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Readers of this blog are probably vaguely aware that I signed up for a 12 day horseback trip into the Muskwa Kechika region in northeast British Columbia. You will also know that preparing (read = getting fit) is also in the works. For my fitness regime, I have added near daily bike rides around various hills. To be honest, I enjoy cycling and have owned a bike since I was a kid. My first bike as an adult was a Raleigh ten speed that I still have to this day. I took it out for a few spins on the hills sometime last year and it convinced me that I was either in denial about my fitness level or that it was time for a new bike. I decided that both could do with some work so I bought a new hybrid bike last year. Now, I no longer have two excuses why the hills are so difficult.

One of the other more mundane (read = sensible) preparations I have committed to is learning the songs of birds I might encounter in the Muskwa Kechika. I have seen and heard most of the species before but I needed to improve my bird song idnetifications. There are some great resources to help. The Sibley bird guide comes as an app for ipad along with songs. An even better resource is Dendroica an online nature instruction web site designed by my CWS colleague Charles Frances. Once you are signed in you can scroll around a list of the birds in North America. There are multiple photos for each species, and a variety of songs and calls from across the range of the species. The location where each song was recorded is provided. I made a list of the species I needed to know better and have been listening to their calls and comparing between species. The BC Breeding Bird Atlas has lists of birds you are likely to encounter in various parts of BC.

A Morning of Birding

I also purchased a map of Metro Vancouver bike routes. I noticed that the cartographers kindly illustrated the grade of hills with various yellow arrows. It matter of factly pointed out that Gaglardi Way leading to SFU was a single arrow hill. So was Cariboo Road, Fourth Avenue before Chancellor Boulevard, and Capilano Road in North Vancouver. Curtis Drive approaching SFU on Burnaby Mountain got a two arrow designation. It would blow an artery trying to get up that brute. But the granddaddy of them all is a hill on North Road that got a three arrow ranking. I don know exactly where this killer hill is located and it will remain in the imaginary for the time being. These are places to avoid at all costs in my estimation. I tried Cariboo Road because the old road keeps away from traffic for about half way. There I thought I would run out of steam. I managed to get to the top of the hill using a very low gear and spent the afternoon recovering on the couch.

Winston Avenue ends beside Dairyland where you will pass under a pedestrian and bike overpass. Take the overpass across the railway tracks. Now you will have to make a choice. Turn left to follow a gravel path along Still Creek, or turn right to pass along the west end of Burnaby Lake. On this Saturday morning, I took the Still creek route where I added a red tailed hawk, rufous hummingbird, varied thrush and downy woodpecker. Forty species along with a good bike ride was a nice way to start the day. For some odd reason though, I find the hills as difficult as ever.

Riding along the road following the river for a few hundred meters to where it met Cariboo Road I looked in vain for an American dipper. It shows up here periodically but not on this day. I followed the bike lane to the north (right), crossed at the first light to head west. Following the bike lane for about 2 kilometers, I arrived at to Piper Avenue. Birders will be familiar with this location as the best access to Burnaby Lake and Men Canada Goose Hybridge Hoody Black Outlet Australia its trail system. You can ride south on Piper to the park entrance where there is a bike rack. The viewing area on the lakeshore is straight ahead. The wetland at the lake is a great place to see waterfowl. The usual mix of mallards, green winged teal, wood duck, coot, hooded merganser, Canada goose were near the boardwalk. A few greater scaup were present and I spotted several more far off along the eastern drainage channel. A bald eagle sat on its nest on the southern shore and two great blue herons stood along the northern shore. Tree swallows were darting about everywhere. A brown headed cowbird sang from the tree tops and I heard my first of the season common yellowthroat belt out its song from the marsh.

