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PW: If you fall you are protected by the camming devices that I mentioned earlier. The sections between the camming devices can be quite a distance so 20/30ft falls are common if you fall off. You have to be careful at the beginning of the route because the climb is quite close to the ground so you have to make sure you don't fall off and land on your head. However by the end of the route (where I am in the picture) the ground has dropped away and there is exposure of 200ft below you, so if you fell from here you would fall into space.

Ralph Lauren Outlet a familiar spirit. He had a tutelar genius which he called Zcphytiel. lie contrived a preparation of mercury and gold dissolved m aqua regia, tliat he called Herrules; and this Hercules was an overmatrh for plague, pestilence, and many other giant distempers, lie cured epilepsy with antimony, and suppress! menses with hellebore. He performed an exploit upon a patient

PW: The feature is so special because it is one of the longest roof cracks that is possible to climb in the world. It is also one of the hardest crack climbs in the world. The line of the route is amazing to look at and it looks so hard and steep that it would not be possible to climb.

PW: Yes, you climb the roof of the cave for about 37 meters. You climb the whole thing upside down with your legs inverted inside the crack above your head for the whole way. This section of the route can take about 15/20 minutes to climb.

PW: We trained specifically for two years so we would be able to do this climb. Tom built a small replica of the climb in the cellar of his house. We did continuous training laps on this to prepare ourselves. Over the top of this we did thousands of hours of offwidth specific abdominal, bicep, shoulder and leg conditioning. An average week we would train 5 days out of 7, though not all completely intensive.

A: You came all the way from the UK for this feature, why is it so special?

A: Did you have to train for a while to be ready for this climb? How?

PW: We climbed all the other hardest offwidths that America had to offer. Pakistan kommer med stet over for mange kritik fra resten af verden til sin politik, mens Kina indikerer

Ray Ban Sunglasses in Monmouthshire, now called Cowbridgr, or according to Baudranil, Bangor in Caernarvonthire.

BO VI US (Thomas), Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka Light Grey Australia one of those empirics that rose in Italy about the middle of the sixteenth century, when the proper rules of philosophising were unknown, when the boundaries of science and quackery were undefined, and when men, instead of cousultmg nature, and learning her secrets from experiment, pretended to drive their know ledge from the efficacy of a charm, or the intercourse of

A: Did you and Tom Randall both do the same climb of Century Crack? Had it been done in this style before? PW: and I both climbed Century Crack. It had never been free climbed before. By this I mean it had never been done from start to finish without weighting or resting on the rope and gear that you put in the rock. The best style it had been done before Tom and I, was by the whole of the route but in sections. The climbers who previously tried it didn't have the strength and fitness to complete it without resting lots.

While across the pond from home, the Brit duo hit every difficult offwidth crack they could find.

Whittaker and his climber partner Tom Randall trained for two years for the offwidth crack, meaning the gap was too wide for fist jamming techniques and too narrow for chimney techniques. Instead the climber must fill the space with a combination of body parts to make slow, grueling progress. "Tom built a small replica of the climb in the cellar of his house. We did continuous training laps on this to prepare ourselves," says Whittaker. "We also did thousands of hours of offwidth specific abdominal, bicep, shoulder, and leg conditioning."

It contains a small town nf the same name.

A: Can you explain offwidth in a way we can understand?

A: You are the roof of the cave? Literally across the ceiling?

Adventure: What was going through your mind at this moment?

A With Pete Whittaker on Free Climbing Century Crack

See more great images in our Extreme Photo of the Week.

Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka Light Grey Australia

PW: We know it is the hardest offwidth because we have already completed all the other hardest offwidths in the world. This has also been a project for offwidth climbers for around 8 10 years and it was still never done.

A: How do you know this is the hardest offwidth completed?

A: What happens if you fall?

"You climb upside down with your legs inverted inside the crack above your head the whole way," says British rock climber Pete Whittaker about completing the first free climb of Century Crack, the longest and hardest known roof crack climb in the world, in October 2011. Here he is seen upside down 200 feet above the floor of the canyon near the White Rim in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

A: Do you have no protection, is it considered free soloing?

PW: An offwidth is a crack in the rock that is wider than a person's fist (so they are unable to use secure fist jamming techniques) but narrower than a person to fit completely inside (so they are unable to use secure chimneying techniques). Therefore you have to try and fill the space using a combination of body parts together. You can then create stationary positions in able to move a separate body part up or across (in the case of this route). The is slow and complex and a few inches at a time on offwidths is considered to be good progress. Offwidth is generally hated by many people because of the strenuous and gruelling nature of the . Offwidth works the whole body and mainly the major limbs get massive amounts of lactic acid build up in them. It is not uncommon to hear about people throwing up or fainting straight after completing or whilst offwidths.

A: Did you climb some other stuff in the Southwest while you were here?

