Blue Australia waddling across the road before continuing on. At least with your vehicle sitting there a less concerned motorist won come along and mow them down.

Men Canada Goose Expedition Blue Australia

Sometimes they waddle their cuteness into harm way. Its our fault, of course. If we would have left their ponds alone the ducks could safely waddle their way through their uncluttered little duck lives.

I found two British Columbia court judgments that are on point. Chief Justice Wilson in a case decided in 1969 had this to say: desire to save an animal life is natural and admirable but, of course, it cannot excuse all acts done in pursuance of it. If the choice is between an animal and human safety then, I should think, there is no real choice and the animal must suffer. a later decision of our Court of Appeal, the highest court in this province, a three justice panel approved the following statement of Justice Hinds: he did not want to hurt the dog was both decent and understandable but, as a matter of law, he did not owe a duty to the dog he owed a duty to his passengers. In the circumstances, his instinctive reaction of veering off the roadway to avoid striking the dog was negligent. Of the various areas of litigation, he became most drawn to, and passionate about, pursuing fair compensation for injured victims. This gradually became his exclusive area of practice.

These would have been Emma thoughts on a nice, relaxed Sunday in the Summer, 2010. Emma, a young driver, stopped her vehicle on Highway 30, south of Montreal, to tend to a family of ducks.

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Bigger thinking is needed. The goal should be to put forward an agenda in the coming years that establishes a political axiom that conservatives are in favour of a smaller government and a bigger civil society and progressives support a bigger state and a smaller civil society.

Conservatives understand that overreliance on government over community based responses often produces poorer results. Consider, for instance, refugee resettlement. The Department of Citizenship and Immigration has found that privately sponsored refugees tend to integrate better, more quickly, and ultimately more successfully than government assisted ones. One example: privately sponsored refugees over a 15 year period were generally earning about 40 per cent more. It begs the question then: why are we focused on resettling government assisted refugees and not focused on enabling more privately sponsored ones?

This is a positive vision that conservatives inherit from Mr. Harper and should continue to cultivate. Now is the time for big thinking. The little platoons the basic building blocks of a vibrant, dynamic, and compassionate society are a good place to start.

The start of a new year marks another's passing and a new beginning. It's a chance to evaluate past accomplishments and deficiencies and set new goals and priorities. Conservatives are pleased to see 2015 come to a close.

A fresh start begins with a refreshed agenda and here's where conservatives ought to focus their attention in 2016. A good place to start is a restoration of Canadian civil society. It's a big idea that can form part of the basis of a substantive, thoughtful conservative agenda for the future.

So how can we bolster Canada's civil society? The solutions for reversing a shrinking civil society are complex. In the 1990s the state/civil society pendulum did swing towards civil society in part as Canadian governments brought their fiscal houses in order. But this swing of the pendulum was mostly a by product of fiscal retrenchment and not a deliberate end in itself.

What do we mean when we talk about civil society? We refer to intermediary or mediating institutions that assume a highly personal character and operate according to a different logic than that which informs the marketplace. Key among them are the family and the neighbourhood, as well as religious, cultural, social, and fraternal associations. These "little platoons," as Burke famously called them, formed the backbone of the system of reciprocal aid that predated the modern welfare state.

A Conservative Plan To Revive Canadian Civil Society

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The role of civil society is too often ignored or undermined by public policy. The expansion of the state in the second half of the 20th century came largely at the expense of civil society. Leviathan grew and civil society contracted.

And the superiority of local, civil society based solutions over top down, government ones is hardly limited to refugee resettlement. Civil society can play a critical role in addressing key societal challenges ranging from poverty to education to employment training. It's decentralized and localized and thus much more capable of on the ground experimentation and direct support to those in need. A bureaucrat in Ottawa won't help a new refugee figure out public transit in Regina but a private sponsor will.

The Men Canada Goose Yukon Bomber Spirit Australia Sale importance of a strong civil society is not just limited to utilitarianism. The decline of the mediating institutions between the individual and the state under the weight of big government has deeper cultural and spiritual effects. scholar Yuval Levin has called "the essential pillars of our moral life." Their decline leaves a void the state is unequipped to fill. The result can be a disconnected and unrooted society.

There's some evidence that the pendulum between the state and civil society has slowly begun to swing back. This is a positive development that will produce better outcomes than state intervention and create the conditions for stronger and more dynamic communities. Supporting this trend ought to be a key conservative project.

The outgoing Harper government was committed to a strengthened civil society. It championed voluntarism and civic engagement through awards and sponsorships. It successfully partnered with civil society groups on a wide range of issues including child and maternal health, First Nations education, neurological research, and homelessness. It expanded tax incentives to encourage charitable giving. It also tested out new models such as funding "challenges" and matching funds initiatives to support new, local ideas. These are necessary but probably not quite sufficient conditions to "nudge" forward the revival of Canadian civil society.

Civil society can play a critical role in addressing key societal challenges ranging from poverty to education to employment training.

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He said it was determined that no man made facilities are adequate for the proper care of killer whales.

Marineland has denied all allegations. Park owner John Holer has always maintained there were no problems with water quality. He has also said that staffing levels were more than sufficient, adding that he takes better care of the animals in his care better than he does himself.

"We also made a determination that orcas are an extraordinary animal given their size, given the manner in which they live. They exist in pods numbering five to 30. They dive about 500 feet to get food. We feel strongly that it is difficult to develop a suitable habitat for an animal of that magnitude," Naqvi told reporters.

The proposed changes were sparked by a 125 page report by a team of scientists led by David Rosen, a marine mammal expert from the University of Columbia. That report concluded present standards of care for marine mammals in public display facilities are insufficient.

Canada Goose Discount Solaris Parka Australia

"This will make Ontario the Canada Goose Discount Solaris Parka Australia first Canadian jurisdiction to have specific standards of care for marine animals," Naqvi said.

"Today's announcement is about ensuring that Ontario has the best standards of care possible for marine mammals. That is what Ontarians expect and these animals deserve," Community Safety Minister Yasir Naqvi announced Monday.

Canada Goose Discount Solaris Parka Australia

Marineland would not be affected by the proposed prohibition on the acquisition or breeding of killer whales.

Queen's Park is set to end the acquisition and breeding of killer whales in the province while dramatically improving conditions for all captive marine animals.

Canada Goose Discount Solaris Parka Australia

Naqvi said the proposed legislation tabled Monday amending the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act will include a fine of up to $60,000 and or two years in prison on the first conviction for either breeding or buying and selling orcas. If passed, the new rules would be effective upon the date of introduction of the proposed amendments.

"There were some concerns about whether we have effective standards of care for marine mammals in Ontario," Naqvi said, explaining the need for the massive overhaul of conditions for captive mammals.

In a Toronto Star investigation into conditions at Marineland Canada, several whistleblowers detailed problems related to animal care at the Niagara Falls park. In the stories, first published in August 2012, these former employees blamed sporadically poor water quality and chronic staffing shortages at the park for the ill health, even death, of animals at the facility.

acquisition of killer whales

In addition, he said his ministry is working on a series of improvements regarding the care of marine mammals, such as requiring larger enclosures as much as three times larger inspecting water quality, noise and lighting, as well as the handling and display of these mammals. Those changes are expected in six months.

The proposed changes would also require any such facilities to establish animal welfare committees and have a qualified marine mammal veterinarian available.