On Saturday morning, I jumped on the bike and headed for a bike route in town away from traffic and where I expected to hear a variety of birds. I tallied 40 species in about 1.5 hours of cycling along the Brunette River, Burnaby Lake and Still Creek. You can access the Brunette by parking in the Lower Hume Park parking lot on Columbia Street in New West. The bike route is marked from there. Cross Columbia Street and follow the sidewalk north over the Brunette River. The bike trail follows a gravel road along the north side of the river for about 2 kilometers. It is a lovely ride along the river and through a deciduous forest. The trail ends at an RV park off Cariboo Road. I picked up the usual suburban birds such as American robin, Bewicks wren, violet green swallow, song sparrow, spotted towhee, white crowned sparrow, house sparrow, bushtit and starling in the suburbs around the parking lot. A Coopers hawk was a nice sighting. Along the river course I added yellow rumped warbler, pileated woodpecker, Pacific wren, purple finch, pine siskin, black capped chickadee and possibly a MacGillivrays warbler in the distance. There was likely much more but I was riding quite quickly.

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Retracing my route along Piper AVenue I searched for a red breasted sapsucker that nested last year in a cavity in a telephone pole adjacent o Warner Loates Park. No luck there. The ride follows a bike route along Winston Avenue where the traffic drowns out most bird songs. This is time for serious fitness head down, legs pumping, up and down small grades it is where you can open up the bike. And then in a blink of an eye I was passed by a guy on a road bike.

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Here are some key details:

Data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission show Minnesota trails the national average in employing public workers who reflect the state's demographics. However, the nation's police and teachers remain predominately white, data show.

Community leaders say those limited experiences can lead to poor communication and mistrust between people of color and the public workers providing them services. It also makes it less likely that children of color will consider the police station, classroom or state Capitol for possible careers. Jordan Jr., president of the NAACP Minnesota and Dakotas chapter. "If people don't see someone who looks like them in a public role, then they'll never see themselves in that role."

A workforce that reflects Minnesota

That means when a child of color interacts with a public servant cop, teacher or lawmaker Canada Goose Dawson Parka Outlet Australia the chances that person will look like them are pretty slim.

"It does more than just saying: 'This is a great job,'" Hines explained. "You can see yourself wearing the hat."

There are just eight people of color among the 201 members of the Minnesota Legislature.

Canada Goose Dawson Parka Outlet Australia

Nearly 20 percent of Minnesotans are people of color, but just 5 percent of teachers, 7 percent of police officers and 10 percent of state workers are racial or ethnic minorities. Another 4 percent of state employees choose not to disclose their race.

Hines, president of the Minnesota chapter of the National Black Police Association, wanted all the students to imagine themselves in uniform.

wetlandsOUTDOORS CALENDARopinionHeadlinesPort: We need a "None of the above" option on our ballotsOUR OPINION: Kudos to UND for photo findingsVIEWPOINT: Tobacco tax hike proposals ignore economic realityLETTER: North Dakota protest response shows Cavalry mentality LETTER: Let medical marijuana work in North DakotaST. PAUL On a recent elementary school visit, Metro Transit Police Lt. Anthony Hines made sure to bring an officer's cap and a mirror.

Few Minnesotans of color see themselves that way.

A Pioneer Press analysis found clear racial disparities in every sector between taxpayers and the people who earn taxpayer funded salaries. Educators, law enforcement officers, state and county workers and legislators remain overwhelmingly white even as the state's population has become increasingly diverse.

Recent deadly interactions between people of color and police coupled with long standing economic gaps have brought Minnesota's racial disparities to the forefront. As leaders work to address the state's gaps in achievement and opportunities, improving the diversity of the public sector is part of the equation.

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Canada Goose Dawson Parka Outlet Australia

One in five state residents is a person of color, but in most cases, fewer than one in 10 public jobs like Hines' is held by a minority worker.

St. Paul is the state's most diverse city, with 40 percent of the population people of color, yet only one in five city workers is a racial or ethnic minority.

Ramsey County falls along lines similar to St. Paul. People of color make up 37 percent of the county population, but only 27 percent of the county workforce; for teachers and law enforcement, the gap is twice as large.