BOV1UM, in ancient geography, a town of the Silures, in Britain, fifteen mile south of Ivca Silunim, or Cacr lcon,

Pete Whittaker: At this point of the route I am just approaching the crux. The climb becomes very technical as you go from being upside down in the horizontal plane to getting the correct way up in the vertical plane. A lot of different techniques have to be used at this point. So I was just trying to picture the sequence of moves that I had to execute, whilst I was still and approaching them. I knew if I could get past the next 10ft of then I would be able to complete the route.

PW: The on this route was so difficult that we did not free solo it. Most climbs of this type are never really soloed. It is common for this type of to use protection called Cams. These are devices that go into the rock and cam against either side of the crack. You then clip your rope through them and if you fall the camming device catches you. This route was very unique in that it needed 13cams of very similar size to protect it. It is unusual for a route to have so many of the same large camming devices.

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Catherine Clarke: Well, folks take it as an anti oxidant, similar to the way they might take Vitamin C or Vitamin E.

Robyn Williams: So, if you're suggesting that without Q you live 60% longer, you know that's a huge amount, could it be that with Q you have a similarly dramatic effect on the other direction?

Discount Men Canada Goose Manitoba Jacket Graphite Australia

Robyn Williams: Except we are talking about worms still, aren't we? What was the reaction when you published your material, were the manufacturers very cross?

Robyn Williams: So this brings in your work on the C elegans, this Discount Men Canada Goose Manitoba Jacket Graphite Australia wonderful little worm the nematode worm, which has been used for so many experiments and you found what?

Catherine Clarke: Right, there are studies that suggest that as people age and as animals age that levels of this, it's a lipid, fall. And I think one of the rationales may be that by taking it as a supplement you could keep levels at a higher amount.

Kerry Hull: Dr Dunlap has found that the bacteria which live in the outer mucous lining of corals exposed to the damaging ultra violet sunlight dramatically increase levels of this anti aging enzyme. In the laboratory, when bombarded with UV radiation the bacteria over compensate by recycling coenzyme Q at a faster rate than needed to resist damage.

Catherine Clarke: Well, you know we expect the results of that Parkinson's Disease trial to come out probably within this year. The Huntington's Disease trial: I think what the result will indicate is that there is no significant effect of taking the coenzyme Q, but again, I think those still need to be published.

Kerry Hull, ABC News, Townsville.

Walt Dunlap: As we get older we become more and more deficient in this recycling of coenzyme Q.

ABC Radio National Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Robyn Williams: Do you recommend to your friends that they take it?

Catherine Clarke: No, in fact I think people say they have to take it for a month or so or even longer and that it's a gradual effect it; doesn't kick in right away.

Robyn Williams: And you found?

Catherine Clarke: No. I don't.

Robyn Williams: But people don't get a sort of immediate reaction over days or weeks, they don't feel better necessarily, do they?

Robyn Williams: Fascinating science done by the man who brought us the coral sunscreen a while ago, Walt Dunlap. But what about that coenzyme Q, taken by lots of people to keep them young. Does it work? Well, according to new research at UCLA, that's the University of California, Los Angeles, it sometimes has the opposite effect to the one you want. Professor Catherine Clarke.

Robyn Williams: And they really do believe in it?

Catherine Clarke: Yeah, there are quite a few folks that take it and think it provides some benefit and in fact there are clinical trials underway currently testing whether it has any efficacy in treating a variety of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's Disease and Huntington's disease, and for the most part we simply must wait to see what the efficacy is.

Catherine Clarke: Well, what we found was that in feeding these worms a diet devoid of coenzyme Q they actually had a 60% extension of lifespan. So it really, you know, it was really a surprise to folks I think, that take the supplement because the preconceived notion is that if you took this you would perhaps extend life. So in our studies the worms are eating the bacteria called E. coli (Escherichia coli), and that's their normal laboratory diet. And we simply engineered an E. coli strain that was Q less, so it was devoid of coenzyme Q, and then provided the worms with either the Q less diet or the Q replete diet and that's where we saw a 60% extension of lifespan in the worms fed the Q less diet.

Robyn Williams: I'm sure it is. And the results that you mentioned for the clinical trials, when will they start to be public?

Catherine Clarke: Well, we were studying the biosynthetic pathway of coenzyme Q or ubiquinone, and there was a mutation in a worm, the C elegans, that prevented it's synthesis and interestingly enough this mutant had been described initially as being very slow, very sluggish and having a longer life span. And our work in fact showed that the mutation impaired the synthesis of coenzyme Q in the worm and so one of the next questions we wanted to address was whether a dietary source of coenzyme Q also would have an impact on lifespan of the worm, and specifically looking at normal worms that are able to synthesis coenzyme Q.

Robyn Williams: Do you take it yourself?