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So go to Rother Valley Country Park near Mosborough, Worsbrough Country Park or Cannon Hall near Barnsley, and you'll find large flocks of Canadian Geese and it's fair to say, alien or not, that most people like to see them.

Wildside: November >Wildside: December >

Look for them much higher than the local movements of Canada Geese and Grey Lags, and often in much greater numbers. Listen for the call, a high pitched unk unk and wink wink wink. This is different from the call of the Canada Goose which books describe as a repeated and loud wagh onk.

Both they and the related Short eared Owls arrive here in numbers during winter and often hunt out over wetland and marsh.

But this did seem early and I would have expected them to be active in January rather than December. But then I did have Mallard ducks courting and mating back in late October. If the weather had stayed mild in early 2009 we might have had a fair number of baby ducklings on local rivers and lakes quite early on. But with the cold weather that will have been put back a few weeks.

The most remarkable perhaps are the Long eared Owls which gather in communal roosts. Dense hawthorn areas such as old railways embankments at sites like Old Denaby Nature Reserve and at Rother Valley Country Park, both in South Yorkshire, are typical locations for these birds.

However, the big spectacle is yet to come. This is the return migration of vast numbers of wild geese from East Anglia and the Wash, firstly to the north western marshes and then way beyond to Greenland and Iceland.

A Walk on the Wildside: Februaryby Ian Rotherham

Early on Saturday 14th February there were flocks high over Norton in south Sheffield. In recent years the numbers of wild geese have increased all across Britain. They split neatly into two broad categories; the resident non natives and the genuinely wild winter visitors.

I can't really say more but do try it at home. They are generally one of our earliest birds to begin breeding, but I'm not sure if this counted as late 2008 or early 2009. They are highly territorial, and with good cause; they have to defend an area which will provide food for a demanding family, so they are both vocal and potentially aggressive.

The Tawny Owl is our main owl of parks, gardens and of course woodlands. We do have other species across the region, and some of these can be seen in the middle of winter too.

Wildside: November >Wildside: December >

Baby Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Blue Topaz Outlet Australia

Winter geese

Our environmental expert Ian Rotherham tells us what we should be looking out for in South Yorkshire this February and the places to spot the wildlife.

Ian Rotherham directs the Tourism and Environmental Change Research Unit at Sheffield Hallam University. Read his observations on other months by clicking below.

The sun is setting and the East Anglian sky is a rich mauve hue. Set against this are seemingly endless flocks of geese calling loudly, etched in black against the vivid backcloth. People simply stop and stare; the spectacle is so amazing and this is one of nature's great spectaculars.

Ian and Rony welcome your letters, comments, sightings and records. Phone 0114 279 6699. For your nature sightings and photos. The views in this article are those of Dr Ian Rotherham and not of the BBC

Almost everywhere there's a decent body of water you are likely now to see large numbers of the exotic Canada Geese and increasingly the feral Grey Lag, the origin of the farmyard goose.

The RSPB are suggesting that the Wash population of wintering Pink feet is now around 50,000 and they are now making the return trip. As they do so, many are passing over the south western part of Yorkshire and are worth watching out for.

Sometimes you see one owl staring at you with bright eyes and erect ear tufts; then another, and another and another. You can even get an uncanny feeling of being watched by an unseen observer, and then in the gloom of the shrubs to make out the typical elongate shapes of the motionless Long eared Owls.

This is where their far flung breeding sites are. I've been down in Norfolk recently and the sheer numbers of Pink footed Geese are very impressive. The areas around Snettisham and Dersingham have up to 25,000 plus good numbers of Baby Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Blue Topaz Outlet Australia Brent Goose and smaller numbers of White fronted Geese.

Waxwings on an aerial in Mosborough

The effect on both local people and visitors is worth watching. As the geese fly out from arable fields where they feed during the day, they head for the seashore marshes and it's quite remarkable.

Nature featuresYou are in: South Yorkshire > Nature > Nature features > A Walk on the Wildside: February

A Walk on the Wildside

February March 2009:: Wild geese over South YorkshireWell it has finally happened Pink footed Geese have been streaming over the region in their thousands.

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Herb Wilson teaches ornithology and other biology courses at Colby College. He welcomes reader questions and comments at:.

The schedule of bird migration is largely governed by food. Migratory birds leave Maine when their preferred food is no longer sufficient. The first to leave are the aerial insect eaters like swallows, swifts and nighthawks. Leaf gleaning insect eaters like warblers, vireos and tanagers are next on the calendar. Caterpillars and other insects on which these birds depend can be found through September. Few warblers linger into October.

The migration we are enjoying now is waterbird migration. As long as lakes are unfrozen, these birds can find the sustenance they need.

November can be a good time to see vagrant species. On Nov. 1, Derek and Jeannette Lovitch, Kristen Lindquist and Evan Obercian found a gray catbird and two orange crowned warblers in Portland.

The big excitement this November has been the Franklin gull at Lake Sebasticook, present for several days. This vagrant from breeding areas in the Great Plains provides the 10th record for the state.

Although none have been reported this year to my knowledge, cave swallows occasionally appear along the New England coast in November. The closest breeding population is in east Texas.

On Nov. 7, Lisa Dellwo and Bill Schlesinger found a yellow billed cuckoo in Lubec. On Nov. 9, Don Reimer found a blue winged warbler at Sebasticook Lake.

Sparrows occur throughout October as the seeds of grasses and other plants are available for these ground feeders. Most sparrows will depart before the first snows cover their food.

On Nov. 6, Tom Aversa and Bruce Barker found some remarkable waterbird diversity on Sebasticook Lake in Newport. They saw the expected freshwater species like Canada geese, mallards, Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Blue Australia Sale American black ducks and green winged teals. But if you just saw the rest of their list, you would certainly think Tom and Bruce were birding at a coastal site. They saw common eiders, black scoters, white winged scoters, probable surf scoters, long tailed ducks, a red throated loon, a red necked grebe, four horned grebes and Bonaparte gulls. As is normally the case, these coast bound migrants did not linger. Striking it rich with fall waterbirds is a hit or miss proposition.

Fall birding on lakes and ponds can be exciting. You never know what you might see. In late October I took one of my two ornithology lab sections to Sabattus Pond, a known hot spot for ducks and other waterbirds in autumn. The first day we saw the expected buffleheads, ring necked ducks, greater scaup, lesser scaup, ruddy ducks and American coots.

In early November, a smaller flock of black scoters and white winged scoters visited North Pond in Smithfield. They were accompanied by a few red necked grebes, another species that winters along the coast.

a fine time for waterbird watching

Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Blue Australia Sale

On that same day at Lake Josephine in Aroostook County, Bill Sheehan found a greater white fronted goose among the 800 Canada geese there. He was also able to find two cackling geese, a miniaturized version of the Canada goose.

Black scoters nest at high latitudes on small ponds. They winter along the coast. The hopscotch migration of these seaducks gives us a chance to see them on freshwater bodies.

The flock took flight and we were able to pick out two white winged scoters. Bill Hancock saw these birds later near sunset. He watched the flock fly south from the lake, making this sighting a one day wonder.

The next day those same birds were present but a student pointed out a group of birds in the middle of the pond. Several hundred dark ducks were arranged in a line, a common behavior in black scoters. Sure enough, that is what they were. The orange bills of these birds seemed to be illuminated from within.

It now mid November and the images of swallows flocking in August as they prepare to migrate are distant memories. Yet the fall migration still continues. The fall spectacle is a wonderfully protracted event.