Robyn Williams: Of course, there'd be anti oxidants the rage at the moment and presumably people are taking them for some sort of long term benefit; anti aging and all that.

Robyn Williams: Did you see an item on ABC TV news a few days ago about extend your life span? Here's an extract.

Kerry Hull: Dr Dunlap says the bacteria has the ability to produce a potent weapon in the war against aging an antioxidant known as coenzyme Q. Antioxidants boost the body's resistance to free radicals, the toxic by product cells create as they burn energy.

Kerry Hull: Most people spend their life trying to slow the aging process but Dr Walt Dunlap from the Australian Institute of Marine Science believes he may have unlocked the secret to eternal youth in marine bacteria.

Catherine Clarke: No, I don't. I get asked that question quite a bit and in my mind I think there's just not enough known about its effects and how it's taken up and transported by different tissues, so I'm a bit on the fence about coenzyme Q as a supplement.

Catherine Clarke: Well, I think a certain knee jerk reaction was: Oh, my goodness me, maybe I should stop taking my coenzyme Q supplement, and there tended to be direct extrapolation from our findings in worms to what the implications were in humans. Fortunately, I haven't been directly accosted or anything but there's a variety of web sites where there's quite an active debate going on about the possible pros and cons that may result from taking coenzyme Q and I certainly think such a debate is healthy.

Catherine Clarke: That's a big question, so actually the analogy that we work with is that it could be similar to cholesterol. So one thing that is clear is that the worms do better during growth and development with Q in the diet. So in other words, going from an egg through their normal larval moults to a reproductive active adult they actually do better with the coenzyme Q replete diet than with the Q less diet, but when they're switched as an adult to the Q less diet that's when you see the extension in lifespan. And I think the analogy to cholesterol is that during growth and development dietary sources of this lipid are really important: you're making new membranes, you're laying down islets (of Langhans) during development and cholesterol has to be produced and it's very important that it's taken in. But once you're developed, right, and you're a fat a happy adult, then the problem is the opposite: perhaps that we get too successful, we eat too much and that's when perhaps having it at exceedingly high levels is detrimental. It's possible that the same could be true with coenzyme Q but there's not nearly as much known about the trafficking and uptake and even just basic questions of metabolism about coenzyme Q as there is known about cholesterol.

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US. They too feature an Alder body, C shaped neck, a big headstock, 22 frets, a Greasebucket tone circuit, 3 Alnico pickups (tuned for distortion), thin lacquer finish all in 70s styling. The

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The Fender Standard Strats are now the industry standard for electric guitars being built by manufacturers (big and small) all over the world. The Standard Strats feature an Alder body, a 'C'

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Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka Brown Melbourne

To test the coat, I hiked a couple miles one evening outdoors in minus 20 degree weather with only Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka Brown Melbourne a short sleeve T shirt under the Snow Mantra. I paired the coat with boots, big mittens and Canada Goose's $250 Tundra Down Pant, which has thick, insulated nylon legs. In this getup, I was toasty warm the whole time and sweating when I walked up hills in the woods.

Indeed, in weather above 10 degrees, Canada Goose's offerings were almost too warm to wear for anything more than standing around in the woods or on a frozen lake. For the deep, dark temperatures it's made to endure, the Snow Mantra excels. Extra features including knit nylon cuffs to ensconce the wrists and internal mesh pockets made to hold heat emitting chemical hand warmers add amazing warmth.

Despite its high price, the coat has extremely limited use. It is made for outdoor activities in extreme cold where the wearer will be stationary or fairly inactive. Walking, hunting in a blind, dog sledding, stargazing, ice fishing, polar research and light snowshoeing would be appropriate activities. Anything more rigorous and you'll soon be sweating.

My test coat, the Snow Mantra parka, is the warmest winter coat I have ever pulled on. It has a large tunnel hood with a coyote fur ruff, a billowed body stuffed 2 inches thick with pounds of goose down and a fleece lined throat latch to seal the neck and chin from chill.

A coat for truly extreme weather

But the cocoon of heat has performance disadvantages, too. This coat is bulky and heavy, tipping nearly 7 pounds on my scale. Its hood is huge and immobile, blocking peripheral vision when deployed with its fluffy coyote fur stuck out.

Canada Goose offers a range of products, including less extreme parkas, aviator style jackets, down vests and casual winter coats. With its hefty price tag and limited use, the Snow Mantra has a small audience, mainly polar explorers and dwellers of the high latitudes. But for arctic individuals, Canada Goose's coat could mean the difference between comfort and cold, even life and death, in the most frigid places.

The jacket, a model purportedly favored by researchers at the South Pole, has been around for years. It has an expeditionary look, including knit insignia patches, reflective striping, a D ring clip, and a plastic ID window on the chest pocket. But this warmth does not come cheap. The Snow Mantra, made to last for years in extreme climates, costs an astounding $885.