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Women Canada Goose Resolute Parka Bonfire Melbourne

British woman MP shot, stabbed; in critical conditionCaught on cam: Congress leader's nephew loots toll boothFire engulfs part of Tata Nano plant in Gujarat: Speeding truck hits police barricade, 2 killedIndonesia: Over 30 whales stranded on islandMoradabad: Chinese kite thread slits young man's throatCreate Your Own AdAdvertise with usFeedbackTOI Mobile

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ACB to probe Dikshit

Apple WWDC 2016: Siri, iOS 10 and what else to Women Canada Goose Resolute Parka Bonfire Melbourne expectOne of my poorest pole performances, says HamiltonHamilton beats Rosberg to pole in Canada

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Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket White Melbourne

A Hybrid Snowboard and Skateboard Dream Course on Snow

Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third party content provider. Frankly and this Station make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ Mountain Dew, in collaboration with Snow Park Technologies and CA RampWorks, announced today the creation of SuperSnake, the ultimate snowboard and skateboard hybrid dream course on snow. A 22 minute short film "SuperSnake" will unveil the never been done build out and completely unconventional riding experiences that brought elite skateboarders and snowboarders together to ride alongside each other for the first time ever. It will be televised nationally on Sunday, October 16, 2016 during ABC weekly of X Games action sports content series."SuperSnake concept showcases Mountain Dew ongoing support of creating original, fun and progressive opportunities for both our athletes and fans to enjoy," said Greg Lyons, senior vice president of marketing, Mountain Dew. "We are giving the Dew Nation and our roster of athletes something that has never been done before, driving creative instigation that positively affects the entire action sports community and beyond."SuperSnake, a cutting edge course that took 14 days to create, highlights professional Mountain Dewskateboarder Sean Malto and Olympic snowboarder and DEW rider Danny Davis alongside nearly a dozen other notable action sports athletes including professional snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Scotty Lago, and Mountain Dew skate athletes Trevor Colden, Chris Colbourn, Jordan Maxham, Nick Tucker and Micky Papa, as they push the limits of what is possible on both a skateboard and a snowboard simultaneously!"It really awesome to have skateboarders and snowboarders come together on one course," said Davis. "Building on the momentum that Mountain Dew Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket White Melbourne has created through my vision of Peace Park, SuperSnake pushes creativity and stylistic riding through the athletes visions and the course builders innovations and expertise, but most importantly, it always about progressing the sports and having fun.""I never thought I ever be skating on a course on snow," adds Malto. "The coolest part was skating a snake run on top of snow and having the insane views of the mountains. Being able to skateboard alongside the legendary Danny Davis snowboarding was an experience I never forget."The remarkable course was built on snow at Sierra At Tahoe, just outside of South Lake Tahoe, Calif., creating an unprecedented skateboarding and snowboarding experience with a total of 24 combined skate and snow features including jibs, hips, quarter pipes, volcanoes and more for elite riders to enjoy. The SuperSnake film takes viewers through both the creation of the build out and the riders experiences, highlighting the first ever 1,075 ft skate snake run winding downhill throughout the snow park course.Watch the official Mountain Dew SuperSnake trailer here. PT, or catch a digital encore via the Mountain Dew YouTube channel on October 17, and join the conversation at DewSuperSnake.

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The arrival of election day has at least one mayoral candidate calling for Winnipeggers to vote strategically.

At his last press conference prior to election day, mayoral candidate Brian Bowman said a vote for one of his competitors particularly Gord Steeves is a vote for Judy Wasylycia Leis, the other frontrunner in the race.

The arrival of election day has at least one mayoral candidate calling for Winnipeggers to vote strategically.

The neck in neck poll results will likely influence residents to vote and to vote strategically, he said.

settle for something you don want, pick a candidate who you believe in, he said.

be clear: if you vote for Gord Steeves, there is a good chance you are going to end up with Judy as mayor, Bowman said. is taking the sentiment, really, that Gord Steeves himself has been saying throughout the course of the campaign and now is the time for those that may have previously supported him to listen to his words and get behind us. was referencing a statement made by Steeves in late August when a Probe poll placed Steeves second in the race to Wasylycia Leis which called on small c conservatives to coalesce around one candidate.

Recently, signs stating not Judy have been popping up all over the city. The person or group behind the signs remains a mystery.

think a lot of voters will vote strategically, I think we will get a higher turnout in this election as a result of this poll, he said. who want Judy to be the mayor will turn out and won sit at home complacent that she will win and those who don want Judy to win will be going to the polls to vote for who they think we defeat her. candidate Robert Falcon Ouellette who placed third in the Insightrix poll came out on Tuesday encouraging voters to vote their conscience.

Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka Pink Australia

are a lot of people who really like Robert Falcon Ouellette campaign, the things he has been saying, his innovation, etc., but I think many of those people, when it comes down to it, will switch their vote back to Wasylycia Leis, he said.

However, Adams suggests strategic voting will also work against Ouellette, who may also Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka Pink Australia see his votes go to Wasylycia Leis as voters try and stop a Bowman win.

A recent Insightrix poll showed a dramatic shift in voting patterns, placing Bowman and Wasylycia Leis in a dead heat while knocking Steeves down to fourth.

A vote for Steeves is a vote for Judy

be clear: if you vote for Gord Steeves, there is a good chance you are going to end up with Judy as mayor, Bowman said. is taking the sentiment, really, that Gord Steeves himself has been saying throughout the course of the campaign and now is the time for those that may have previously supported him to listen to his words and get behind us. was referencing a statement made by Steeves in late August when a Probe poll placed Steeves second in the race to Wasylycia Leis which called on small c conservatives to coalesce around one candidate.

At his last press conference prior to election day, mayoral candidate Brian Bowman said a vote for one of his competitors particularly Gord Steeves is a vote for Judy Wasylycia Leis, the other frontrunner in the race.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Red Australia

Cheap Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Red Australia

"This fellow, in our view, was substantially harmed," he said.

Farley was acquitted of first degree murder July 18, 2008, along with Peter Chenier.

None of the allegations has been proven in court.

Accused hitman hits back at police

He was arrested in Val des Monts as the trial was coming to a close on June 24, 2008, but wouldn't testify citing he was worried for his safety. He was later sentenced to three years in jail for contempt.

Farley will allege police acted with negligence when they arrested him, breached his Charter rights and made a false arrest resulting in his "false imprisonment."

OTTAWA A man who spent a decade in prison as the hit man in a 1997 murder only to be acquitted in 2008 intends to sue the Ottawa police for a million dollars for every year he was behind bars.

The Crown had alleged Chenier hired Farley to kill Earl Joe, 41, who was gunned down in his Cheap Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Red Australia Uplands Dr. townhome May 21, 1997.

George Farley filed a notice of action at the Ottawa courthouse with the help of a lawyer Thursday seeking $10 million for general damages relating to his arrest Oct. 30, 1997 and a subsequent first degree murder charge and conviction.

The pair's second trial was by judge only but without key Crown witness Andre Boisclair who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Joe's death March 13, 1998 in exchange for his testimony in the first trial against Farley and Chenier. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for doing so.

When the second trial began in 2008 he refused to testify a second time and went into hiding.

His lawyer, Richard Bosada, said the statement of claim will be filed within 30 days.

Joe was killed five days before he was to testify Chenier stabbed him in the stomach in a dispute over Chenier's wife, Jennifer.

A spokeswoman for the Ottawa Police Services Board, the body named as the defendant in the court document, said they have no knowledge of the claim so they couldn't comment.

The Crown's case relied heavily on testimony from criminals and a 2001 conviction that handed Farley and Chenier a 25 year sentence was overturned on appeal Feb. 10, 2006.

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FAVORITE FEATURES: The interior material is designed to extract sweat from the skin and move it through the fabric. Either way, it's soft and comfortable, though not the thickest or warmest base layer we tested this season; it'll work best in conjunction with a solid mid layer or well insulated jacket.

Active Flow 1

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: This base layer seems to deliver both a tight to a loose fit at the same time. The wrists through the arms are the tightest fit, which helps to prevent any snow or wind from sneaking in. But at the waist, the fit balloons, which will help for wider waistlines Buy Youth Canada Goose Expedition Parka Red Australia but creates extra unnecessary fabric for most skiers.