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"I don't think you can blame him or the government for taking the gamble," says Scott Reid, who helped shepherd nearly a dozen federal budgets as the communications guru for former Liberal finance minister and prime minister Paul Martin.

"They've been able to just push pause and say 'let's wait and see.,'" said Reid. "That's allowed them to avoid that conversation," about the state of the economy.

A not inconsequential benefit of that budget delay for the Conservatives may also have been in pushing questions about the sputtering Canadian economy described as "atrocious" for now, by the Bank of Canada governor this week off the political agenda for two months while terrorism and security dominated the government's policy front.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Red Australia

The finance minister conjured up massive Liberal tax and spending hikes and warned darkly of threats to "our fragile economic recovery," before going on to say the books will be balanced, and that no more cuts are in the cards.

That this massive budgetary outlay was announced and heavily advertised with public dollars before the 2015 16 budget date was even announced says a great deal about the nuts and bolts of the budget to come on April 21.

OTTAWA It took Finance Minister Joe Oliver all of about 90 seconds Thursday during his address on the coming federal budget to launch an attack on the Liberals, the third place party in the House of Commons seat standings but the Conservatives' biggest threat in public opinion surveys.

"I can remember as a boy when the small deficits started to be run in the early 1970s by the Trudeau government, it went on for a generation to the point where we had to have drastic cuts to our services," said Harper, whose historical recall neglected the 10 consecutive balanced budgets that preceded his rise to power.

That's because by laying out the country's fiscal parameters, "you have to declare yourself in fiscal terms as to what is available."

With a national election fixed for no later than mid October, the government's long awaited annual federal spending blueprint is not just another waymarker on the march to the ballot box.

"Budgets require a plan, and the discipline to follow it."

That goose lays its first golden egg this July, when every family with a child under 18 will get a government cheque for at least $360 back pay on six months of retroactive benefits.

It became obvious months ago, said Reid, that this budget day "would be the de facto firing of the starter pistol for the 2015 federal election."

"That's going to determine the political promises you can make, the policy priorities you will establish, and it then opens the door to the opposition to begin to roll out their policy promises," said Reid.

Oliver didn't do anything Thursday to push new budgetary priorities under the stage lights.

Accounting or campaigning

The golden goose in the Conservative re election plan was introduced to Canadians last October, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper travelled to the bread basket of Canadian swing voters in the coveted 905 telephone exchange around Toronto and rolled out $27 billion in targeted tax breaks and child benefit increases over five years.

Oliver took the unusual step of announcing in January that his first budget, typically delivered in February or March, wouldn't come until at least April amid tanking world oil prices. Those prices haven't rebounded.

"The Liberals have told Canadians that budgets balance themselves I can tell you, they do not," Oliver told his audience in both official languages at a Canada Goose clothing plant in Toronto.

"We Conservatives understand that government must live within its means," Oliver said in Toronto, laying down the fundamentals of the Conservative message this election year.

Don't expect the tone to change.

Back in the House of Commons, where parliamentarians are elected to sit in watch over the country's purse, the leader of the official Opposition New Democrats was left fulminating over the absence of the prime minister and his finance minister. Tom Mulcair said Harper Cheap Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Red Australia and Oliver had to "flee the nation's capital to avoid answering questions" on the budget.

Some $7.5 million has already been earmarked to advertise the Conservative budget once those balanced books and the $2 billion a year income splitting measure become official.

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A program of the non profit , the Festival has introduced global audiences to some of the most ground breaking films of the past two decades, including sex, lies, and videotape, Maria Full of Grace, The Cove, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, An Inconvenient Truth, Precious, Trouble the Water, and Napoleon Dynamite, and through its New Frontier initiative, has showcased the cinematic works of media artists including Isaac Julien, Doug Aitken, Pierre Huyghe, Jennifer Steinkamp, and Matthew Barney. recognizes critical support from the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development, and the State of Utah as Festival Host State. The support of these organizations will defray costs associated with the 10 day Festival and the nonprofit 's year round programs for independent film and theatre artists. The Institute promotes independent storytelling to unite, inform and inspire, regardless of geo political, social, religious or cultural differences. Join on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Acura To Host Q With Sound City Film Director Discount Women Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket White Australia Dave Grohl At 2013 Sundance Film Festival

Discount Women Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket White Australia

The Sundance Film Festival

Grohl's personal connection to Sound City began with the 1991 recording of Nirvana's breakthrough album, "Nevermind." Selling over 30 million copies worldwide, "Nevermind" changed the entire musical landscape and forever altered the course of Dave Grohl's life. The film is also being produced in conjunction with Jim Rota, John Ramsay, and Therapy Studios.

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Discount Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Grey Australia

I recently retired from the court and have been rather at a loss as to how to occupy my time. There is only so much gardening that a chap can take, especially with an estate as large as mine. And so, I thought to myself: Crouchy, you an educated chap, a man of the world, a man with a cultural hinterland; you nailed a few fillies, sweated it out with a few chaps, prosleytised for Anglo Saxon values in the most benighted corners of the globe. You done all this, Crouchy, all Discount Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Grey Australia off your own bat, a self made man from the moment you left Harrow. So why not post your wisdom for those poor lost souls in the sink estates, the colonies and abroad?And, do you know, the more I thought about it, and the more cognac I drank, the more convinced I became that this was a jolly good idea indeed. And so here we are. You are reading me right now.I shan beat about the bush on here, however. I plan to uphold Anglo Saxon values, and I shan be shy about it. There far too much of this simpering niceness in the air. Let me tell you: the Empire was not built on niceness. Absolutely not. Kitchener was not nice when he slaughtered the Musselmen at Omdurman. On the contrary, he was a frightful rotter to the poor savages. But it did the trick. Britain gained control over vast swathes of uninhabitable desert and the glory of the Empire was thereby maintained. Think about that the next next time you are tempted to be nice.I shall stop now because I am swiftly working myself into a lather. The gout comes on considerably worse when I become irate. I shall sign off with a hearty cheerio, and repair to my study to re read Plutarch (in the original Greek, naturally I was mortified to see a young man reading Plutarch in English the other day!)

A hearty welcome from Viscount Crouchback

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4. Blue catfish, 1211/2 pounds, caught from Lake Texoma in 2004 by Cody Mullenix. It was the world rod and reel record when caught, and Mullenix made it more interesting because he was fishing from the bank. The blue cat world record has twice been eclipsed since 2004, which indicates the increased skill of those who seek big catfish and the general health of that fishery. Mullenix dubbed his fish "Splash" and donated it to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, where it was a dive show favorite at feeding time until it died of natural causes.

5. Largemouth bass, 14.09 pounds, caught from Lake Monticello in 1980 by Jimmy Kimbell. Kimbell's fish was the first of seven modern largemouth bass records and was particularly important at the time because it proved that Florida strain largemouth bass had the ability to grow larger than the northern strain largemouth bass native to Texas. Kimbell's fish is still the Monticello record.

Ranking Texas' most historic catches doesn't just come down to size

3. Largemouth bass, 18.18 pounds, caught from Lake Fork in 1992 by Barry St. Clair, who was crappie fishing at the time. St. Clair's giant bass remains the state record 23 years after the catch.

The International Game Fish Association's recent list of the 10 biggest record largemouth bass provided the impetus to consider the 10 most important Texas fish records. Here they are, in ascending order:

A closer look at the 10 most important Texas fish records

8. redfish, 59.50 pounds, caught from the Gulf of Mexico in 2000 by Artie Longron. Until given game fish status in 1983, redfish and spotted seatrout were netted for the commercial market. Longron's big red would rank higher had it been caught from a bay. The biggest redfish are usually caught by fishing in the surf on a September or October storm surge, when big reds are spawning.

9. Guadalupe bass, 3.71 pounds, caught in 2014 from the Colorado River by Bryan Townsend. This is the lightest of the top 10 Texas records, but it was caught on fly tackle and the Guadalupe bass is the state fish of Texas. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department almost wiped out these fish in their Hill Country niche by stocking many of the small streams with smallmouth bass, which cross with Guadalupe bass. The 2014 record indicates Guadalupe bass, as a species, are alive and healthy.

1. Whichever memorable fish you've caught, whether it was a 6 inch bluegill that got you started along the often challenging but always interesting path of fishing, or a monster that you caught and released, with no consideration of entering it as a record. It could even be the big one that jumped at boat side and spit the hook or your child's or grandchild's first fish to ensure another generation of angler/conservationists.

Buy Men Canada Goose Chateau Parka Grey Australia

7. Alligator gar, 279 pounds, caught from the Rio Grande in 1951 by Bill Valverde. This fish remains the IGFA world record. Bigger alligator gar have been landed in Texas, a 307 pounder from the Nueces River on a trotline and a 290 pounder from the Trinity River by a bowfisher, but the Valverde fish is the biggest freshwater fish documented as having been caught by a rod and reel angler in Texas.

2. Largemouth bass, 17.67 pounds, caught from Lake Fork in 1986 by fishing guide Mark Stevenson. Though surpassed by the St. Clair bass as a state record, Stevenson's fish was the first entry into what became the Toyota ShareLunker program. It also wound up in Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World headquarters in Springfield, Mo., where it was the aquarium star and a leading ambassador for Texas bass fishing. For his contributions, Stevenson was inducted this year into the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

OUTDOORS CALENDARTHROUGH TODAY Second weekend of the DFW Summer Boat Expo at Dallas Market Hall, 2200 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas.