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION: HH Active is a two layer construction that combines a Lifa Stay Dry Technology interior with a 100 percent polyester exterior, making it the ideal base layer for year round activities. The base layer is constructed with a unique Lifa Flow technology: the shirt's interior open weave visibly funnels moisture away from skin visibly faster than any other base layer technology and into the shirt's polyester outer layer.

Buy Youth Canada Goose Expedition Parka Red Australia

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Two more bits of Northern Shoveler trivia: They are monogamous, and the female poops on her eggs when flushed from her nest, "apparently to deter predators." Ah, motherhood.

Buy Men Canada Goose Chateau Parka Spirit Australia

Guest Park II, Foliage Edition: In which, after a 40 minute traffic jam on the Palisades last Saturday, we visit Bear Mountain Park. It was nice scenery for gridlock, all apparently due to the park "Octoberfest." When we finally got in, we headed to the Overlook Lodge, where they had just finished serving what seems like a popular and lavish local brunch.

It been decades since I "done" Bear Mountain, and there were many surprises. The lodge dining room looks like that of a plush nursing home, but the lobby (left) is gorgeous, with a stunning view of Hessian Lake (above) that was drawing Japanese tourists like a magnet. A fireplace sent fragrant woods moke into the fall air. T he decor is a style that might be called High Adirondack Ursine. (Note the bears on the upholstery occupied by some cute guy from Brooklyn.) Even the sconces have bears.

We strolled down to the Octoberfest, which was more like a crappy flea market with buckets of beer; aside from some oompah music in the distance, there was little to fan the flame of German cultural nostalgia. One Buy Men Canada Goose Chateau Parka Spirit Australia vendor had taxidermy bugs and critters in frames, including a shadowbox with two little Thailand bats.

Guest Park! This Sunday past, we decided that the foliage in Prospect Park wasn quite advanced enough, and headed up the Palisades Parkway toward Bear Mountain. Squabbling over having missed the visitors center, and uncertain just where the Bear Mountain exit was, we peeled off into the vast, deserted parking lot of the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area, a spot my family used to visit on childhood car trips.

No renovation could ever make it as cool as it looked back in 1923:

The March sun still no match for the gusty wind, but strong enough to bounce off the giant helmets of well protected Park Slope wheelwomen. These two were coasting along next to the hotly contested Prospect Park West bike lane. The action was quite far from shore; a young photographer named Nicole was training her big telephoto on it, and was kind enough to e mail me this shot. They have long beaks with protuberances called lamellae, which they use to strain out small crustaceans and plant life. I don know what had them so frenzied today, unless this is how they always behave, but they were so intent on "shoveling" in water that they hardly came up for air (or a photo). This shot (right), from Cornell, shows that cool beak. Apparently it no big deal to spot these, but I was tickled.

I won be getting to Prospect Park today to enjoy the inch or so of rain predicted. I felt a bit guilty for dissing mallards; they may be ubiquitous, but they are lovely.

Check out the gold bear atop the mirror. All the panels are hand painted with local scenic wonders and wildlife.

The building itself is gorgeous, and even the dedication near the fireplace carries out the Arts Crafts theme in the typeface and lanterns. What a cool way to honor your parents memory. In stark contrast, the grand, 1915 Bear Mountain Inn stares out at the carousel across the meadow, shuttered, fenced off and empty. As the sun set, it looked mighty spooky, perfect for Hallowe gatherings. (Someone please tell me: Are those vultures on the chimney, eyeballing the wurst at the Octoberfest?) But it actually closed for renovation, according to their website, and will reopen at some point as another "luxury" venue.

A Year in the Park

Jay Livingston Ray EvansFamous Music Corp. (ASCAP)A delightful tale just gets better: Todd Bieber, the young New Yorker who found and developed a roll of film of some frolicsome tourists in Prospect Park, did succeed in tracking them down, and visited them in Paris. Check it out here.