10. Tiger shark, 1,129 pounds, caught from the Gulf of Mexico in 1992 by Chap Cain III. It's the heaviest fish documented that was caught from a Texas port. It would rank higher, Buy Men Canada Goose Chateau Parka Grey Australia but it was caught in international waters. Cain's giant tiger gets extra points on the heels of the Discovery Channel's Shark Week.

6. speckled trout, 15.50 pounds, caught from the Lower Laguna Madre in 2002 by Carl Rowland. I lived near the Texas coast in the 1970s and early 1980s. I caught thousands of speckled trout from Sabine Lake on the Louisiana border to the Laguna Madre near the Mexican border. None were half the size of Rowland's 2002 record, highlighting a vivid win for conservation.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Black Australia

Abu Dhabi Building New Renewable Energy City

I once owned a very lovely Victorian mansion. It was very expensive to maintain and to run. The energy use, in particular, was great. So it is with our cultural system of suburban housing. I like the idea, in the Abu Dhabi city, of electric cars, hopefully able to run on a maglev system, picking up people. Instead of the constant headache of owning a car, one can travel in comfort while not worrying about dealing with break downs, insurance, etc. I know many humans love cars as extensions of their egos but that is childish and would be rather silly in the future, I would hope.

Here are two pictures of what this 'city' will look like:

From a 1980 publication: ISRAEL'S 150 KW SOLAR POND One of the most impressive sights of the entire excursion was a small power generating station located at the southern end of the Dead Sea. . . where a considerable amount of electricity is being produced, using solar energy. You might well assume that the plant operates on photo voltaic's, but if that's what you're thinking you'll have to guess again. The new power generating facilities are solar ponds. . . inexpensive, often naturally occurring phenomena that may just hold the secret to a safe and reliable, middle technology form of energy production!

I was involved in many of the debates about the structure of the early L5 proposals. The illustration above was what I called 'suburban space colonies' in that it looked an awful lot like Phoenix, Arizona or Houston, Texas. Surprise, surprise. It was, of course, financially impossible because it was a poor use of materials versus habitat use. Some of us argued that 90% of the habitat space would have to be used for food production facilities. Namely, farming. I even joked that the best space colonists would be Amish farmers! Then we had to figure out how to get them out to a space colony and decided to pretend they were being kidnapped by aliens. Heh.

Essentially, a solar pond is, in the words of the solar program's acting director Bruce Nimmo, "just water, salt, a hole and a liner." The hole is scooped out of "sabkhas," the salt flats which abound the eastern coastal region of Saudi Arabia, then lined with plastic and filled with salt water, found, usually just below the surface.

Once the project is built, MIT will have an ongoing role in monitoring the actual energy performance of the city, Glicksman says. And that could provide an extraordinary opportunity for students to learn about the potential for such large scale integrated approaches to innovative energy production and use.

My parents got involved in persuading the Arab rulers who were sitting on the biggest oil reserves on earth, to go into renewable energy research. This, when the Arabs were first seeing the benefits of higher oil prices and greater oil production. The various programs that were launched have had a checkered history due to lack of genuine fear on the part of the oil kingdoms concerning their future. But now that they a finally seeing their own Hubbert Oil Peak right before their own eyes, the interest in setting up a better system is growing more urgent by the day. When my parents came to Saudi Arabia, most of the people there lived in rather primitive conditions. For example, once there was a big rain storm and millions of bugs came pouring into the apartments where my mother was staying, covering all the walls with creepy crawlies.

A reader kindly sent me a story about the latest MIT/Abu Dhabi project to build an entire city that runs on only renewable resources. My parents went to the Arabian countries during the late 1960's and until the late '70's to help start up SOLARAS, the Solar Energy Research center there. This was because they persuaded the kings of Saudi Arabia to prepare for the future and to beware of the Hubbert Oil Peak. So now this sort of work is rapidly expanding with the foundation of this new, research city. The US should be doing this at home except there is still too little interest. We will also visit a Greenpeace model community in England.

One program, that is called SOLERAS (Solar Energy Research American/Saudi), addressed solar energy technological and economical related issues. SOLERAS was established in 1975 and concluded in 1997. A second program started as of 1 989 with DOE (Department of Energy in the United States), addresses in addition to solar energy R the other technologies of renewable energy.

But seriously, the proposals for the model city here leaves me cold due to a lack of greenery. The oxygen/humidity/psychological benefits should be obvious. Plants filter pollution and these places have indoor pollution up the yin yang. Also, the Garden of Eden aspect should not be ignored. I keep two small trees and a number of bushes and potted plants indoors in winter here for these reasons. Who wants to live in what looks like a mall with a food court? The other thing that bothers me in general about Abu Dhabi is the mania for tower building. Towers are not energy efficient buildings. They are grandiose expressions of human hubris. The energy consumption of elevator use not to mention the maitenance problems of big towers is not sufficiently appreciated. True, the Empire State Building has endured a long, long time. Even being hit by a plane. But it is much smaller in floor space than post WWII towers and has a much, much higher ratio of solid masonry material per square foot.

What happens then, however, isn't at all as simple. Based on certain principles concerning the loss of heat from liquids and gasses, the water in a solar pond gets hotter and hotter and can be stored without loss of the heat.

Some of the initial ideas for the zero energy plan came from the MIT collaboration, says Leon Glicksman, professor of building technology and mechanical engineering and director of MIT's Building Technology Program. "We did work with them when they were evaluating proposals for the architecture," he says, but now "they're on a really fast track for construction," so the British architectural firm, Foster + Partners, which did the principal design work, is taking the lead.

A blueprint for no carbon footprintMIT will maintain a close association with the Masdar Institute, whose faculty will spend a year here before beginning their teaching there. But the involvement with the creation of the new city and campus is more limited.

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From a 1981 Aramco newsletter: The utilization of solar energy in Saudi Arabia began in 1 960 when a French company installed a Photovoltaic powered beacon at a small airport. The research activities commenced with small scale university projects during 1969. The first large solar project was the construction of the world's largest solar heating system for a school in the late seventies. The systematized work in solar energy research and development was not genuinely inaugurated until King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) was established in 1977.

Today, the cities in Arabia are some of the most sophisticated on earth. But as King Faisal said about living in tents in the desert, moving into cities and eventually returning to the camels and the tents, the bounty from the oil profits can be fleeting. As with the high oil prices in the seventies and eighties, all this nearly vanished in the 1990's and Saudi Arabia nearly went bankrupt. Overspending on silly things while making zero preparations for the loss of oil profits, the entire enterprise nearly went under. This is why there is a lot of nervousness over there today. They know the profits can vanish along with the savings and investments. The US has tried to spook Saudi Arabia into supporting extravagant oil consumption over here in order to save their investments in our businesses and properties. But they are obviously going to just cut their losses.

The new zero emissions city, which is being built near the city of Abu Dhabi in the center of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is part of the Masdar Initiative, a $15 billion government funded investment program designed in part to ensure that the UAE's prosperity won't be linked exclusively to its oil. Its leaders say that the project will give the country a leadership position in renewable energy. If it's successful, says Sultan al Jaber, Masdar's CEO, "we'll be sitting on top of the world."

So far, the institute's modest experiments with a prototype pond built at the institute's solar lab last fall have been successful; a meter and a half deep (five feet) and saturated with salt in its bottom half, the pond, built above ground, registered a temperature of 129 degrees F in its "lower convecting zone" or salt saturated region just two weeks after start up. In sufficient volume, water at that temperature could be pumped out of the pond's lower half and piped to homes and buildings for heat, or to factories, for such industrial purposes as washing bottles in a bottling plant.

The urgency to develop a sustainable energy community is growing rapidly in the Middle East. Incidentally, another country that made it very clear they Cheap Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Black Australia were interested in developing sustainable energy systems back in the seventies was China. My parents went there to work on similar projects which are still very much ongoing today. Only here, in America, was their message about the Hubbert Oil Peak and sustainable energy rejected by the government and incidentally, with the election of Reagan, the US voters.

The Masdar Institute is a non profit, independent entity established with the assistance of the world renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), under a cooperative agreement signed in December 2006. I hope some time to visit their offices and learn more. We should be grateful that the Arabs have chosen this joint venture and perhaps we will gain something from all this. The belief that the present set up we enjoy in America will be our future lifestyle is impossible. So we should start thinking hard, what will we replace it with? I suggested years ago that most suburbs without train service will be turned into scavenger zones and habitat for bears and wild birds in 50 years or less. When we travel about the Midwest, we can see abandoned Victorian farm houses left over from the days when it took an army of people to farm. As modern equipment took over human and horse labor, the percentage of farm labor in the population collapsed from over 60% to under 6%. So it is with our suburbs: they will be just as abandoned.

Years and years ago, in the Ice Ages, when MIT was being built [heh] I went to an L 5 meeting there. The new building we met in was in the cement Architecture Brutality style monstrosity which was supposed to be 'modernism' at that time. Moving beyond the Bauhaus Box style, these things looked like cement pill boxes from WWII. I decided to liven it up and drew a unicorn on the wall with a pen. It still didn't fix the psychological depressed state of the building. So I hope the people advising the Abu Dhabi project are not detached from the historic ideal for a place where humans should live: the Hanging Gardens of Babylonia. One of the Seven Wonders of the World according to the ancient Greeks.

Normally, in ponds, lakes or seas, the water, when it is heated by the sun, loses the heat at the surface through convection roughly defined as movement in the water caused by temperature, density and gravity factors. But if the water is heavily salted, the movement of the heated water at the bottom of the pond or lake is restricted by the high density caused by the high salinity. the loss of heat at the surface caused by movement no longer operates effectively; to the contrary, the water in the bottom half of the pond gets hotter and hotter; in the solar pond temperatures can go as high as 212 degrees F, enough to boil an egg or, more practically, provide hot water for dishwashers, showers, and washing machines in homes.

The Research Institute, however, has more ambitious goals. Its scientists want to use solar ponds to generate electricity by heating water to about 200 degrees F in the pond pumping it out and transferring the heat in the water to a fluid with a lower boiling temperature (a Freon, for example) which, as it vaporizes, could drive a turbine.

But the systems being set up in Abu Dhabi's experimental city is very similar to the L 5 Space Colony proposals. For human waste, water use, cooling and heating systems are all going to be bio and energy sustainable. And this is a good concept which all cities should have. Indeed, I proposed long ago, we should move all our manufacturing and cities to space and turn the planet earth back into the Garden of Eden for evolution and living things to recolonize it and continue their amazing evolutionary history! It would also remove us from the grave dangers of weather, earthquake and volcanic hazards. Not to mention bigger events like ice ages, for example. Then the earth could be a vacation spot to feel the force of gravity and enjoy viewing the wonders of nature, etc. Sigh.

Building the Zero Emissions City

A city being built in Abu Dhabi will serve as a large scale test for renewable energy. Last week, in the harsh desert climate of Abu Dhabi, construction started on a city that will house 50,000 people and 1,500 businesses but use extremely little energy, and what it does use will come from renewable sources. The initial building is a new research institute that the founders hope will be the seed for the equivalent of a Silicon Valley of the Middle East, only one centered not on information technology but on renewable energy. Indeed, the city's founders hope that it will serve as a test bed for a myriad of new technologies being proposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A Solar Pond A "solar pond" is an attempt to solve one of the more difficult problems associated with solar energy: how to collect it. Though sunshine falls on the peninsula in massive quantities, no one has yet perfected a way of conserving it efficiently, and the Research Institute hopes that what they call a "salt gradient" solar pond, may provide a solution.

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Please know that we will continue to call upon our friends and collect items of use for Daniela and the children. We'll watch the blog Men Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Brown Australia Sale for other suggestions. This is a great time and opportunity to respond to our new president's request to go out to our communities and HELP. Thank you so much for your call to service.

Thank you once again for any and all support that you have given in these past days. You really made a difference in the lives of 4 very special people.

It been nearly a week since Daniela and her family moved into our home temporarily. With 4 additional souls joining our family, the home has become a beehive of activity here. Today, Brandon celebrated his seventh birthday and it seems to have lifted his spirits. We received a care package from Jamie which included a portable Nintendo video game (red). This was Brandon one gift for the day, though we all know the real gift came from all of you in the overwhelming show of support you chose to show for this family.

This is the first post on this VERY new blog. I will continue to work on it providing additional sections and using this to manage any and all updates to our situation. We know there is more to come including finding more work for Daniela and also figuring out a way to give something back somehow. All in good time. In the meantime, feel free to subscribe or bookmark this blog for the place to recieve updates.

It is said that the gift is in the giving and I can't tell you how thankful I felt in being able to go through my closet looking for items that I could enjoy sharing with someone I cared about. It was more like helping a sister than a stranger because I had a face and a real cause to contribute to. Giving things away for which one has no use is not as charged as knowing that one is helping someone in fact. It made it easy for me to open my closet as well as my heart. I look forward to more experiences like this is the future.

A Birthday For Brandon

We'll look forward to the photographs. We would love to be involved in creating a force for good using twitter and blogging and web platforms as the communication center.

Thank you for responding so quickly to my email. Steve and I are so proud to be part of such a generous network of people coming together to help one another. Which is to say:

Daniela has been looking at apartments and we should hear more within the next day or so. We are focusing our efforts on something that is both appropriate and affordable which can be a real challenge in this part of Chicago suburbs. We hopeful we will find something that can keep Daniela and her family close to the connections and relatives she has here.

In the meantime Evelyn, little Daniela and Brandon (from left to right) are doing well and getting along with Max and Mason. OK, the occasional fight over who sleeps in the tent and who plays the Nintendo Wii does break out. I won lie to you, but our little extended family is doing well.

Daniela's need and your focus and spirit filled call to action are a wonderful gift to us all. We can't fill a need if we don't know about it, and you made it possible for many to contribute their love and support. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help contrary to what I saw one tweeter write. Alas, there will always be cynics but, otherwise, goodness would not have a counterpoint and therefore no value.

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